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The Devil is Mad as Hell!

By Father Nicholas Gruner


Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel 

Dear Friends,

I am crying as I write this letter of introduction to this issue of The Fatima Crusader which may possibly be the last.

Perhaps it is the most important issue we have ever published because it seems 'all hell has broken loose' to try and stop it from reaching you.

We are already very late in getting this to you. Terrible delays have stopped us, too numerous to mention here. It seems every time we prepare to send you the Crusader we are barraged with seemingly insurmountable problems, BUT NEVER like this one.

Unlike any other issue, this time we lost 5 employees in one week. That is a terrible blow to such a small organization as ours.

But that wasn't the end of our woes. Just last Friday a totally unjust "legal" maneuver was committed against us, crippling us; thereby immediately threatening the publication of The Fatima Crusader and all our other activities. So that tomorrow, as I struggle to find a way to put this paper to press, I am faced with being forced to lay off a good number, maybe even half of the remaining staff, unless we get help.

I am not exaggerating.

So as you can see, we need the help of Heaven more than ever. Please, please pray for us and send us whatever financial assistance you can offer especially at this time.

Call in your donation on our hotline 1-800-263-8160 and use your Visa or MasterCard. Help us repulse this latest attempt by the devil to stop the full Fatima Message from being made known.

Pray for my staff, for good health, for courage, prudence and for perseverance to last out this storm so we can continue to reach out to all people of good will who want to know Heaven's Peace Plan and who realize The Moment Has Come — NOW for Fatima.

As you look through this issue you will find articles that particularly must anger the devil. We pray that you will read attentively the whole issue but even if you read just one or two articles, you can see why the devil is angry.

Perhaps the most shocking for many people is to read about the satanic ritual murder, yes murder, that satan inspires people in North America, in our day, to actually kill little children, two years old, by burning them to death. This testimony caused our source of this information to lose her life. She was murdered in a satanic plot.

Read about it in "Kathleen Sorenson Died to Give You this Testimony".

In this issue we also expose the diabolical plan of lucifer to destroy the innocence and purity of our children (and adults too) through diabolical insidious "Sex-Ed". 



 St. Joseph, "Protect Our Families"

See "The Assault on Our Children Continues —One Mother's Report" and "SEX ED and the Prostitute Press" .

We must in all this, remember the great power, goodness and love that God the Father has for each one of us.

See "God's Love in Giving Us His Son" article by St. Alphonsus.

Also, we must remember the marvelous tender and powerful intercession of Our Lady. In this issue there are several articles which will raise your spirits and hope in Our Lady's Motherly intercession in your life.

See "The Queen of Heaven Pleads ..." and "The Hail Mary: 'All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed' ". 

We have been working hard to bring you the latest news about Sister Lucy and the historic Bishops Conference that the faithful supporters of The Fatima Crusader succeeded in holding.

There are some extraordinary events going on in Fatima, and at Sister Lucy's convent. I draw your attention to the articles "Strange Goings On in Fatima", "A False Lucy Substituted for the True?", and "The Bishop of Fatima Makes Our Bishops Peace Conference Official".

We don't know which one of these above-mentioned articles has got the devil so mad but he obviously is. We need your help. Be an apostle, help us by your prayers, your financial offerings. Our bank accounts are empty.

This issue is less than half our usual run because of all the problems we are having. So it will only reach out to 200,000 souls unless you pass your issue on. Unless you send us donations to publish extra copies, 50,000 overseas readers who cannot afford to send us any donations but who deeply appreciate the inspiration and news in The Fatima Crusader will not receive this issue. As well, we cannot send it to the other 300,000 in North America who usually get our magazine unless you help us now by your prayers and financial sacrifices.

Let us be generous with God and Our Lady. Jesus has loved us so much as to actually die and shed all His Blood for love of each one of us.

Will you not return His love by offering Him your prayers, sacrifices and your gifts so that His Heavenly Mother can continue to reach out and save many more souls?

An 80-year-old priest told me ten years ago - when I was facing much smaller problems - not to be worried. He said, "If your work is the work of the Queen of Angels, then there is nothing that will stop it."

We are put to the test here and we need your help in this crisis. Pray we'll be able to continue The Fatima Crusader. Please do all you can to make Our Lady's full Fatima Message known, understood, loved and obeyed, before it is too late.

God Bless you and may Our Heavenly Mother Mary draw you ever closer to Her Divine Son Jesus.

Father Nicholas Gruner.

P.S. I write this in haste as the press deadline is almost past. I have worked through the night for about 5 days now in order to ward off the obvious attempts to shut us down and at the same time get this magazine to press. May Our Lady and St. Joseph help us all. Especially at this time.