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The following is Marilyn Ohme's report of how her 19-year-old daughter, Juliann, was cured of a fatal disease by the power of the Rosary. It is a summary of two tapes including an interview by Fr. Gruner on TV, FATIMA: "The Moment Has Come", with Marilyn and her husband, Greg. Marilyn is speaking throughout unless otherwise indicated in separate paragraphs starting with name of speaker in bold.

On May 30, 1994, Juliann called home because she was sick. I went to pick her up and she could hardly walk. When we got home she went to bed. I took her temperature which was about 104. I gave her Tylenol and she slept. The next morning she couldn't get up. So her brother and I carried her to the car. We took her to a nearby medical clinic, about 10 a.m. This was on May 31.

As numerous tests were being taken and I was waiting, I was saying the Rosary constantly. She was having severe headaches. She started to throw up. I continued to pray. I asked the Blessed Mother, "Please don't let anything bad happen to my daughter, Juliann."

Juliann was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis which is a bacterial disease affecting the base of the spine, which goes to the brain and swells the brain. The disease is so fatal that between six or eight hours the patient usually dies.

My son and I were sent immediately to take Juliann to the nearest hospital. Soon after our arrival, my son had to go home to take care of the other children. I was alone with Juliann. She was holding her head. She was in severe pain. She started to get up. She slipped into my arms and went into a coma. I screamed for help. There was no one around. Finally nurses came. They rushed her to the Intensive Care Unit.

The doctors said that she might not make it. They did not say much, only that the tests that they were to perform would take a few days. My husband came from work, and we called our six children at home and told them to pray, pray like they never had before. In our living room we have a statue of the Blessed Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our home has been consecrated to both. They all knelt down and they said the Rosary. And we prayed from the hospital.

Julian Ohme age 19. This photo was taken just prior to her deadly illness.


I believe it was the next day, June 1, that my family came: my parents, my children, my brothers and sisters. My father and I went into the Intensive Care Unit. We had to wear masks. Juliann's breathing was extreme. It was heavy. We knelt next to her bed and my father and I prayed the Rosary aloud. We were so worried.

Juliann's blood pressure had dropped dramatically and they were preparing us for her death. I couldn't listen anymore, so my husband stayed and talked with the doctors, while I went to the waiting room with my six children, my mother and some friends. We all knelt down, and someone said, "Well, you shouldn't say the Rosary in front of other people because they're not Catholic." I said I didn't care, so we all knelt down and said the Rosary. As soon as we said the last "Amen," the doctor came in and said, "Her blood pressure is up." This gave us some hope. This all took place within two days.

Thinking about it now, I remember I had promised the Blessed Mother that we would start a Perpetual Help devotion at our church. It was to start that night, and I couldn't attend. I promised the Blessed Mother that if my daughter were to live, I would try to promote the Rosary, which I did, by going around the hospital passing out rosaries and pamphlets, and leaving them in the waiting rooms. We had the Infant of Prague statue in Juliann's room.

There were more Catholics in that hospital than I had ever imagined - nurses, cleaning women. They would come up to me and say that they had lit candles in church. There was one nurse who said to me, "Talk to the Blessed Mother. She is our Mother and She will help." It was just wonderful to see this.

On Thursday Juliann was still in a coma, and again, her blood pressure had dropped. We called the family. My husband and I went into the waiting room and started praying the Rosary again. Again, just as we said the last "Amen," the nurse came in and said, "I can't believe it! Her blood pressure is back up!"

We have a Holy Hour on Thursday night at our church. The next day someone said to me, "Were you at church? I heard your voice. You were saying the Rosary as clear as could be." I wasn't there! I was at the hospital with my daughter. I believe it was her guardian angel and mine who were there at the Holy Hour praying the Rosary for Juliann.

Juliann's school, from where she graduated, was notified and we made the announcement to all the students, that Juliann was in a coma. The students went home and told their parents. Their parents told others. There were many Catholics at that school who were dedicated to the Rosary. They prayed the Rosary every day for Juliann.

My sister told me that if Juliann makes it, if she comes out of this coma, it will be on a first Saturday of the month. Well Juliann blinked. She blinked! It was the first Saturday of the month!

 Father Gruner: "Sister Lucy has said that there is no problem, either moral or physical, that cannot be solved by the Rosary. Our Lady promised St. Dominic that whenever you ask by means of the Rosary, I will grant you. So, you are an example - obviously very close to home - of the power of the Rosary."

 Greg (Juliann's father): "The whole family was praying together. It seemed like we were praying all the time. That's all we had to fall back on was the prayer. We had nothing else. There was nothing else we could do but pray the Rosary. So that's what we did. And I believe that's what brought Juliann through."

After Juliann came out of the coma, I was so excited to see her awake. One of the nurses looked at me and said, "Well, we'll see what becomes of her ..." - more or less that she would be in a vegetable state. I was so upset by this but I knew deep down that the Blessed Mother would come through. And it was awhile.

Juliann couldn't talk. And when she later did talk, it was like the talk of a robot. She couldn't swallow. She was losing weight. But eventually, by about the middle of July, she was sent to Sacred Heart (hospital) for therapy. When she entered Sacred Heart we were very surprised at how well she was doing. They've never had a patient come in who could give them direct answers. Juliann was in a wheelchair. She couldn't see well. She was in therapy until the end of November. At one point we brought Juliann back to the hospital and showed her to the nurse who said that she would probably be a vegetable. Everyone was astonished at her improvement.

  Juliann is now working full time. She has been working since the winter of 1995. My daughter said, "It may sound strange, but this is the best thing that's ever happened to me." Her life has changed. She's better spiritually, and I think she's brought conversions to the Faith that she doesn't even know about. There was a young boy who stayed with us. He wasn't Catholic. He wasn't baptized. But he was there. He saw what was going on in our home. He asked to be baptized and he entered the Catholic Faith in August. So that's one conversion. There are people in our own family that have come back to the sacraments because of her.

  Father Gruner: "What have the doctors said? Did the doctors speak to you about this at all?"

Since Juliann had no insurance, we had to take her to see if we could find some funding. We needed a doctor's medical report and it was a neurologist. In the report he said: "This is a miracle child. She is a miracle." So right there it tells you that he believed she should have died. And here she is.

  Father Gruner: "Even after she was cured and came out of the coma - from Tuesday to Saturday - she then was not expected to be functional. She would have to stay in bed all her life. And now, in fact, she has gone back to work. The only difference in all this is that you prayed the Rosary. Otherwise there is no other reason why she should have lived. Also, your daughter has not only benefited physically, but spiritually as well."

One of the things I forgot to mention was that before Juliann got sick that weekend, the weekend before, I believe, was Mother's Day. She had given me a card in which she told me how much I meant to her, how much she loved me. That weekend before, she was in a turmoil with friends. She was seeing how difficult it was being a Catholic; that the friends she was associating with weren't Catholic and the things they were doing were not Catholic. She was struggling with this. I remember saying the Rosary and making a novena to St. Joseph, asking him to please help her through this. Help her so that nothing happens to her. Also on that Sunday, Juliann had gone to Confession, two days before she went into the coma.

So I think of all these things. I think God truly wanted her. I believe it was her time but He also heard His Blessed Mother - and we prayed. Hundreds of people were praying for Juliann, were saying the Rosary for her and begging the Blessed Mother to please let Juliann live. I truly believe it was the Rosary. It was Juliann's time but Jesus listened to the pleas of His Mother - and that's why Juliann is alive today.

One of the things we did together as a family was to consecrate ourselves to the Blessed Mother if Juliann would live. And Juliann has done the same thing. I think it has been a very powerful thing in our lives.

Juliann's mother Marilyn Ohme. "None of us have said so many Rosaries from morning till night. We never ceased. It was a miracle that she was living because there were other people in hospitals around the area who had the same thing, and they all died within a few hours."


  Father Gruner: "Yes, people notice a change in their lives. What you are saying is that you have noticed a difference?"

Yes. Juliann said, "I'm glad this thing happened to me." And she's made her life more spiritual, such as the devotions that I believe she is spreading to others at work. She's been spreading the Catholic Faith.

  Father Gruner: "It certainly is a great thing for you to have a miracle in your family but I think there is a wider message here and that is the importance, the power, and the necessity of devotion to Our Lady. God wants us to know how our salvation is given. It comes to us from God. It comes to us through the merits of Jesus Christ, particularly His Passion and death. God wants us also to know that we wouldn't have salvation, we wouldn't have a Redeemer, Our Lord couldn't offer His Body and Blood on the Cross if the Blessed Virgin had not first said 'yes' to the Incarnation. So by the design of God, Mary is also necessary in His Divine Plan for our salvation."