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SEX ED and the Prostitute Press

by William F. Jasper

The following article about the ever increasing dangers of sin, perversion and death in our public schools through "sex ed." is taken from the April 19, 1993 edition of the New American Magazine with thanks.

Your children, even very young children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces are at great risk. Above all their souls are in danger. Stand up and be counted as the parents in New York City did. But even more important draw down upon your children the protection of Heaven. Have them enrolled and always vested in the Scapular of Mount Carmel. Have them always possess a Green Scapular.

Pray the Family Rosary for their special protection. Phone us for your free Blessed Scapular today at 1-800-263-8160.

Liberal lacrimations followed the February 10th ouster of New York City Schools Chancellor Joseph Fernandez by the city's central school board. Fernandez, best known for his crusade to push condoms in the classrooms and for trying to ram the controversial Children of the Rainbow multi-cultural curriculum down the throats of resistant parents, had finally gotten his comeuppance. When parents in Queens revolted over the blatantly pro-homosexual Children of the Rainbow, the Queens school board got the message and voted to reject the curriculum.

Fernandez, outraged that the "ignorant" and "bigoted" inhabitants of Queens would oppose his model program of enlightenment — which included such politically correct textbook paeans to the homosexual/lesbian "alternative" family as Daddy's Roommate and Heather Has Two Mommies — fired the entire Queens school board.

That was it; New Yorkers had had enough of Fernandez' autocratic rule and the pandering of politicians to the militant pederast lobby. The central board reinstated the borough school board in Queens and fired Fernandez.

Predictably, the prostitute press leapt to the defense of the embattled "educator." The New York Times, for instance, in a February 11th editorial, blasted the central board for not supporting Fernandez and his "progressive" agenda. Board members, said the Times, need to be "committed citizens willing to tackle mediocre local school boards." The bias and hypocrisy are obvious: Board members who cater to the vocal pedophile minority are sensitive "committed citizens", those who pay heed to the traditional values booboisie are "mediocre" Neanderthals, or worse.

But the Times went still further. Not only did the editors of the exalted paper demand that parents obediently hand over their children for the perverse experiments of the social engineers, but apparently, these champions of the First Amendment believe that clerics who voice their objections to perversion in the classroom are egregiously violating "separation of church and state." In an attempt to muzzle the "meddling clergy," the Times published an Anna Quindlen column that lashed John Cardinal O'Connor for congratulating the school board on its vote to oust Fernandez. Quindlen sees grave danger to freedom and public order from "church officials who clearly overstep the bounds between moral guidance and politicking." Translation: If you are the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Bishop Tutu, or any other man (or woman) of the cloth advocating politically correct policy, you are a "voice of conscience" to whom the public must hearken; but if you are a clergyman of orthodox bent, you'd better keep you trap shut or face prosecution for imperiling the fragile foundation of the Republic.