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Strange Goings On in Fatima

by J. Kaess

The following article is taken from a recent issue of the newsletter of "The Society for the Disclosure of The Third Secret of Fatima" published in Minnesota.

It presents yet another view regarding recent events in Fatima concerning The Fatima Crusader's Peace Conference last October. We thought our readers would appreciate the insights and support shown by this newsletter. We thank "The Society" for allowing us to reprint these extracts. (Some of the subtitles were added by The Fatima Crusader.)

Father Nicholas Gruner in Rome delivering tens of thousands of petitions addressed to the Holy Father.

Write the Pope

From many of you we have been getting a strong message regarding our letter-writing campaign, notably a general consensus that it is useless to write letters to hierarchy. An unfortunate state of affairs indeed, but we must somehow face it. This has caused us to make some major revisions in our suggestions, as we don't wish to abandon this initiative completely, still thinking it a good idea even if little more than a formality. Along these lines, one correspondent has suggested a short message that would be suitable for hierarchy — so short that it would fit on a post card. We take the liberty of quoting it:

"Your Holiness:

The hour is late. We (or I) therefore urgently request that the following be implemented immediately, for the honor and glory of Our Lady of Fatima, and of Her Son WHO IS NOT MOCKED:

   1) Disclosure of the Third Secret of Fatima.

   2) Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (or specific clarification on same).

   3) Permission and specific request to Sister Lucia of Jesus to tell publicly on camera all she knows about Fatima. May God bless you and grant you the grace to comply with this. May He have mercy on all of us if you do not!"

Copies should be sent to bishops and newspaper editors, duly informed that it has been sent to the Pope. It might be noted that this reads very similarly to a petition that Father Gruner has had in circulation for years. We have added our usual request for a clarification, as the present situation necessitates and will be explained. We have also taken the liberty of adding the words "on camera" to the text submitted by our correspondent, in accordance with advice previously received on the subject, due to some very strange goings on in Fatima in the last few months. Much of this is reported in recent editions of The Fatima Crusader and the CRC newsletter. It is absolutely astounding and downright flabbergasting! It confirms what we have long suspected — that Sister Lucy is somehow being coerced by her superiors into changing her story! (Some have conjectured that there could be an imposter put in her place, but we lean toward coercion as the more likely probability.) And how tragic! Some learned observers have said that Sister Lucy should have been respected (if even for nothing else) for her advanced age (now 85 years) and never have been brought back into this foray. But this has been done, and it is not the common people like ourselves but the directors of the Fatima Shrine and other "canonically established" agencies who have done it!

A respected cardinal in attendance at the Fatima Bishops Conference last fall (described below) has reported that "Sister Lucy" was seen expounding all the latest propaganda, including the current garbage about the Secret being intended only for the Pope. As we know all too well, any written statements attributed to Sister Lucy since 1989 have long been suspect, and under the present circumstances, one wonders if the addition of a live Sister Lucy "on camera" to our request would even be enough to restore confidence in the whole operation! Even though our above-mentioned correspondent's letter was meant for the Pope (with copies to bishops and newspapers), we will continue to suggest that our original letter as presented in Issue 10 be sent to newspaper editors as it outlines so thoroughly the reasons for our own loss of confidence in the whole ecclesiastical Fatima institution and our Church's entire dealing with this matter as well. Quite likely they won't print it, in whole or in part. But please remember that for the time being it is more important that they read it than print it. And also remember that you are free to make your own changes. And please let's get going on those letters to as many newspapers as possible, religious and secular, letter or no letter to hierarchy!

Blue Goons "Chalk One Up"

By now you have probably encountered in other publications the particulars of the incident we are about to describe, so thankfully we can spare you some of the details. First mention should go to the main event that provided the general scene: a historical meeting of about 100 bishops last fall at Fatima to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions there. This special meeting was organized through the efforts of Father Gruner and his dedicated organization, and said to be the "largest private meeting of bishops in history" — certainly the largest and most significant such gathering in the entire history of Fatima. (Criticism of this initiative has come from the Fatima establishment on the grounds that it didn't have previous "approbation" from the Bishop of Fatima. One cardinal at the gathering pointed out that no such canonical "authorization" was necessary. And as everybody knows, bishops have "faculties" to function anywhere in the world; and Fatima is a long-recognized and authorized public shrine where everybody can freely gather, no censures, warnings, interdicts, anything of the kind. And it is now known that the Bishop of Fatima, Bishop Cosme do Amaral, did at the last minute give it his official, though reluctant "recognition.") At any rate, Father Gruner has reported that this meeting has had many successes, and obviously we urge your continued support of his follow-up initiatives. It was not this distinguished gathering of decent and hard-working bishops (including several cardinals) that was defamed by the foregoing incident, but rather the entire official ecclesial Fatima establishment.

It happened right after Mass at the Fatima Shrine. Father Gruner was accompanying an elderly cardinal (who had concelebrated Mass with several other bishops) to another area where the bishops were meeting. Father Gruner was attacked by one, then another, young layman (variously described as "sacristans," "guards," etc.) wearing no armbands or identifying insignia of any kind (in European churches such officials customarily wear robes). Father was roughed-up a bit, sustaining many bruises (mostly to his arms) but thankfully not seriously injured. It has been confirmed that the attack was ordered by none other than the director of the Fatima Shrine himself — Monsignor Luciano Guerra! The apparent objective of the attackers was to impede Father Gruner's movement from place to place at the shrine. During the attack, Father Gruner called out for help to Bishop Amaral (who happened to be nearby in the crowd at the time) but to no avail. (One is reminded of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, when the poor leper cried out for help, and a "priest" walked sadly by). It has since come out that one of the attackers was seen in Bishop Amaral's quarters a few days earlier, saying that "physical violence" must be used against Father Gruner! (A good Cardinal later expressed concern for Father Gruner's life!) The attack was interrupted by a woman in the pilgrimage, and Father then left the area immediately.

Explanation Demanded

Providentially, the incident was captured on video tape. There were the predictable denials by the Fatima establishment that the incident ever took place, but these were quickly put to rest by widespread playing of the video tape on Portuguese TV. An enraged Portuguese public called, among other things, for the immediate excommunication of the two attackers. As for these two "thugs", or "goons" — whatever, we have our own stand; for our part, we don't know for certain if they are even Catholic, but we do insist that they owe us a full explanation as to exactly where they are coming from. That is, they are obligated to tell all sincere believers in Fatima who they are, exactly whom they are working for (i.e., if there are any Vatican connections), and even more importantly, everything they know or believe (if anything) about Fatima! They owe us a full disclosure of their involvement, and we have a right to demand it!

Bishop Amaral and Monsignor Guerra Must Go!

I well remember that day when the laying of a violent hand on a priest was thought such a sacrilege that the most horrendous curses immediately fell upon the perpetrator. Apparently none of this was of any concern to the Fatima establishment who must have thought they were advancing the "triumph" of the Blessed Virgin Mary by beating up on a priest with whom they happened to disagree! Nor do we allude with levity (much less irreverence) to the Institution's probable employment of Mafia tactics. History is so replete with instances of this kind, going back many centuries, that their recurrence in our time does not surprise us at all.

As for the Fatima "authorities" involved in this affair, we are not without recommendations. Monsignor Guerra, director of the shrine and the attack (also reputed author of Sister Lucy's post-1989 "letters") should be removed immediately by Bishop Amaral, whose own involvement in the attack is not clear, but it was certainly in the realm of his responsibility and accountability. As for the Bishop, the Pope should not have to "depose" him. If he has left even a trace of basic human decency, he should resign (after he has fired Monsignor Guerra). As of the moment, we don't know of any direct involvement of the Blue Army. We only know that the likes of Bishop Amaral and Monsignor Guerra are frequent stars on its stage. We do know of many very fine and sincere laity and clergy who are its members. If it should come out later that there was any direct complicity, or that any of the principals mentioned (including the two "goons") happened to be its officials, then, in that event all those good people we know, especially priests, should themselves resign from the organization in the interest of protecting their own integrity.

Vatican Not Excluded

And the probability of Vatican complicity is certainly not excluded, although no specifics have as yet surfaced. (There has of late been a resurgence of the theories of Dhanis in the Marian bureau at the Vatican. As we mentioned in Issue 8, these theories claim that Sister Lucy has been perpetually improvising the content of the Fatima Message to fit the current world situation, the logical consequence being that Fatima is a hoax.) As we have stated before, the Vatican is not just the Pope, but rather a very complex structure comprising many departments and bureaus, with often overlapping and not always clear lines of "authority". Of late, we often hear mention of the problems of "mind control" emerging here and there. (It has been cited as a possible device employed in getting Sister Lucy to reverse positions she has held for years.) One of the best-known techniques of mind control is something called propaganda. For most of us the word conjures up thoughts of lies spread by Communists. Yet we must realize that this word has much broader meaning.

Anti-Fatima "Fatima" Officials Must Resign

At length, the issue of the Collegial Consecration must again be dealt with, as the Fatima establishment keeps bringing it up. The bottom line is, they can't produce a single shred of evidence that the Collegial Consecration has been done, much less proof. First, Russia was not mentioned in the (1984) ceremony, and they can't prove that any more than a few hundred bishops were involved. Second, a point we have consistently maintained, it (the 1984 Consecration) was not a public act. That is, even though there was a public ceremony, not a single person in the world knew anything about it having anything to do with the Collegial Consecration until 5 years later when the "writing was on the wall" in the Soviet Union and the wind had been duly tested.

Today they point to all the "wonderful changes" in that part of the world, after the fact. But the fact is, nothing miraculous can be cited, as it is all explicable by natural causes. Perhaps there is more "religious freedom" for the few interested, but they are importing at much greater rates the decadence of the West. Economically they are so bad off that they are wanting the old Communist leaders back. The munitions haven't gone away either, as a recent "warning" to the U.S.A. amply demonstrates. Some "conversion" and some "triumph" for Our Lady!

And all of this would be equally as obvious if Abbé de Nantes and Father Gruner had never lived. And whether this priest has "faculties" here and that one has direct lines of approbation from "authority" there, makes no difference. We're just thankful that priests of their stature have alerted otherwise naive believers that the emperor has no clothes.

It should also be remembered that our friend Bishop Amaral is on record way back in 1982 as saying that the Collegial Consecration had been done. And who can forget that the entire Blue Army followed suit. When that claim was finally discredited by a still consistent Sister Lucy in 1983, they let it drop for a few years. It was not resurrected until 6 years later, this time using the 1984 Consecration (virtually identical to the 1982 Consecration) as their "prop", after the political winds had changed favorably.

The only support at all they can find for their position is the classic "argument from authority." Yet in that eventuality the only authority worth a nickel would be that of the Pope, and they can't produce it — they simply can't produce it! On occasion the Pope has been known to say things (regarding consecrating Russia) like "I do it every day." They manage to get a lot of mileage out of that. We are all aware of consecrations made by Pius XII, Paul VI, and John Paul II — all well and good but that doesn't prove anything.

Where the Pope is concerned, we realize that this is not an issue of infallibility, but it is an issue of commitment to a position and the willingness to defend it. As it is now, at some time in the presumed distant future the political winds could turn and the Pope could rescind in a breath or the stroke of a pen any and all of the current "official" propaganda being circulated about Fatima, with no loss of face for the Church. Bishop Amaral and company could then retire to some peaceful isolated villa. More likely than that, they all plan on being dead by then and probably don't worry much about it.

Present-day Fatima Officials
Do Not Believe in Our Lady

Finally, what all of this boils down to is what the entire unbelieving world (and that part of the believing world that uses their heads) can plainly see, that apparently none of the official Fatima establishment can possibly be believers in the authenticity of the miraculous events of 1917 at Fatima. Otherwise they would not be using the tactics they are using to attempt to control and alter the content of the Message. (That it seems would be the conclusion of any common investigative unit or court.) This is yet another serious reason we are calling for their resignations. The common faithful cannot be better witnesses than the principal witnesses themselves. (It is for Fatima the same as it would be with the Faith itself if the Apostles had hemmed and hawed and kept changing their story.)

Editor's Note: It should be noted that Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral did resign in February 1993.