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Letter To Your Eminence/Excellency

By Father Nicholas Gruner

With the help of faithful supporters of The Fatima Crusader, the following letter was sent to all the Catholic bishops of the world together with the proposed Act of Consecration of Russia as is seen on the opposite page. The letter and the Act are self explanatory. Any help you might offer to give these even wider circulation will indeed be most helpful in getting Russia properly consecrated as Our Lady of Fatima requested.

March 1, 1993

Your Eminence/Excellency,

Bishop Felix S. Zafra of Tagbilaran Diocese suggested to us that we send to every Catholic Bishop in the whole world whose address is found in the Annuario Pontificio a proposed text of the Act of Consecration of Russia in their own languages, (e.g.: Spanish, French, Italian).

In conformity with his suggestion which we certainly think is an excellent idea, we enclose with this issue of The Fatima Crusader a copy of our proposed Act of Consecration.

All the bishops present last October at The Fatima Peace Conference, which was sponsored by The Fatima Crusader, received a copy.

We hope that this Act of Consecration meets with your approval. Any suggestions, questions, improvements, or comments about it are very welcome.

As you know, His Holiness Pope John Paul II is very concerned about world peace. He is especially concerned because of the escalating conflict in what was formerly known as Yugoslavia.

Even more recently we see world peace threatened by the bombing again in Iraq. Continuing wars, riots, starvation and abortions the world over also are clear indications that the world desperately needs the peace and conversion promised by Our Lady of Fatima if we obeyed Her command.

That triumph, that peace, that conversion is not yet here because today, in 1993, Russia still has not been consecrated in the manner in which She specified.

As you know from reading the official documents on Fatima as well as The Fatima Crusader that our only hope for peace in the world is the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and all the bishops of the world as requested by Our Lady of Fatima.

You will find the enclosed issue of The Fatima Crusader most interesting as it reports on our recent Bishops Conference For Peace held for five days last October.

This issue should be self-explanatory but should you have any question about it, or about the news and commentary it contains, we would be very glad to hear from you so that we can clarify things further if necessary.

The Message of Fatima and our obedience to it is the most important duty that the Church faces at this time. Pope John Paul II said the Message of Fatima "imposes an obligation on the Church."

Thus it seems apparent that you and all the bishops have an extremely grave obligation to be fully informed about Our Lady's Fatima Message. Today, when world peace is so threatened, you need the information in this Crusader to keep you informed.

Please pray for us as we struggle to make Our Lady's full Fatima Message known. We pray for you every day.

May God bless you and may our Heavenly Mother Mary draw you ever closer to Her divine Son Jesus.

Yours in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Father Nicholas Gruner

Pictured above is the Papal Blessing given to Father Gruner and The Fatima Crusader this year. In our ongoing efforts to bring you the true Fatima Message, the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima's full Message have no response except to have the appearance of authority and to lie about either Father Gruner or The Fatima Crusader. The Blessing photographically reproduced here should put to rest the lies they have been circulating for the past few months.