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Clinton's Inauguration Day 
Marks a Milestone: 
Rejection of God ... Embrace of the Devil

by Stefan Zachartowicz

Inauguration Day has always been a "secular holy day," a celebration of ordered liberty under constitutional government. And whom are we inaugurating this year? A draft-dodger, dope-smoker, a fornicator, a man reported to have allowed his own illegitimate child to be murdered by abortion. A man who organized demonstrations to give aid and comfort to our enemies while our soldiers were dying on the battlefield. A man who has never satisfactorily explained his visits to Moscow or his 1991 meeting with the Bilderbergs, a mysterious group with ties to anti-Christian secret organizations of earlier centuries.

A man, furthermore, who shows no shame and who has promised us legal protections for abortion and homosexual perversions. "We the People" elected him, either out of irresponsibility or because we looked and liked what we saw. And so it is that this Inauguration Day will mark a milestone — and perhaps a point of no return — on our trip away from the old idea of "one nation under God." And make no mistake: the rejection of God is an embrace of the devil and a descent into the Pit.

We talk about our nation's problems as if they were political, economic, and social. Fundamentally, however, our problems are moral and, even more so, religious. Since God is our Creator, it is plain that He must be acknowledged as Lord of the "whole man," not just the "private man" who goes to church on Sunday, but also the "social man" and the "political man."

And since God is the Lord of each individual man, He is also the Lord of families and states. And if He is the Lord of states, then it follows that public laws and policies may not presume to prohibit what God's law commands or to protect or command what God's law prohibits.

A hundred years ago our forefathers would have seen these propositions as self-evident. And we? Having rejected them in the name of "liberty" and "freedom" and "equal rights," we have what? To take one example, we have public schools, supported by the taxes which we levy on ourselves, where it is forbidden to pray, but where it is required to take sex education courses which extol promiscuity and sodomy as "equally acceptable life styles." To take another example, we have a new President whose entire career is an open revolt against Divine laws which are so clear and basic that they can be understood even by a pagan of good will.

Let us not be too easy on ourselves; most of us have a hand in the corruption of America's social and political life. Citizens vote for politicians who appeal to greed, envy, and pride: "I will bring you more goodies from the public treasury, I will lay new taxes only on those who earn more than you do, and I will always listen to you." The corporate advertising budget supports pornography on TV and businessmen pay off politicians to give them tax breaks and subsidies and to pass laws to hurt their competitors.

After a couple of years in office, most politicians lose whatever good intentions they may perhaps have had and look to their own re-election as the highest good. Hardly ever does anyone — whether voter, or corporate official, or appointed officeholder, or elected representative — remember that his first and primary duty is to God.

Let us also be clear-sighted about what is coming: times of persecution, perhaps, times of punishment, almost certainly.

These may be the last days of our ancient Constitution. Impending national bankruptcy, unfocused popular resentment, and our habit of looking to government to solve all our problems and assume all our responsibilities are ingredients which the unscrupulous will manipulate to create a "New Domestic Order."

Bill and Hillary Clinton and those apostles of "political correctness" whom they have appointed to high office may be only a dry run for a regime in which a man will be jailed — or worse — for "hate crimes" if he insists on believing in the truth of his own religion or on teaching Biblical morality to his children or on refusing to praise sexual license and perversion.

The time and means of our punishment are still known only to God. The number of nuclear weapons in the "former" Soviet Union certainly supplies God with a means of punishing us without miraculous intervention. That, of course, is only speculation. What is clear is that we, as a people, are drawing retribution on ourselves. When the Jews of the Old Testament rejected God's laws, they were taken as captives to Babylon. Our country and the American people deserve a similar fate. The longer God stays His hand and the longer we fail to take advantage of the season of His mercy, the harsher our punishment will be.

The good news is that it is never too late for personal or even national repentance and that times are never so evil that men cannot save their own souls. "Look first to the Kingdom of God and all else will be added to you." Unless we start there, we can hope neither to save our own souls nor to save our country by political activity.

As for Inauguration Day, let it be the first of many days of prayer, of fasting, and of penance.