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Special Report

Second International

Bishops' Peace Conference

by Father Nicholas Gruner

This is my first opportunity to thank the tens of thousands of our supporters for making possible the 2nd International Bishops' Peace Conference in Mexico. You will be glad to know the Conference started exactly on time and the scheduled program of speakers and discussion sessions unfolded as planned in spite of some remarkable maneuvering by the enemies of Our Lady to interfere.

You will be especially overjoyed to learn that this Conference not only provided some refreshing and startling insights into the ever-unfolding drama of Fatima but resulted in new and important tools for leading the world, hopefully, to the point of heeding Our Lady's requests.

To provide you all with your own personal insight into this landmark Conference I can think of no better way than to give you my own impressions and show you how this Conference most certainly points the way for the future of this Apostolate.

As you know, in the months leading up to the Conference, our supporters were thoroughly introduced to our reasons for hosting this conference in Mexico through the distribution of 100,000 posters promoting prayers for the Conference and the mailing out of over 400,000 copies of Issue 47 of The Fatima Crusader. I would like now to elaborate on the many vital successes of this strategy.

The Very Life of the Church

The decision to hold the 2nd International Peace Conference in Mexico provided us with a golden opportunity to penetrate even deeper into the profound and compelling reasons for the collegial Consecration of Russia. Our readers know that we are always looking for ways to impress upon the bishops of the world the critical importance of Our Lord's words to Sister Lucy when at Rianjo He gave one of the most terrifying prophecies and rebukes ever given in our time:

"Make it known to My ministers that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune."

But it was the last line of Our Lord's statement that brought us to Mexico. For He said: "It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary."

What better place to remind the world, 'It is never too late', than in the fast-beating heart of a country that has been the center of persecution of the Church throughout her long, tortured history - Mexico.

Thirty million souls live in the Mexico City basin. It is a culture and a world unique even among the many countries where the Church has suffered throughout the ages. For the last 200 years priests and bishops in this profoundly Catholic country have been at times at the head of an endangered species list. The survival of the Church in Mexico underwrites the history of Mexico.

As Bishop Clement Kelly, one of the foremost historians on Mexico, writes: "The historian is ever on the watch for her (the Church's) entrance upon any scene, always certain that, if she is not on the stage where the human drama of life is being played, she is somewhere in the wings, or perhaps, raising or dropping the curtain. She loves the peaceful and quiet parts, does not disdain even comedy, but tragedy is her very life." (Blood Drenched Altars, p. 102)

The tragedy of the past in Mexico could well mirror the tragedy awaiting us in the immediate future if Our Lady of Fatima is not obeyed. That is why the Conference had to succeed. And succeed it did.

On the World Stage

I wish you could have been with us, as the curtain rose on the Conference, to experience the colorful and dignified entrance of those courageous bishops who braved much opposition to come to Mexico. We never lost sight for a moment that it was your support that made their arrival possible and that while they were in Mexico they were actually your guests.

Those organizers who did all the advance legwork, reservations and preparations, represented you with a professionalism that was deeply gratifying. More about them later.

Perfectly befitting the needs of hosting these Fathers of the Church who answered our call to come to the defense of Our Lady of Fatima was the hotel housing the Conference, the prestigious Sheraton Maria Isabel on Passeo de Reforma in the very center of Mexico City.

Next door to the Maria Isabel stands the American Embassy. For days to come riot police would come and go from the streets hoping to contain massive protests against California's Bill 187. This too was fitting, somehow.

Bill 187 is all about keeping Mexicans out of the United States. Mexico is peculiar that way. Someone is always trying to keep someone else in or out of it.

The Priest in his Cassock

Seeing the bishops in the elegant vestments of their office gather upon arrival with other bishops in the foyer of this strategic hotel was a reminder that throughout history the Church has never let danger or controversy intimidate it.

The symbolism of veils, crosses, miters, could not possibly go unnoticed in Mexico. In the not so recent past, Catholic clergy could be shot for wearing clerical garb in this city. In fact, at the air terminal in Mexico City, a long-time supporter and friend of this Apostolate and a speaker at the Conference, Father Marcel Nault, a priest who always wears his cassock, was confronted by a man in the waiting room wanting to know if priests were now allowed to dress in cassocks in Mexico. When Father Nault answered that yes, they were, there was no doubt the man asking the question was far from pleased.

Outside the Conference hotel a statue of Gloria Liberty hovering high over Passeo de Reforma Avenue reminded anyone gazing out the conference window that power in Mexico is very much still in the hands of those same forces that once waged war against altar and crown in the France of Robespierre and Fouquier-Tinville, sending Louis XVI and thousands of religious to the guillotine. Masonry's attack on the Church in Mexico has been constant and sometimes ferocious.

Seven Days of Bishop/Laity Dialogue

But they were not able to keep the Conference from opening. And open it did on November 8th.

The bishops' concelebrated Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe opened and closed the week, and was attended by thousands of pilgrims.

Abbot Schulenberg, Abbot of the Shrine for 31 years, told us during the early planning stages of the Conference that 10 million pilgrims a year come to pray before the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is truly a Holy place.

Each day the gathered bishops and laity started proceedings with prayers for the Holy Father, John Paul II. Loyalty to the Papacy was one of the most striking characteristics of the Conference.

My years of service to Our Lady in this Apostolate taught me that to steer a Conference in which both a vocal laity and an experienced hierarchy were represented would require a balance of tradition and innovation, contemporary perspective and bedrock orthodoxy. The needs of the invited priests and lay speakers to be heard and the desire of the bishops to be understood had to be governed with a firm, guiding hand. The Conference results convince me my approach was the right one.

Seven days of prayer and dialogue were to follow. I would like to extend my deep gratitude and profound admiration to those noted speakers, who also had difficulties to overcome, to contribute to the Conference. I do most sincerely regret there were not more bishops on hand to experience the insights provided by these talks.

The speakers openly searched for ways of restoring Our Lady's Peace Plan from Fatima to people's hearts and souls. For seven days free and open dialogue between the bishops, priests and the laity held in the spotlight the great messages of the Immaculate Heart that recent world events and a veritable epidemic of so-called Marian apparitions around the globe have caused to become clouded over.


Joining me in addressing the bishops were other speakers sharing the fruits of their experience and research. The bishops were most impressed and grateful for presentations made by Father Paul Trinchard, Father Marcel Nault, James W. Demers, John Vennari, Deirdre Manifold, Michael Rios and Coralie Graham. The Fatima Crusader will be making these speeches available in future issues. (See "Russia Hearkens to Gramsci's Ghost" one of John Vennari's talks to the bishops.)

A New Treasure for the Faith

This dialogue brought forth proposals eventually resulting in the 14 Resolutions that would emerge as the official declaration of the Conference.

There was no absence of animated debate while formulating these magnificent Resolutions. Progress through the week's program was much spirited especially by His Excellency, the vibrant Hilarion Capucci, former Vice Patriarch of Jerusalem, whose four years spent in Middle East prisons was a vital daily reminder to the Conference of the vulnerability of bishops in today's Church.

His Excellency Luigi Accogli, most recently Papal Nuncio to Syria, brought to the Conference decades of experience from nuncios around the globe. Their Excellencies, Capucci and Accogli, earned the gratitude of everyone attending the Conference by their readiness to enter into every aspect of discussion and debate.

To partake of the 14 Resolutions click here and you too will be actively participating in this vital Conference.

The Lesson of Mexico

In mid-week the bishops concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral of Mexico. Few locations on earth more aptly mirror the state of the Church today. The building is entirely propped up by scaffolding indicating a much touted restoration and renewal that is supposedly underway. But anyone who understands scaffolding can tell at a glance that the cobwebs clouding it mean this scaffolding is there to stay.

The entire interior of the edifice has been webbed with scaffold piping indicating clearly that the man-made structure it supports has already crumbled into dust. It just has not fallen down yet. Only a supernatural hand could restore this once magnificent structure and remove the endless layers of scaffolding.

To be struck emphatically at the heart with the reality of its decay, the bishops had only to walk to the center of the interior and see the pendulum hanging there. It is surely the most eloquent symbol of the Church in our time. It had been noted that the gigantic plumb bob suspended from the ceiling hanging off-kilter, pointing away from the perfect center of gravity, brings to mind the sad fact that today, the Church is off Her axis.

Some of the Bishops Concelebrating Mass in the Cathedral of Mexico City. The splendor of the gold gilded altars, centuries old, still is very impressive.

This sight also reinforced the significance of holding this Conference amid the Mexican people. It seems that, even in this collapsing Cathedral, nothing can prevent the Faithful from adoring the Blessed Sacrament or walking on their knees to petition for favors. Confessions, a marriage, and baptism were occurring simultaneously amid huge crowds as the bishops entered and departed the Cathedral.

The power of Our Lady is demonstrated with overwhelming force just outside and behind the Cathedral walls. Here stand the fabled 'Halls of Montezuma', on the sight of Montezuma's Great Temple where as many as 8,000 human victims a day had their hearts ripped out to appease a demonic force that had seized control of Aztec culture. On this spot where the tortured cultures victimized by the Aztecs might have thought rescue would never come, Cortes put an end to human sacrifice. Shortly after, in 1531, Our Lady appeared at Guadalupe. Within a few short years of Her appearance, nine million Mexicans were baptized into the Catholic faith, replacing within the Church the number of Catholics Luther had led out of it in Europe. But the intersecting lessons of Fatima and Mexico do not end there.

Contract with the devil

Thirty miles north of the city the pyramids of Teotihuacan stand as they have since long before those same Aztecs came to central Mexico.

History has allotted these structures the names of the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon and joining them, the Avenue of The Dead. It was indeed a sobering moment when the bishops were guided toward a ledge from which they could look down into the enclosure where the sacrificing priests of this culture lived and the site of the human sacrifices they performed.

This is a city of death. It is also a veritable metaphor in stone for our own times when the ravenous god of progress demands daily flesh and blood from even once-Catholic cultures.

Suzanne M. Rini in writing on current day eugenic experimentation states the parallel with horrifying clarity:

"... the human preborn baby, especially prized (by eugenics researchers) is through the power, will, and imagination of the scientist, 'elevated' to the status of a live human sacrifice in return for the demonic reward of the secret knowledge regarding human life itself."

We must take a moment to allow the overwhelming nature of this parallel to impress itself on our hearts. Can there be a more poignant example in the whole history of this century of the effect of atheistic Russia spreading her errors throughout the world than in the way that empire's matter-of-fact slaughter of the unborn paved the way for today's eugenics nightmare?

The whole truth about Fatima is that Our Lady promised to turn all this around. She laid out simply and clearly how this would be done. The conversion of Russia would come when the Pope and the bishops of the world consecrated Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

All serious students of Fatima know that in spite of the enemies of Our Lady propagating the lie that the Consecration is done, the reality is that it is far from the truth. No one can seriously think the Consecration truly done, the conversion of Russia truly complete while millions of babies are being poisoned, dissected and siphoned to death inside their mother's womb.

This trip to the Pyramid of the Sun, so near to one of the greatest victories of Our Lady in history, was a reminder of Her conquest of the hearts of Mexico.

Pictured above is the Avenue of the Dead and the Pyramids of the Sun and of the Moon. The Bishops' Conference visited these Mexican pyramids where many thousands of human lives were sacrificed in pagan rituals. Our Lady of Guadalupe triumphed over the stone serpent god and stopped these numerous sacrifices.

It was to Louis XIV, who called himself the Sun King, that the Sacred Heart sent Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque with the request that France be consecrated to the Sacred Heart with the promise that He would save France by this means. The Sun King did not fulfill this request. One hundred years later, to the day, his grandson Louis XVI was stripped of power and France convulsed under the Masonic forces that brought about the French Revolution.

Time Running Out

Louis XVI studied clocks. His hobby was assembling them. Louis might be called the Time King. The sound of his clockwork ticking in the the old Templar Fortress as Louis awaited his coach ride to the guillotine must surely be one of the most horrifying sounds in history. It echoes loudly throughout the Church today.

As Our Lord said to Sister Lucy at Rianjo:

"Make it known to My ministers that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune."

At Fatima, during the Miracle of the Sun, Our Lady brought the sun to a standstill directly over the upturned heads of 70,000 people. Time stopped right before their eyes. Then She made it start again. Clearly the end of time has been placed in Her hands and at the disposal of Her Immaculate Heart.

Watching bishops from around the world contemplate the pyramids with this message in mind, one was reminded of further words of Bishop Clement Kelly:

"It is the mark of a Christian ... that he possesses the imagination to jump back across a thousand or two thousand years of history. His whole life is lived under an excitement similar to that of the first disciples when they ... heard ... the tomb was empty. To him the news is so amazing that he never forgets to be surprised at it. And ... the news, is so important, that it is mere madness to give one's mind to any other business ..." 

Significantly, the title of his book was Blood Drenched Altars, (p. 195).

The 14 Fatima Resolutions

I believe the 14 Resolutions that are the fruit of this Conference represent a new treasure for the Church. But to truly do them justice it is necessary to point out that, just as diamonds are formed from intense geological forces concentrated on the substance of coal, so too the 14 Resolutions crystallized amid colossal pressure brought to bear on the Conference from the enemies of Our Lady, enemies indulging in the madness of giving their minds to business other than Our Lady's.

The Unexpected

To prepare for this momentous meeting, my first undertaking in the Spring of 1994 was to meet with Bishop Fuentes in Mexico City. I found Bishop Fuentes to be delighted with the proposal and most co-operative, making introductions for us at the Mexican Bishops Conference (the CEM) Headquarters.

On May 2nd, I met and conferred with the Secretary-General of the CEM, Bishop Ramon Godinez Flores and made a formal agreement for the rental of the Aula Magna Conference facility, which was ratified by the CEM accepting our check on May 5th from my own hands. This is the same facility where the Mexican Bishops hold their annual meetings. We still have the canceled rental check as a receipt and as proof. 

On July 4th, I mailed a further check to cover the cost of additional rooms at the CEM facility.

Meanwhile, a massive amount of arrangements, work, and finances were going into the preparations during which time the already considerable workload of the Apostolate was simultaneously being conducted.

It was natural under such a relentless schedule of deadlines that opposition to the plans for the Conference could slip by unnoticed or without being afforded the attention that may have been due.

In fact, opposition was building though neither I nor those organizing the event could possibly have realized the extent of it. Those of you who have labored in various capacities during the days of the Church Militant past, know only too well how the excitement of 'doing something beautiful for God' as Mother Teresa says, can sweep you along over and above unexpected and unseen obstacles. In this way did the signs and signals of the trouble to come escaped our notice.

Shock and Disbelief

It was not until October 3rd that I read the letter from Bishop Godinez that would threaten to derail all of the hard work already done toward the Conference. It had been written September 2nd and included with it the second of the checks initially sent to reserve additional rooms. The text of the letter announced that the reservations of the Aula Magna facilities had been canceled. The stunning words used were:

"... this terminates the possibility of effecting the above mentioned meeting."

The full ramifications of this letter did not hit me until much later on. Initially, it seemed that our only trouble would be the difficult but possible task (unfortunately, incurring more expense) of finding a different meeting hall, as Bishop Godinez had decided not to live up to his part of our agreement.

However, I was to find out at a subsequent date that not only did Bishop Godinez cancel the meeting hall, but, as will be explained later, evidence surfaced a few weeks after that he actually tried to cancel the entire Conference himself. This, of course, is absurd because the Conference was not his to cancel.

The Poisoned Pen

Late in the planning stages I learned that a secret letter was being sent to every bishop in the world by a small group of Vatican bureaucrats determined to stop the Conference from happening at all costs.

I started receiving letters from bishops who had been advised by the President of the Bishops Conference in their own country not to attend on the strength of advice from the nuncio in their country. These were supportive bishops who had already expressed delight at the prospect of coming to the Conference.

By trading on the name of the Vatican these bureaucrats succeeded in planting fear and doubt in the minds of many bishops. A good number who planned to attend withdrew at the last minute.

The poisoned pen letter being circulated contained false and misleading allegations against myself and the Fatima Apostolate. The poison was inserted through hearsay and innuendo, implying that I am under some form of ecclesiastical censure and that I had neither sought nor received proper ecclesiastical approval to conduct the Conference. Even that was projected in vague groundless terms. No specific offense was mentioned simply because there is none to make mention of.

I can assure you it was with the deepest sadness and genuine pain that I read the untruths being circulated. I am, as supporters of this Apostolate know, no stranger to this kind of opposition. Sometimes I weary of defending my good name. But I must.

I am a Roman Catholic priest in good standing, guilty of no crime. Every Catholic priest is priest in good standing unless there is a bona fide juridical sentence handed down against him in an ecclesiastical court after due process of law.

I affirm before God that there is no juridical sentence against me. There never has been. Those who say that my status is 'irregular' are lying. They are guilty of a grave crime in Canon Law and there are severe punishments for spreading such libel.

Since the matter of a priest's standing is certainly a matter for the law of the Church, how then is it possible that Nuncios and Presidents of Bishops Conferences could simply accept such remarks without checking? Under the circumstances they most certainly had an obligation to ask for a copy of any actual juridical sentence against me. They did not. And there are none!

Clearly the bishops were the victims of blatant manipulation.

Bishop Godinez' so-called justification for canceling the Conference was that he had a letter from the nuncio implying I did not have authority to hold this Conference. The notion that such prelates as the Fathers of the Church around the world require some form of official permission or 'authorization' to attend a private religious Conference of this kind is false, absurd and demeaning.

There is no legal 'requirement' for 'official authorization' of private events such as this Conference. This was simply a sly maneuver by the clique of bureaucrats to make a grab for unlawful power.

At the 1992 Conference in Fatima there were bishops, who were canonists, who stated emphatically that no such permission is necessary. The law of the Church is clear and the law has not changed since 1992. That Conference occurred fully within the widely accepted parameters of both canonical law and general ecclesiastical practice.

As well, Canon 212 of the 1983 new code promulgated under Pope John Paul II, as well as paragraph 37 of the Constitution on the Church in Vatican II tell us clearly it is our obligation to inform pastors of the Church of certain matters affecting the good of the Church and souls. But how can we fulfill the obligations and exercise our rights as the Church has clearly indicated (in Canon 212) unless we are able to meet with the bishops, and the bishops are able to meet with us. We don't need permission, the permission already exists as follows:

"Christ's Faithful ... have the right indeed at times the duty, in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position, to manifest to the sacred Pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church" - Canon 212 (emphasis added)

In the Devil's Grip

In the midst of this opposition the serpent of old extended a second suffocating coil around the Conference plans.

Our first information about it came from a bishop in the Middle East who had been denied a visa because he had been told by the local Mexican Consul that the Conference had been canceled.

On October 21st, I was informed of the stunning news by the Mexican Government that it was Bishop Godinez himself who had gone to the Ministry of the Interior and caused the Mexican Government Bureaucrats to forbid any visas to be issued for this Conference.

On the same day we received communication from the Consulate General of Mexico in Toronto telling us that Bishop Godinez was indeed responsible for telling the Consulate that the Conference in Mexico was canceled. Bishop Godinez never had the "courtesy" to tell us what he had done to totally stop the Conference.

The Mexican Government told us they could not issue visas for people from other countries for the Conference. Mexican consulates around the world were informed by the Ministry of the Interior in Mexico that those applying for visas for this purpose were not to receive them.

Although our office had been in contact with the Mexican government officials regarding visas over a month before, it was only on October 21st, just 2 weeks before the Conference, that the government officials told us for the first time that unless Bishop Godinez withdrew his stated opposition to this Conference, Mexico would not issue visas to our bishops.

To quote directly the Consul General of Mexico to Canada, he wrote on October 21, 1994: "It is also very important that you or somebody of (y)our organization gets in touch with Bishop Ramon Godinez, Secretary of the Episcopal Conference in Mexico, to request that he lends his support to the Conference before the Ministry of (the) Interior. Without his support the celebration of the Conference will not be authorized."

It never occurred to me that the Government of Mexico, which wants us to believe it is an open and democratic society would actually refuse visas to Catholic bishops coming to a Conference about world peace - to be held on their soil - simply because one man, Bishop Godinez told them to.

I cannot understand why the Government of Mexico would dirty its reputation by unjustly obeying the whim of one man - without even a hearing.

If a company selling cars, tires, or pens, decided to have a private meeting in Mexico, surely the power of the State of Mexico would not be used to warn all the Mexican Consulates around the world not to allow these upright citizens to visit the country of Mexico. No ... Mexico is not like that for anyone else so why did the Government of Mexico show itself so prejudiced against the Catholic bishops who declared they wanted to go to this Conference?

I make no apology for my love of the Church, of Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Vicar of Christ on earth, His Holiness John Paul II.

Nevertheless, in order to leave no stone unturned, I wrote in haste, at length, to Bishop Godinez explaining why he in justice should not try to STOP our Conference from taking place. I sent the letter by courier. To date he has not yet replied to me in over two months.

One of my staff succeeded in reaching Bishop Godinez on the phone, but whenever he could not justify his position, he suddenly said he could not understand English and claimed he did not understand what she said.

As for the Nuncio to Mexico, he was so elusive that even one of the bishops who attended our Conference, and who was a personal acquaintance of his, was unable to succeed in finding the nuncio at home even though the bishop tried several times over several days while he was in Mexico City.

Bear in mind, Bishop Godinez accomplished this without any regard for the hardship it would cause his brother bishops who had already agreed to participate, some of whom were elderly and all of whom had to face physical and logistical hardships over arrangements made many months in advance of their anticipated trip. At the very least, it was the gravest discourtesy any bishop could show another.

As well as the trouble caused the bishops, there was great inconvenience caused to the professional writers and lecturers who were scheduled to speak at the Conference.

One of our invited speakers was from Uganda. Francis Mpomulekule is a university lecturer and the author of a book about Fatima. Since Mexico has no Consul offices in Uganda, Francis traveled to Kenya, several hundred miles away, in order to get his Mexican visa. When he got there, he was told by the Mexican Consulate that our Conference was canceled and that he was denied a visa to travel to Mexico. Since he had declared why he wanted to go to Mexico, there was nothing we could do to get him in on time, as long as the unholy alliance of Bishop Godinez and the Mexican officials at the Interior Ministry were dead set against our Conference.

Our Lady Will Not be Mocked

We were now in the week of October 24th. Only two weeks remained to the scheduled Conference date. It was a predicament, indeed. It was a crisis, yes. But the very nature and character of this Apostolate would determine the outcome.

I have always operated totally out in the open. I have no hidden agenda. My agenda is and always has been Our Lady's agenda. The Conferences I promote have no unpublished objectives. My position regarding the Third Secret of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia are well known. But several realities must be given their due.

Through the grace of God, I am the founder and president of one of the largest lay organizations in the world dedicated to spreading the Message of Our Lady of Fatima. It has been our privilege to be instrumental in helping many millions of Catholics to know the Fatima Message through the magazines, books, radio and television programs that this Apostolate produces and distributes worldwide.

The Apostolate operates under the clear mandate established for such organizations by the Second Vatican Council (see Canon 198, 199). Our orthodoxy and devotion to Holy Mother Church and to the Supreme Pontiff, John Paul II, are evidenced in hundreds of published statements.

His Holiness, John Paul II, has privately encouraged the Apostolic work we have performed for Our Lady of Fatima over the years both through the Pope's English-speaking secretary as well as through mutual friends.

Most recently, on February 1st, 1993, after the First International Bishops' Peace Conference in Fatima which was sponsored by The Fatima Crusader, His Holiness sent his Papal Blessing to me and The Fatima Crusader.

We have always had powerful enemies. But that is easy to understand considering what it is Our Lady asks of us.

Our times call for a fearless stand in defense of the Catholic Faith and the Magisterium. This has made us unpopular in certain liberal sections of the population that calls itself Catholic. For example, our ad defending the Faith in the New York Times reached 1,600,000 people, especially angering feminists with our stand on 'no women priests'.

I make no apology for my love of the Church, of Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Vicar of Christ on earth, His Holiness John Paul II.

Enduring the innuendoes such as those that surfaced just prior to the Conference has been a reality this Apostolate has had to face on other occasions.

Holding a Conference such as the recent bishops meeting does not require any official ecclesiastical approval. However, it certainly does not hurt to have the blessing of Church authorities in Rome, and this we sought. One Cardinal in Rome gave us very powerful encouragement but told us not to publish his name. Other Bishops and Cardinals wrote privately of their prayers and blessings.

Our only desire is to promulgate Our Lady of Fatima's Message of hope and warning despite machinations from men in high places who seem to be operating contrary to Our Lady's Peace Plan.

As at Fatima, so at Guadalupe, Our Lady inspires Her clients to do penance. Here we see a large number of pilgrims going up the stairs on their knees. At the top of the hill is where Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego in December, 1531.

The Conference Opened on Schedule

Yes, the 2nd International Bishops' Conference took place on schedule. At the last minute a fervent Catholic government office worker in Mexico let us in on the secret. He told us that if a bishop wanted to come to our Conference, he would be given a visa as long as he did not tell the Consulate that he was going to our Conference.

On the morning of November 8th, professional translators at the back of the Conference Hall in the Maria Isabel Hotel began to simultaneously translate into all the languages present, the opening speeches. It was a moment of triumph for Our Lady.

A truly historic moment in the unfolding drama that is the story of Fatima.

I certainly will never deny my disappointment that the tactics of the enemies of Our Lady prevented many of the Church Fathers from being on hand to rejoice in the development of the 14 Resolutions.

Nor will I deny that the black moments endured so recently were taxing and costly. By the time of my introductory address to the delegates I was conscious that so much more could have been accomplished had there been less pressure from our adversary. Then the energy spent surviving the opposing forces could have been spent ensuring bishops who truly wanted to be there would have succeeded in reaching Mexico.

To those friends of this Apostolate who interpreted my energy on display on opening day and throughout as sheer adrenalin, I would like to clarify - it was really the extraordinary help of Our Lady.

That was a day for savoring the irony in the letter received October 2nd from Bishop Godinez in which he had proclaimed:

"... this terminates the possibility of effecting the above mentioned meeting."

None of us could have known that the infamous letter circulated throughout the world telling bishops not to come was yet to bring to the floor of the Conference a voice that would cut like a two-edged sword, wielding the blade of truth, and fearlessly unmasking the real forces behind the entire campaign to crush the Conference and the bishops themselves with their exhibition of unlawful power.

The dramatic moment came with the arrival to the Conference floor of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo.

An Electrifying Accusation

A dramatic statement was delivered to the stunned assembly by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo who was angered when he discovered that nuncios had sent letters to their Episcopal Conferences telling bishops not to attend the Mexico gathering.

Archbishop Milingo's statement was in the form of authoritatively worded protest delivered not to the Conference but from him as a Consecrated Bishop of the Church of Rome to those forces that had tried to prevent bishops from attending.

Archbishop Milingo electrified the delegates with an eloquent defense of the prerogatives of the episcopacy, especially in the face of such unethical coercion. He denounced the nuncio's letter, which he held for all to see, and stated firmly that this was an attempt to take away a bishop's freedom to act on his own recognizance.

The letter in question was part of a broad campaign directed by a few bureaucrats in the Secretariate of State of the Vatican to prevent the bishops from assembling.

Archbishop Milingo got right to the point. He called the letter an abuse of authority, an insult and a humiliation to all bishops who received them. "If this letter represents their way to control us," he cried, "it means that they don't trust the people to whom they gave authority." He also pointed out that the letter had been an instrument of intimidation, that is why less courageous bishops decided not to attend.

It had already been noted by other speakers at the Conference that the interference of the Vatican bureaucrats had been intended in part to deny freedom of assembly to Catholic speakers, priests, and laypeople intent on taking part.

Apparently the much touted 'religious liberty' of Vatican II did not include the right of those speakers to meet with the consecrated leaders of their own Church.

To all this Archbishop Milingo, who has 6 million followers, brought a crystal-clear focus. He zeroed in on a primary failing of the pastors and laity of the Church today.

He pointed out that we are not making new disciples for Christ.

And why? Because, in the words of Archbishop Milingo, the bishops are "shaking in their trousers."

Why are they shaking in their trousers?

Because they don't have real authority!

Why don't they have real authority if they are consecrated bishops?

Because a clique of power-mad bureaucrats in the Vatican, completely unchallenged and unchecked, dictate to bishops what they can and cannot do with poison pen letters, false accusations, innuendo and libel!

How can they get away with it?

Bishops who react against them can find themselves removed to the backwoods, removed from benefits, reduced in every way imaginable!

 They are living on suspended authority, he proclaimed angrily.

If the bureaucrats pull the plug then the bishop is retired.

Under such conditions the episcopacy is merely a front for the games of unnamed and unseen bureaucrats.

The scenario Archbishop Milingo painted was indeed a bleak one. The Pope is dependent on his bishops. The bishops are dependent on the bureaucrats. The Pope is then at the mercy of those same bureaucrats who tried to sabotage the Conference.

At the service of the bureaucrats, in effect are the nuncios, passing out to the bishops from country to country the demands of this clique of bureaucrats. The nuncio thus becomes the henchman of the clique. Thus do the words 'diplomacy' and 'diplomat' become ghosts of their former meaning. Now the nuncios the world over become mere couriers.

And for whom are they carrying messages? In this case from one single bishop who wears a scarlet hat. Now, it is one thing for bureaucrats in Rome to pull the plug on a bishop. But how do they deal with a priest? Simple. In this case they merely set out to destroy him.

Even unsubstantiated fluff passed from the hand of a nuncio to a bishop has the potential to irreparably damage a priest.

How then, in Archbishop Milingo’s terms can bishops make disciples of priests if the nuncios have them shaking in their trousers? How then can priests make disciples out of the people if the priests are shaking in their trousers?

Is it any wonder the Church is going down the tubes? Under these conditions, a small clique of bureaucrats, completely unthreatened by anyone in the Vatican, regardless of what they do, can destroy anyone who stands in their way.


Who are they? So far we know what they do and how they do it.

As Archbishop Milingo said their, actions are illegal and immoral.

They are cowards as well. They will not come out publicly and state their case in the light of day but rather prefer to work through lies and innuendo. As Our Lord says in the Gospel of Saint John - thieves have to do it under cover of darkness.

It is one of the trademarks of secret societies that nobody knows where the commands come from.

Alas for the perpetrators of the well documented nefarious meddling with the worldwide Episcopacy, they have dragged into the light of day the less than savory practices of intimidation and coercion that taints the office of the Secretary of State of the Vatican. That department is ultimately responsible for the actions taking place in the Nunciatures around the world.

All this was done for one reason, as Bishop Godinez wrote, to "terminate the possibility of effecting the above mentioned meeting."

Indeed the stakes are high. For the bishops of the world to gather to serve Our Lady of Fatima is an affront to those anti-Fatima forces firmly entrenched in the Secretary of State department since the heyday of Archbishop Casaroli when the infamous Vatican-Moscow Agreement provided the Russian Orthodox hierarchy and the KGB an apparently foolproof impediment to the Consecration of Russia.

Within that rarefied world where appalling agreements have committed the gravest acts of betrayal in Church history, that against Cardinal Mindzenty being one of the most well-known, there lays coiled and ready to poison any movement toward the fulfillment of the Fatima requests, an offspring spawned from the illicit union of atheistic communism and the chaperons of the Bride of Christ. Archbishop Casaroli was a most effective cupid.

Nothing unmasks its identity more than the tactics it employed in attempting to derail this Conference. Lies. Intimidation. Humiliation of those in power. Denial of the freedoms to assemble, to speak openly and without fear. Always veiled in threats of reprisal. All these tactics are recognizable.

Lies and hostile acts are nothing new, alas, in the life of the Church. Her history is littered with the spiteful ravings of bureaucrats motivated by jealousy, power madness, or imagined threats to their 'authority'.

This reminds me of Our Lady of La Salette's warning to highly placed bishops in the Vatican. She said, "Woe to the Princes of the Church who think only of piling riches upon riches to protect their authority and to dominate with pride."

But this time they believe themselves unstoppable. We are then face to face with that same force that has used these tactics time and again, well documented, throughout this century when peoples and nations have been drained of their independence, humiliated, suppressed, silenced, then swallowed up by the monolith rooted in Russia - Communism.

It was founded on lies. It was coached by the Father of Lies.

It lied its way into the Vatican. And it can't stop lying.

Who then is on the side of God? Who is on the side of the adversary?

Hands are Tied

I recently received a letter from a Cardinal in Rome that was very positive about what this Apostolate was doing. The letter writer admitted that the Curial Cardinals' hands are tied. That the ability to act lies with the bishops. It was the writer's opinion that the Pope's hands are tied, concerned that the bishops will rebel against the Pope using his authority.

On the other hand, Archbishop Milingo said in his fiery address that he believes the bishops would co-operate if the Pope came out and made specific demands of them.

It appears, from the incidents of the past months that it is not the bishops the Pope needs to fear - it is his own bureaucrats.

When, in the late 1970's the entire thrust of the energies of the Blue Army was to petition the Holy Father to consecrate Russia, those same bureaucrats succeeded in having placed in the Blue Army a bishop who would effectively get the petition process stopped.

They resorted to simple old-fashioned lies to stop the Conference in Mexico. The only way to distance the bishops from the Conference was to lie about the Fatima Apostolate sponsoring it and in particular about me.

What then is our future course? Granted the bureaucrats deploying opposition to Our Lady throughout the Church are formidable adversaries. They can discard bishops and destroy priests. But the torturers and murderers of the ideology they represent are much worse.

We are surrounded. But we must fight. Even if we fear we can't win.

Our goal has not changed. It remains the Consecration of Russia according to the requests of Our Lady of Fatima.

She has promised that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. Our Lord gave us no option at Rianjo.*

     "Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune."

*Editor's Note: In Father Gruner's booklet Jesus Tells Us "Make It Known", he explains at length everyone's obligation to not remain silent, no matter what the odds against us are. To understand this crucial point better, ask for your copy of this booklet from The Fatima Crusader. Click "Contact" in the Task Bar at the end of the article for our address and phone number.

Jesus said to Sister Lucy: 
"Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune. It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary."

In this picture we see Jesus giving this Rianjo message and the consequences to the Catholic Bishops if they ignore it. The artist has also depicted the Miracle of the Sun seen not only at Fatima but also seen at the Vatican by the Pope on four separate occasions.
But the promise of peace after these disasters is still true as symbolized by the doves of peace going toward the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Either we turn our back on Our Lord or we lay our cards on the table. We must meet the ante and up it.

We have played one very powerful hand. The 14 Resolutions will immerse you in the Message of Fatima and what must be done to meet Our Lady's requirements for world peace.

Read them. They are a veritable catechism of the Faith and the Fatima Apostolate. I wish you could have been there when, after a full week of prayer and dialogue, the 14 Resolutions were approved and celebrated with applause.

It was a moment to savor, bishops, priests and laity together, overjoyed that their weeklong communications, simultaneously translated into all the languages present, had produced a solid re-affirmation of their love for Our Lady and Her requests. In spite of efforts to diminish the numbers in attendance, the Conference delivered on its promise, to teach and inform the bishops and the world about Our Lady's plan for peace.

Our next step will be dramatic and bold. It must be! The Consecration of Russia is not done. And the opportunity to perform it properly is not dead. We must go over the heads of every bureaucrat in Rome and speak directly to the Pope himself. We have found the way to do it. We will tell you all about it very soon.

We are doing this because the Pope himself said - go to the bishops to gather support. We did so. Not once but many times and in many ways. Then the Pope's own bureaucrats stopped us. People trading on the authority given them by their nearness to the Pope obstructed us.

Paragraph 37 of Lumen Gentium tells us we have the right to inform our pastors for the good of the Church. Not only has this freedom and right been denied to us, it's been denied to the bishops themselves.

The bottom line is: either Our Lady of Fatima appeared and made specific requests or She didn't. If She warned of the annihilation of nations, then, it will happen, if we don't heed Her requests. If we do nothing to bring about fulfillment of Her requests, then we are participating in that annihilation of nations. If we do nothing, then we are guilty of a crime against humanity!

So we say to our adversaries, come out in the open. Send your Goliath into the daylight between our camps. We'll take him and you on in open debate.

We have nothing to fear. Only the fear of losing Our Lady's protection gives us fear. And we know with absolute certainty that for as long as we endeavor to fulfill Her requests at Fatima She will never withdraw Her protection. For never was it known that anyone who fled to the protection of that most gracious Virgin, implored Her help or sought Her intercession was left unaided. Relying on this confidence we fly to Her, the Virgin of Virgins, our Mother. We stand, sinful and sorrowful before Her, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, knowing that in Her mercy She will not despise our petition.

The translators at the Conference were so moved by what they heard from the speakers that they asked to be enrolled in the Brown Scapular. Here the translators and some of their spouses are enrolled by Father Gruner in the Conference Hall.

A Special Thanks

Some names when they are uttered always cause a surge of warmth and gratitude to comfort the heart. It is a reality of the human condition that we cannot think of certain people without affection for them flooding our thoughts.

But as a result of the Conference in Mexico, I must confess a new phenomenon has been added to that interior dynamic. It has to do with what I hear when I think of the names of those people who labored with such unparalleled devotion to overcome obstacles and make this Conference the spectacular event that it was.

Long-time friends to this Apostolate know of the quality of workmanship and professional service evident in everything undertaken by our special crew of organizers. But for those of you who do not, allow me to sing their praises.

The individuals who made this Conference happen are Coralie Graham, Mary Sedore, Mairead Clarke, Darcy Sedore, Richard Morse, Mr. and Mrs. David Lamica, Dr. Oremule, Denise Beaulieu, Nadine McCartney, Jeanne Fioretti, Carlos Morse, Louis Acosta. Special thanks are due to the thousands of supporters who made this Conference possible and all the bishops who attended and to all our speakers too. Those names are responsible for a special memory of Mexico that now so often invades the heart. It is the sound of a mariachi marimba band, the guitars of 18 musical gouchos, behind the shrine at the foot of Tepeyac Hill, serenading a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Only Our Lady can know the intensity of effort and the degree of difficulty overcome by those named above, to please Her. I think She knows.

Some of the Bishops and Priests at the Pyramids during the Bishops Conference at Mexico. Left to right: Father Nault, Archbishop Accogli, Father Gruner, Archbishop Capucci, and Father Trinchard.