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"And he that shall receive one such little child in My name, receiveth Me."    ... Matthew 18:5

May 13th, 1993

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

A month ago, in response to the cries of thousands of parents and grandparents, the Directors of Our Lady's Fatima Apostolate announced a new campaign to save our children.

We can no longer delay as the lives and eternal salvation of children are put into further jeopardy.

That is why we must bring the saving power and protection of the Fatima Message to the millions of children in North America.

Like you, these parents and grandparents are worried sick, (others are heartbroken) about so many children addicted to drugs, in gangs and cults, about the rising rates of teenage abortions and suicides, about tens of millions of kids falling deeper and deeper into sin and violence.

One mother put it for all of us when she wrote and said:

"The school system bans prayers, teaches the children how to be gay, how to use condoms, how to get quick abortions ... what can a parent do?"

But it is precisely because there IS something we can do that this historic and necessary effort to "SAVE OUR CHILDREN" was begun!

A Great Beginning to Our Campaign!

In just the few weeks since this campaign began, we are already making tremendous progress in our 6-Point Plan to bring Our Lady's love and protection to children and their families.

As I mentioned to you in my letter last month, our first goal to save the children is to put the full story of Fatima into the hands of as many families as possible. This is critical because studies have shown that less than 3 percent of all Catholics have ever even heard Our Lady's Fatima words!!

Today, we are ready to send out more than 300,000 copies of a special new booklet that will give children and their parents the facts about Our Lady's Fatima Message and how it can protect them against the terrible dangers facing every family.

But this is only the beginning ... We have also started our all-important effort to reach-out to pastors, educators and Church leaders with a new Fatima information kit especially designed for religious education of the young.

We are also moving forward (as fast as funds allow) with the distribution of as many Scapulars for children as we can, never forgetting Our Lady's promise that the Scapular will be "a pro­tection in danger, a sign of salvation and a pledge of peace."

We CAN Save Our Children!

When you read all the awful statistics or news reports about what's happening to our children, it's not surprising that many people throw up their arms in despair, feeling that things have just gone too far to set right again.

The simple truth is that things have gone "too far" for mere human solutions. All the politicians, policemen and social workers in the world cannot save our children without Heaven's help.

At Fatima, God's Mother told us that ONLY She could help us. She gave us Heaven's own solution to the problems facing our families, our nation, our Church and the whole world!

You and I have the Queen of Heaven's solemn promise that our prayers, reparations and sacrifices will help save our children. With Heaven's help, we can bring divine peace to millions of families!

Join Us Today!

Your help is crucial as we set in motion our historic 6-Point Plan to Save Our Children. Never before, have your regular prayers and offerings of faith been so necessary.

It has already nearly emptied our bank account just to print this magazine and other materials that are part of this campaign. We need your help today to pay postage and other costs to put Our Lady's saving Fatima words into the hands of more than 300,000families.

With all of my strength, I beg you to pray for the success of this all-important effort to save our children. Please give as much as you can afford. Believe me, no gift is too large or too small when the lives and salvation of so many are at stake!

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner 

P.S. If you have not yet given to this historic effort (or even if you already have), this is the time to stand up and be counted in the battle to save our children. We need your prayers and sacrifices now to bring Our Lady's words of hope to millions of families like yours across North America.

P.P.S. We must never stop until every child's soul is safe under the mantle of their Heavenly Mother through Her miraculous gifts, the Brown and the Green Scapulars. Please don't let lack of funds prevent our children from receiving these saving gifts from Heaven.