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Three Archbishops Confirm:

The Bishop of Fatima Makes Our Bishops' Peace Conference Official

Transcript of speech given 
by Bishop Cordoso Sobrinho

 Pictured above at the podium is the Brazilian Archbishop Cardoso Sobrinho announcing to all the assembled bishops on October 8, 1992, some very good news. The full text of what he told the Bishops Fatima Peace Conference can be read on this page.
He, along with two other Archbishops and one bishop had met the Bishop of Fatima on October 7th. Despite the fury of opposition that broke out against the Bishops Peace Conference, they received the Bishop of Fatima's blessing on our Conference. For more information about the Conference and related matters, see "Letter to All the Catholic Bishops"
"Strange Goings On in Fatima" and "A False Lucy Substituted for the True?" in this Fatima Crusader.

Because of the confusion generated in the Press by officials of the Fatima Shrine, about 25 bishops and Archbishops met in the afternoon on October 7, 1992, with Father Nicholas Gruner to have their questions answered regarding the Bishops Peace Conference scheduled to start the following morning.

Having been satisfied, they decided to seek an audience with the then local bishop — His Excellency Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral of Fatima. Three Archbishops, Their Graces Limon, Toppo and Cardoso Sobrinho, one from India, one from the Philippines and one from Brazil, went as representing the other bishops. At 9 p.m. they met the local bishop who lived in Leiria, 18 kilometers away. This meeting lasted several hours.

Despite the fact that the former Bishop of Fatima, Bishop Alberto, had been the source of grossly misleading statements about Father Gruner and the Bishops Peace Conference he nonetheless agreed to make our Bishops Peace Conference, (sponsored by The Fatima Crusader) become an official part of the Fatima Shrine's Conference which Bishop Alberto himself was hosting.

Even though, as several Canon Law experts among the participants at the Bishops Peace Conference stated, we did not need to have the official invitation and official status granted by the local bishop, this unexpected turn of events was indeed welcomed by all. Especially as it particularly well responded to the gross misrepresentation published about our international conference in the daily and international press.

This accord was announced by the Archbishops returning from Leiria at about midnight to the organizers of The Fatima Crusader Peace Conference, and was then publicly announced from the podium the very next day at the opening session of the Bishops Conference, by His Grace Archbishop Cardoso Sobrinho, the Archbishop of Recife, Brazil.

Following is the complete text of Archbishop Cardoso Sobrinho's speech which he addressed to all the bishops present. It was recorded and videotaped, as was the whole Conference:

"Yesterday, we had a meeting that had been scheduled with the Bishop of Leiria. After the meeting yesterday, we were faced with some problems that already leaked to the press.

The meeting went well, we are sure that we had the presence and the motherly protection of Our Lady of Fatima.

We were therefore able to obtain a very good agreement.

The Bishop of Leiria and the Coadjutor Bishop Serafim were present and they ask that I, in the first place, convey to all the bishops here, welcome greetings. He asks that I do that; we tried to have the Coadjutor Bishop Serafim here today, but since he could not be here he asked that I please tell every one of you that you are all welcome to the Diocese. I am therefore welcoming you on his behalf and, the agreement we reached was as follows: The Bishop of Leiria asks that we all be present in the Eucharistic celebrations.

We have here (at Father Gruner's Conference) if I'm not mistaken, more than one hundred bishops, and from the other side (the Pastoral Conference) there are about fifty bishops. The other side meaning the group of Christians convoked by the Bishop of Leiria. So he decided and we agree, that it was not very convenient, especially after hearing certain declarations from the press, he decided it would not be very convenient to have a Eucharistic celebration between the bishops from there and others; and so he asks for our presence in these moments of the Eucharistic celebration that we be all together. And then Father Gruner will give the times starting tomorrow, for each day; one day it will be in the Basilica, next day in the Chapel but it will be Eucharistic celebration only.

Second, he asks that we all be present in the primary sessions of his meeting, to show also this unity of all and all the extra free spaces, there are still many, such as all day today and the free spaces tomorrow, we continue with this meeting convoked and organized by Father Gruner as a special group for bishops; as the other participants are also divided by special groups.

These were the points of our agreement today and everybody is very happy that we were all able to gather here, it is in fact a real danger, this thing that already passed to the press, there are reporters exploring and trying to find some scandal, division, etc. and we would like to avoid this totally.

We are very happy and we think that it was God Who helped us."