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Consecration Hoax Continues ...

Russia's Political Change Is NOT Conversion

by Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

The following article is taken from a larger article "The New Age Movement: The Kingdom of Satan on Earth". It was first published by the prestigous Homeletic and Pastoral Review in August of 1991. It is very incisive and even more relevant today.

Environmentalism is also a political platform, especially in Europe, where it seems to be replacing Communism.1 But, as seen, Communism is also pantheistic; further, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Engels, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung were satanists, the first three also being theosophists.2 Stalin, Marx and Engels were illuminati recruits.3 Communism is thus a Masonic instrument, having the same goal: the establishment of the kingdom of satan or the "universal social republic" by the fomenting of revolutions. It is thus intrinsically part of the New Age movement, and, being a world force, crucial to the internationalist effort.4 Green parties are just the New Age face of Communism.5

Blavatsky, the mouthpiece of Masonic globalism, was Russian. Bailey stated, "The U.S.S.R. expresses the will... to produce new conditions and a new order — planned and determined and foreseen."6 Soviet-American-British New Age networking has involved President Gorbachev, who also promotes New Age issues in his book Perestroika 7 Echoing the World Federalist Association in his 1988 speech to the UN, he "stressed the Soviet goal of creating a 'world community of states based on the rule of law."8 He desires a "world consultative council uniting the world's intellectual elite" to "shape the future under UN auspices."9

Our Lady of Fatima warned that Russia (a satanist tool) would punish a wicked world unless consecrated by the Pope and bishops to Her Immaculate Heart. This would "save" Russia and bring world peace.10 Yet many believe the partial consecration has "destroyed" Communism and political changes "prove" Russia's conversion. But political maneuvering is not conversion to the True Faith, the only way to salvation. In fact, the much-touted "social democracy" is the synthesis of Communism and capitalism desired by New Agers.11


All of us can help bring about the conversion of Russia by heeding Her pleas for reparation. Pictured above is an artist's depiction of the December 10, 1925 appearance of Our Lady and the Christ Child to Sister Lucy. Her great promise of salvation to all Catholics who fulfill Her requests for the Five First Saturdays is explained by Archbishop Arulappa in two articles in this issue. See "The Queen of Heaven Pleads ..." and "Shall We Not Heed to the Request of the Wounded Heart of Our Mother?".

And where is the conversion in Gorbachev's avowals that he is a Leninist-Marxist communist; that Lenin's ideas are "feeding [Russia's] new way of thinking"; that "the present course is an extension of the [October] revolution"; that "the radical changes in Europe in no way signal 'the collapse of socialism'" as Communists are following Lenin's strategy of "'reformism' whenever that [is] required to carry forward the cause of the Revolution"; that perestroika means an elimination of obstacles hindering the momentum of the Revolution, is meant to strengthen international socialism, and "requires Party leaders who are very close to Lenin's ideal of a revolutionary Bolshevik''?12

Does the moral decay evident in "democratic" Romania's legalization of birth control and abortion; in the rush of East Germans to border sex shops after the Berlin Wall fell; in highly-pornographic Soviet entertainment; and in Soviet requests for contraception and sex education13 represent the final — or even the beginning — triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, also promised as a result of the Consecration?14

Russia Has Had 5 Glasnosts

As for freedom-of-religion laws — you cannot have a one-world religion if religion hides underground. Only visible Catholicism can be corrupted and syncretized, and syncretists are busy in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.15 ls An interfaith United Nations religion, the "fullest expression of Universal Brotherhood," is very acceptable to Communism.16 Further, occultism, always part of Communism, is also a religion. It spawned Blavatsky and now attracts the Gorbachevs.17

In 1937 people also thought Communism was converting, but Pope Pius XI warned of Communism's "diabolical propaganda" and its leaders who "pretend to be the most zealous promoters" of peace so that they can "entice the multitudes.''18 To obtain Western aid, Russia has had five previous glasnosts, starting with Lenin and Stalin (he used the term perestroika). All five "reform" periods ended in slaughter, and the present one seems headed the same way.19

Will the world government be Soviet-controlled, or is the Soviet Union being used to establish a Masonic government at the UN, financed by the Western banking and liberal establishments that have financed Soviet-backed revolutions to bring about the new order?20 The Gulf War, viewed by some as a world war due to the number of nations involved, was engendered by Soviet arming and training of Iraq, but resulted in Soviet-American amity and increased UN governmental powers.21

Was it orchestrated to move us towards world government? After hostilities commenced, President Bush repeatedly forecast their result: a New World Order and the rule of law.22 Belonging to the Order of Skull & Bones, an elite secret society which, desiring the new order, has "created wars and revolutions,"23 he expected the war would help the "world community" "fulfill the long-held promise of a new world order" "more peaceful than any that we have known."24 The Soviets have "long forecast" that "a [non-nuclear] Third World War, if unleashed by imperialism, would finish off the capitalist system for good, and this would spell global peace."25 Was Iraq, reputedly not a nuclear threat, setup to provide the "imperialism" for the world-government-through-"safe"-war formula, to test a U.S. Senate resolution on making the UN into a "world government" "capable of enacting and enforcing world law" against aggression;26 and to warn those resisting the New World Order?27Interestingly, the Soviets, who "are trying to lay the foundations for a new international community" sans capitalism, accused Iraq of terrorism against "the emerging world order" (not Kuwait).28

"The West has placed all its hopes for a New World Order on Gorbachev" as the rule of law "could not be realized without Russian cooperation."29 With the Collegial Consecration promising to set back the satanic New World Order by converting its key player, it is vital to globalism that it not be done. Until recently, Catholics awaited this specific consecration, believing substitutions could not be as effective.30 Suddenly voices within the Church arose to persuade otherwise. Why? The expected fruits are not materializing, as barbarism gains in strength each day.

As in the past, God has given His Church the means to save civilization from destruction. His plan, set out by Our Lady of Fatima, also requires the Rosary and Scapular, the First Saturday devotion, and sacrifice — especially that of one's daily duty. Obedience means peace; but believing peace can be attained without God, we have been spurning His aid. We can thus expect to reap sudden destruction (1 Thess. 5:3) and the hell of the New World Order,31 satan's kingdom on earth (Apoc. 13:7-8, 15-18) — unless we turn to God. Time still remains. The choice is ours.


As this pamphlet was with the publishers, the news of the bungled coup in the Soviet Union was flashed around the world. The subsequent euphoria of the media has been hiding the fact that yet another country is being precipitously hurled out of the "old" age and into the "new."

Communism may or may not be dead in the Soviet Union, but as Our Lady of Fatima warned,14 the ideological errors spawned by Russia are still very much with us. Furthermore, the world revolution, under the guise of ever-changing forms and names, is still continuing to its terrible climax,32 a fact brought home vividly to us by Lenin himself when he stated, "I don't care what becomes of Russia. To hell with it. All this is only the road to a World Revolution."33


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