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Let Your Voice Be Heard:

"The Consecration of Russia Has 
NOT Been Done!"

We encourage our readers to speak up and write letters to many other publications. In this way you will be a part of breaking the conspiracy of silence and lies against Our Lady's full Fatima Message.

To: A.J. Matt Jr.; Editor: The Wanderer Press

Please do not let the wonderful Wanderer play any part of stopping prayers of good people around the world to pray for the conversion of Russia!

The Consecration of Russia has not been done!

It was published in early August 1987 in Para Ti, a Spanish language journal, that "Sister Lucia has stated as recently as July 20, 1987, that the Consecration of Russia requested by Our Lady of Fatima has not been done!"

As you know, when President Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev met off the coast of Italy in December of 1989, at the same time the Russians were bringing in attack helicopters in the port of Managua, Nicaragua, by their ships.

We will know that the Consecration of Russia has been done correctly by the reports of miracles and conversions that come out of Russia, not just out of Europe!

Pope John Paul II, on December 8, 1983, invited the Catholic bishops of the world to join him on March 25, 1984 for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The key word is INVITED. We know that when we invite someone to dinner, for example, they may choose to excuse themselves for various reasons.

This Heavenly Command is not an invitation, therefore All must join in on the Consecration.

Of the many books I have on Fatima, when they refer to the Consecration of Russia, not one indicates that it can be done by anything less than all the bishops!

Because of the large number of bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals in the world, the Holy Father must put them all under obedience, ordering them on a certain date set by the Pope to consecrate Russia to the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY!

Those few bishops or Cardinals who may have to be excommunicated (for not obeying) would be excluded from the communion of the faithful, therefore all the bishops remaining would be all of the bishops of the world! I know that the excommunication of a bishop is rather bad, to say the least, but could the consecration be completed in any other way? The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, has acknowledged publicly on March 25, 1984, that the consecration requested by Our Lady of Fatima has not yet been done. This statement was published in his own newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, saying it was not done because he did not yet have the support of certain Cardinals.

Respectfully yours, 
Frank Ricker, 
San Bernardino, CA

To: Father Robert J. Fox, Fatima Family Messenger

I have just finished reading your January-March 1993 issue of Fatima Family Messenger.

Father Fox, I believe you are doing a grave disservice to your readers by leading them to believe that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope John Paul II in March 1984, thus fulfilling the command given to Sister Lucy by Our Lord in June 1929.

During the past nine years, since this alleged consecration took place, we have all witnessed the magnitude of human suffering throughout the world as a result of civil wars, dictatorships, societal erosion and absolute disobedience to the laws of God. We have only to watch the evening news to see the mass starvation taking place in Somalia and the blood bath and atrocities occurring in Yugoslavia. Where is there conversion and peace?

Here in the United States we now have a president who in just his first few days of office, with the stroke of a pen, opened doors to more easily accessible abortions and is paving the way for RU-486 and fetal tissue research in our country (thereby mounting a full-scale war on the unborn). Also, with the blessings of President Clinton, homosexual behavior is being condoned throughout society. I shudder to think what the next four years of his administration will bring.

Father Fox, I do not need Father Gruner or for that matter Sister Lucy, to tell me that Our Lord still awaits the Consecration of Russia. THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. We are all living in extremely perilous times, and to delude the faithful into thinking otherwise is unconscionable.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten more religious and laypersons to the truth. Our Holy Father needs our prayers more than ever so he will obtain the grace necessary to complete this consecration ... he has so many obstacles in his path.

Chris Urbanik, 


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