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Feast of the
Presentation of Our Lord, 1995

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

I am delighted to finally be able to send you my complete report on our second Bishops' Conference which took place last November in Mexico City.

While I had hoped to get this report out to you sooner, I think it's appropriate that it comes to you now ... at the start of a New Year and in our first issue for 1995.

In an important way, this special issue of The Fatima Crusader is a New Year's gift to you and to all who prayed and sacrificed so hard to make this great Conference possible.

As you will read in my report, the results of the Conference truly justified all of the hard work and money it took to plan and organize this tremendous and difficult event.

Nothing we have ever done has pointed the way so clearly to the triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart as this Conference ... and to the crucial part you and I will play in it!

And indeed, if we ever needed more proof that Our Lady supports and defends "Her dear ones" through all trials and tribulations, this Conference provided positive proof.

In the face of the worst opposition ever, we nevertheless succeeded in bringing bishops from around the world together to discuss Our Lady's Message in a free, open and public forum.

Despite an outrageous campaign of lies and slander, we were able to put Fatima back on the Church's agenda by bringing our bishops the full truth about the Queen of Heaven's Message.

And regardless of every trick the devil could play, we succeeded — with God's help — in producing an historic and unprecedented public declaration of principles. A declaration that I believe will lead directly to Her triumph!

This declaration is contained in 14 Resolutions and I've printed it for you in this issue. I urge you to read it and then send it to your friends, family, fellow parishioners, and to every priest and religious you know. If you need extra copies, they are available FREE for the asking.

As a participant, I can tell you that I came away from this second Conference with a sense of just how close we may be to Our Lady's triumph. As Saint John Bosco predicted, it may actually be a matter of only a few short years, or even months.

But I also realized that much, in fact everything depends on what you and I do today!!

With every passing day, the price paid for the world's disobedience to Our Lady grows. More death, disease, starvation. More war, abortion, promiscuity. More sin and loss of faith.

We dare not sit idly by, twiddling our thumbs while waiting for Her triumph...too many lives are at stake, too many souls! At the Conference it was made crystal-clear that the Church leadership will not act until the laity demands action.

Whether we like it or not, the future of our nation, our families and our HolyChurch is in our hands. God Himself has given it to us -- "the little flowers" -- to bring His Mother's Message of hope and peace to all the world.

As we learned at the Conference (and in so many other events), our most powerful weapon is the TRUTH. We need to bring Our Lady's FULL Fatima words to as many people as we can reach ...and especially to all of our Church leaders.

In 1995, we will begin a new initiative to reach out to the world through our bishops. Our goal is nothing less than a Third Conference to be held in ROME with the blessing of the Holy Father.

Ambitious? Perhaps. But with enough prayer and sacrifice, nothing is impossible! This is the lesson, the truth and the glory of Fatima!

I urge you to join us now in building the foundation for this historic meeting. Help us put this special issue of Our Lady's magazine into the hands of bishops, priests and religious across North America and around the world.

Your prayers and gifts of faith are essential. After the Conference, we are critically short of funds. We have had to borrow most of the $110,000 it cost to print and mail this issue.

ANY SIZE OFFERING is so important, but please give as generously as you possibly can. Your sacrifices mean so much!

Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful and blessed New Year filled with new hope, great joy and the peace of Our Lord.

Yours in, Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. Right now, our number one priority is to send this special issue to our list of more than 50,000 bishops, priests and religious around the world. Please help us in this all-important effort by making the most generous offering you can. Again, ANY amount will help! God bless you!