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What Should Our Attitude Be?

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

"Yes, if a man has the power to do good, it is sinful in him to leave it undone." (James 4:17)

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

As 1996 begins I pray you and your family will have a happy and holy New Year.

With this issue of The Fatima Crusader, we enter into a crisis — a world crisis; a personal crisis.

The word for crisis in Chinese is made up of two words — danger and opportunity.

Hope and Fear

Because I see the tremendous opportunity for Our Lady of Fatima Apostolate I am filled with hope; because I see the tremendous danger facing you and me, I am filled with fear.

How 1996 will turn out this year (for you and for me) entirely depends on us and Jesus and Mary, but you and me first and above all.

We already know what Jesus and Mary will do if you and I respond and what's going to happen if you and I don't respond.

Because we were in this crisis, my staff gave up their hard-earned Christmas days off to get you this issue of The Fatima Crusader. They gave an extra 200%.

The crisis is real, but maybe it will not be so apparent to you until you read this issue and contemplate on the information it holds.

What, you ask, is the crisis? What is the opportunity and what is the danger? What is the possible outcome that is shaping up before our very eyes as we scan the horizon?

The Opportunity

We have a golden, but time limited window of opportunity to obtain world peace for the Church and for the salvation of millions of souls. Finally, after 6-1/2 years of intense disinformation, deliberate half-truths, lies, withholding of facts, in secular, Catholic and even some Marian journals, the truth is emerging for all to see.

Finally, with the return of the Communists to power in Russia, with more and more evidence of the vast Soviet (Russia) buildup of Biological, Chemical, Nuclear and Submarine superiority (ten times more than the U.S.A.) the people may wake up.

With these facts coming out from many sources independent of each other, finally the people may realize that their government officials, their daily papers and TV shows, their national leaders on many levels, have either been mistaken or willingly joined in perpetrating the lie that the danger from Russia is over.

In late 1995, finally the well known self-styled expert, Father Rene Laurentin, admitted before millions on public TV in Italy that the Consecration of Russia has never been done as Our Lady of Fatima requested. Now maybe the people will see and finally pay attention to Our Lady.

Finally, after 12 years of the supposed Consecration of Russia, it is easy for all to see there is no conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith — with hunger and famine on the horizon.

Finally, people will realize that it is time to listen to Our Lady — not to believe the diplomats, the military, the UN, the Russians, the secularists, etc.

And finally, for once after 79 years, people might faithfully try to do exactly what She asked.

The Danger

The danger is that time is running out. The danger is that the spin-doctors of the New World Order, of the United Nations, of the military, of the politicians, of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement bureaucrats, of the hangers-on and the politically correct will yet come up with another excuse, another selling job to persuade you to go along yet one more time in trusting the Communists. They will attempt to persuade you to trust their "wisdom" directly ignoring Our Lady of Fatima and substitute their own agenda of human efforts (not blessed by God).

The danger is that good people will not realize the shortness of time, or will be taken in by their facade of sincerity and their "high positions" in Church, state, media, or university, rather than the most high position of the Queen of Heaven.

We Must Act Now

Too few realize that it is necessary for each and every one of them to do something. All of us have a strict duty, an obligation to do all we can to bring about the triumph of Our Lady.

St. James says, "He who can do good and does not do it does evil." (James 4:17)

All of us must pray more than ever, keep informed and inform others of this crisis and what to do about it.

All of us should make our voice be heard by petitions (see "Holy Father Our Thanks, Our Pledge and Our Formal Petition"), by phone and fax, and by writing letters to all print media.

It is Our Lady's victory, but we must do our part: heed Her requests, heed Jesus' requests, pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, do our daily duty and keep the commandments.

But to the extent we can, we must also make Jesus' ministers understand as He Himself told us to do in the Fatima Message.

We must also inform all those God puts on our paths as Sister Lucy explained, when she realized the Third Secret would not be revealed.

Sister Lucy also warned us that we must be on our guard against the diabolical disorientation of certain priests, bishops and Cardinals.

We must act. It is up to us. We must write. We must resist, as St. Robert Bellarmine said. His feast is May 13, the same day Our Lady came to Fatima. Which way will we go? It is up to you.

And yes we need your financial assistance. I have struggled to keep costs in line, to be more efficient, but if I don't get support I cannot continue.

We are unique in getting this news, interpreting it and reminding you of Our Lady of Fatima's words which apply more than ever to our time.

War, famine, persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father await us all if we do not pray, act and give alms generously and of our substance.

Indeed it is up to you.

Will we allow ourselves to be deceived, to put off our good intentions, to not act and leave it to others? It is indeed up to you in this crisis year of 1996.

In This Issue

We could not cram all that we wanted into this issue but I think you can see from the articles we did fit in that:

1) the Consecration is not done and no one can deny it, (see "The Meaning of the ‘Consecration’ of Russia" by Father Alonso)

2) that Russia is becoming more dangerous and it is ever more obvious. (see "U.S.A. Disarms and Integrates into U.N. as Russia Modernizes and Builds Up")

3) the majority of changes in Russia were all strategic deception and "Russia" will still try more (see "Terrifying Fatima Prophecy Confirmed")

4) That Jesus deeply, truly loves us individually and He is now actually calling you to respond, (see "Why Christmas").

5) That in talking with our friends and family we need to realize they have been bombarded with disinformation and they need explanation such as the one I gave to the Seminarians (see "Dear Seminarians") and my Question and Answer section (see "Ask Father").

Will we be deceived?

Will we be victorious on Our Lady's side? It is up to you.

We know that She will triumph in the end but what will we do?

Will we choose the wrong side by not listening to Her, not believing Her, not obeying Her?

Will we do this thing by simply deciding to do it or simply choose to do nothing or to wait forever?

Or will we listen, believe, obey, act and persevere with Her to the end?

We here at The Fatima Crusader, by the grace of God and Our Lady's prayers, shall remain at our posts as watchmen on the wall to cry out the danger and show the only solution. But we can't stay here without your help.

What will you do?

"For alms deliver from all sin, and from death, and will not suffer the soul to go into darkness. Alms shall be a great confidence before the most high God, to all them that give it." (Tob. 4:9-12)

It is up to you.