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Abortion Horror Exposed

Taken from New Jersey Right to Life, News Alert, April 1996

While some pro-lifers continue to discuss the merits of this legislation, (banning partial-birth abortion) there can be no doubt that the debate in Washington, thanks to the stellar panel of pro-life experts, helped expose the Horror of Choice. The accurate description of an abortion procedure which mocks the birth process brought new supporters to our cause who had been comfortable with the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion "only in the first trimester of pregnancy," and who had no idea that such evil could be promoted in the United States. Best of all, a frantic abortion establishment had to resort to emotional lies and outright falsehoods which, when presented as scientific evidence, brought support for the ban from sometimes unexpected quarters.

The following is a list of fraudulent claims made by the anti-life community promoting the partial-birth abortion method as well as the truthful answer to these claims:

This bill will prevent physicians from performing those life-saving late-term abortions, protecting a woman's life, health or future reproductive capacity.

The prospect of life-saving emergency "treatment" which takes three full days was even too much for Dr. Warren Hern, a specialist in late-term-abortions, who wrote that he "could not imagine a circumstance in which this procedure would be safest. Rotating the fetus to a breech position is potentially dangerous and could cause amniotic fluid embolism or placental abruption." (American Medical News, 11/20/95.) On September 23, the American Medical Association Council on legislation voted unanimously to recommend that the AMA endorse the ban. Their explanation? They felt that "this was not a recognized medical technique" and that the procedure is "basically repulsive".

The fetus dies from an anesthetic overdose given the mother intravenously and not from scissors-jabbing and brain suction. (Congressman Jackson Lee and the late Dr. McMahon) Well, Brenda Shafer, R.N. is not a doctor but her eye-witness testimony leaves no doubt as to what killed the baby! (See her testimony in "What the Nurse Saw" in this issue.) The American Society of Anesthesiologists agreed that this is "contrary to scientific fact. It simply must not be allowed to stand." Some 50,000 pregnant mothers are anesthetized in America each year with no ill effects to mother or child.

Late abortions occur only under the most tragic circumstances, i.e., the fetus may be severely deformed, cannot survive birth, etc.

Why not abandon the Americans with Disabilities Act and amend the Child Abuse Amendments of 1984 to allow newborns with serious disabilities to be violently killed and save everyone a lot of bother? At least Dr. Haskell was honest enough to state that perhaps 20% are for genetic reasons and 80% purely elective. Dr. McMahon claimed the opposite: 80% of his partial-birth abortions were "non-elective", i.e., "medically necessary for flawed fetuses". The flaws: cleft lip (9 victims) and children with Downs Syndrome - conditions not exactly incompatible with life. Are those abortions medically necessary? The majority were for "depression" or because the mother was "too young" (under 18) ...

They are incredibly rare, only a handful of these done every year; only three doctors in the entire USA offer this service after 24 weeks gestation. So, let us not ban any perverse, cruel or inhumane acts, as long as they are rare! How many is rare? Dr. Haskell's 200 per year, 1,000 to date? Or Dr. McMahon's 2,000? What about those half-dozen physicians he had trained to do this procedure?

Banning partial-birth abortions takes us only one step away from the abyss - the preborn child needs HR1625, Congressman Dornan's "Right to Life Act of 1996". This is the only bill which will protect the right to life of each born and preborn human person in existence at fertilization.* New Jersey Right to Life is proud to support HR1625, and we pray for the day when hearings on this bill will begin. In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court stated: "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins ... the judiciary ... is not in a position to speculate as to the answer. "Let Congress step in where the court so cowardly fears to tread.

*See article "Stop All Abortions" which explains this further.

Note: President Clinton vetoed the anti-partial-birth abortion bill on April 10th despite the public appeal of the Roman Catholic Cardinals, Law of Boston and Hickey of Washington.