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Your Eminence, Your Excellencies:

Please ... Save Our Children 

By Mrs. Coralie Graham, Editor

Following is an address given to the Cardinals and bishops attending our Fatima Peace Conference, on behalf of all of you who sacrificed to make it happen, but could not be there.

We know you were with us in spirit and so did the Cardinals and bishops. They were very grateful for your overwhelming generosity and devotion.

My address was given towards the end of the Bishops Conference, having the following background in mind. I had already witnessed the violent attack on Father Gruner by the Fatima shrine officials. One of the esteemed clergy at our meeting told me that the attacker admitted it was Monsignor Luciano Guerra, the Rector of the Shrine, who put them up to this attack. I had also seen the printed lies, innuendos and falsehoods the Shrine officials had spewed out against our Bishops Conference to mislead those bishops attending it. (See The Fatima Crusader Issue 43 for further details. See "Strange Goings On in Fatima", "A False Lucy Substituted for the True?", and "The Bishop of Fatima Makes Our Bishops Peace Conference Official" in this issue.)

Yes, it was plain to see that the bishops attending our conference were the object of a special propaganda battle waged by the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima's Message. I realized the ultimate purpose of their strategy was in fact to prevent you and your concerns from being heard by the bishops.

If it were not so diabolical, it would be laughable that they feared so much that the bishops might hear your message. The enemies of Our Lady have tried to suppress Her full Fatima Message as if it were going to be the mightiest blow that would befall their world of disinformation, and so shall it be.

In God's own time, the truth will surface and conquer the lies and deceits of the devil. Our Lady shall crush the serpent's head.

Though many odds are against us, with your help, we will persist in proclaiming the truth and defending our Faith and the full Fatima Message. Because if we don't — our children will be lost.

For the children of the world, for your tears and sacrifices, I offered this small speech in hopes of reaching the bishops' hearts and in turn, having them take action TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN.

Your Eminence, Your Excellencies, Reverend Fathers:

I would like to say just a few words on behalf of all the laymen here: Mary, who has given every minute of her time to ensure you have a most welcome and comfortable stay here; the conference crew, who have also worked night and day since they stepped off the plane.

There are so many more who have sacrificed their time and alms and prayed so hard to make this happen. I wish they could all be here. You see, this is so important to us the lay people.

I am a simple lay person, I'm not a learned person like Father Gruner, like our eminent speakers, like all of you. But I have an important request to make of you. It's about my Church, about our Church.

As editor of The Fatima Crusader magazine, I receive letters, thousands of letters a week, and I can tell you, your people out there are crying, and I mean crying. They are not getting Catholic leadership. You here are 2% of the leadership. You have opened your hearts and your minds to come and hear what we have to say.

We, the lay people have no voice anymore. And that's why the people have pleaded, "Please, Father Gruner, lead us. Speak to the bishops. Tell them we're hurting, our children's souls are going to Hell, and nobody will help us." 



Let us all do our part to preserve the innocence of all the children. Help us at The Fatima Crusader make the full Fatima message more widely available to children. As the Angel of Fatima said to the three innocent children, "The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplications." The prayers of children are very powerful. Let us release this tremendous power for good by encouraging them to imitate the Fatima children.
(Photo provided by John Brandi Incorporated)

Father Gruner helps us, the Reverend Fathers speaking here today help those in their community, but what about the billions and billions of souls that seem to have no one to turn to? And I'm going to tell you why.

I can send you copies of letters with signatures to prove what I am saying. Maybe you already know this. I don't know. I only know that nobody seems to be listening because we don't see anything happening. A little old lady wrote me and she said she cries every day; "because when I go to Mass, before Mass I pray my Rosary, and the priest came and yanked the Rosary out of my hand, broke it in the middle of the church and the beads rolled down the aisle".

That's the kind of leadership we're getting, and nobody in a position of authority is stopping it. They go to the Bishop, and the Bishop says, "Well, I'll talk to him". But nothing happens.

And though contraception is a sin, they're inviting Protestants into the Catholic schools to show Catholic students all the various contraceptive devices available to them and how to use them. This under the complete approval of the principal and the Bishop. When students themselves questioned this anti-Catholic practice, they were told, "Oh, we're not telling them to use it ... we're only showing them how."

There's a priest in the diocese that preaches to his whole congregation, "None of my congregation is going to Hell because I know you all love God. And if you love God, you can't commit a Mortal Sin. Even if you murder someone, you can't go to Hell, because you love God. You have to hate God when you murder someone, in order to be condemned to Hell.

Alright, I know better. I know that is heretical. And I thank God that I was taught by strict Loretto nuns when I grew up. Thank God, too, that they planted the mustard seed of Faith into my heart, so I knew better.


Let us remember to teach all our children that God has assigned a guardian angel to watch over them always. Teach them to pray: "Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love, entrusts me here. Ever this day be at my side; to light, to guard, to rule and guide. Amen."
(Photo provided by John Brandi Incorporated)

But what about our children? They haven't had the advantage I had to have our full Catholic Faith taught in school, to have heard soul saving sermons from the pulpit. The Church and the system is no longer teaching them not to sin. Rather, they are being encouraged to become complacent and sin. They are actually being encouraged to listen to their own unformed conscience rather than take direction from their parents. They are being led to Hell.

In schools now, they are teaching children to respect homosexuals — not the person — and their sinful act. They are showing them in class, by films, how to engage in homosexual activity. They're showing that to the children and they're saying, "You must learn to accept and respect what they are doing."

We all know what God had to say about homosexuality in the Bible. I don't want my children going to a school being taught by a homosexual teacher that's telling them it's okay. It's another way they're leading the children to Hell.

I have a beautiful statue this tall (5 feet) at home. I have a picture of it in one of our magazines back there. It's Our Blessed Mother reaching Her hands out to us with love, giving us the graces we need to be solid in our Faith. Do you know where I got it? She was found in a bushel basket. That's a basket we use at home to collect fruit in. She was broken to pieces, thrown out in the garbage.

Some little nuns I know glued Her together but they were not allowed to keep Her because their halfway house for young girls was partially government funded and they therefore had to take all the crucifixes and statues out of the classrooms, or be shut down for lack of funding.

They gave Her to me and I took Her home and painted Her. She was so beautiful and appealing I was determined to put Her back in a church, where She belonged. When I offered Her to the priest, he said, "Oh, no! I can't put Her in the church, She doesn't match the wall". I'm serious, that's what I was told. "She doesn't match the decor."

I have at home a beautiful set of stations of the cross, 4 feet high, oil on canvas and encased in oak. These were "rescued" along with five foot statues of St. Anthony and the Sacred Heart of Jesus ... and just in time, they were destined for destruction and transportation to the city garbage dump!

These are just samplings of what's going on. And that's what this is all about. I've read the Message of Fatima. I believe it. Only She can help us. We're having problems in our Church. She's (gesturing toward the Pilgrim Virgin statue) given us the answer.

I have heard half the people say the Consecration of Russia has not been done. I have heard half the people say it has been done ... and by esteemed bishops and priests on both sides. One side says, "I have asked the Holy Father and he tells me Yes." The other side says, "I have seen the Holy Father and he tells me No." Regarding what the Holy Father really thinks, I think we should get an absolute authoritative ecclesiastical approbation from him to rid the confusion.

Let me tell you why I'm inclined to stay with the half that says the Consecration of Russia, according to Our Lady's request, has not been done. Because I am seeing the day-to-day effects of it not being done. I have read the Message of Fatima. It says Our Lady will triumph. I cannot say this is a triumph when I see more souls going to Hell than ever before! I would feel I was spouting heresy to say that's Her triumph. I heard there would be peace in the world. Where? Where is there real true peace in the world? Tell me.

Some people infer Sister Lucy meant peace in the heart. Then where is that too? I don't know how many suicides you have in your countries, but I can tell you, in my country, the teenagers are killing themselves every day, and killing people with them. I have forgotten the percentage rate but it is more than ever before in history.

How can we say that's due to Our Lady's triumph? I can't say that. I can't say that.

There are many other things Our Lady promised. I don't see them happening yet and Our Lady does not lie. Our Lady said something. The Popes approved of it. I believe it. It has not happened. So how can it be done?

I'm not speaking now on behalf of Father Gruner, or the other priests here, or you, Your Eminence and Excellencies. I'm saying I'm a lay person. I'm representing millions of Catholics who are crying for help. That's why we brought you here; not just to listen, but because we want, and we need, and dear God, we insist, for the sake of the souls, please do something.

Even if you, yourself, believe the consecration was done ... you have to admit, something is wrong. We must face that. We must look around and see. I don't know if people allow you to see. I know when bishops come, everything is cleaned up, everybody is on their best behavior. You might not see everything going on. I don't know. I know I see it in some dioceses, and I can tell you there's lots going on, and it's not good, and your people are crying.

I don't just get letters from Canada and the United States. I get them from around the world. Countless people are told, "Don't pray the Rosary in the Church; you're disturbing the people", and this is just a nice little 10-15 parishioners praying the Rosary before or after Mass. Not during Mass. Not during any other liturgical things going on ... very quietly but no, "You disturb the people."

That's not our Catholic churches. That's not the way it's meant to be. I heard Father say, and I believe that, you're the cream of the crop. You opened your mind and you came to listen. Whether or not you agreed with what we're saying, whether or not you believed it, you opened your heart, you gave us the chance to say what we had to say.

We did not hide anything from you. You are aware of the opposition to us. You've heard it. We didn't bring you here and say you can only hear this, we don't want you to hear the other.

We allowed a man who opposes the consecration to hand out his books to every one of you in the hotel lobby. We did not try to stop him. You are intelligent. You must decide. You read his book, you read our book. But whatever you do, I'm asking you — Don't just look at words. Look at what is going on in the world.

What we are hoping and praying you will do, on behalf of the lay people, is to ask the Holy Father to make an ecclesiastical, infallible pronouncement. We believe this will enlighten many people.

Our Lady told us all, religious and lay people alike, "Only I can help you."

We, the lay men are saying now to you, Your Eminence, Your Excellencies, in order to bring about this promise of Our Lady, only you can help us. Thank you. God bless you.