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Is this the "Most Awesome" 
Fatima Cover-Up?

by Father Paul Trinchard

In "Has the Pope Fulfilled Our Lady of Fatima's Request?" in this issue, you have been informed about the "false" Sister Lucy — a converted Sister Lucy who apparently spoke heresy1 and a Sister Lucy who spoke and even behaved "out of character." You have to choose between these two Sister Lucy’s — the "classical one" or "the new one."

However, isn't it "beyond coincidence" that this "new" Sister Lucy was disclosed to Father Gruner's Fatima Peace Conference on the eve of its final day of conferences? Isn't it "surpassingly strange" that Sister Lucy, who for more than a decade, was unavailable even, at times, to some Cardinals, suddenly is allowed to give "her" message not only to a Cardinal but also to a priest and even to a young layman? This alleged "Sister Lucy" was available for two long hours even going through the whole lunch hour!

This availability "happened" on the eve of the final day of Father Gruner's conference; and, in effect, was "the establishment's" message to this Conference. Which Conference? Father Gruner's Conference.

Who is Father Gruner? Father is the most vocal and most effective opponent to those reigning forces in the establishment church who cover-up, cloud-over, disobey, suppress or "trivialize to trash" the Fatima Message — especially, its Third Revelation (so concealed as to be called a secret) and its demand that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with an act of Reparation (to Jesus and Mary for sinners; and, as the Third Revelation most likely discloses, an effective resolution to repair or truly restore the Catholic Church).

Now, more than ever we must disclose and positively respond to the AWESOME TRUTHS within the Fatima Message. We must live and convince others to live their "AWESOME Fatima Consecrations."

Also we must sadly confess that the enemy within the Catholic Church is getting ever more vicious and aggressive (ever more negative). Therefore, we must demand — for our good; for the good of Russia and of the world; and, of infinite and eternal importance, for the eternal salvation (from Hell) of many souls — that the "establishment church" cease and desist its negative attitude and approach towards the Fatima Message; and, instead be positive.

Obey God's Fatima ecclesial Command. It's so very simple to do.

Why are so many of the upper clergy opposed to this very simple command given by God through Our Lady in the Fatima Message? Be informed OR be deceived.

Now, it is all the more urgent that you prayerfully read my book THE AWESOME FATIMA CONSECRATIONS and get it into the hands of others. For example, regarding our topic, one chapter in this book and many other sections are devoted to helping you and others to perceive and understand the motivation behind the many "cover-ups" that reigning powers have employed.

Indeed, "cover-ups," deceptions, and, even, as the Real Sister Lucy tells us, demonic disorientations are common within the "establishment church." Read about these and other "Fatima topics" in my book which can be obtained from The Fatima Crusader for $9.95.2

Remain with the Victors

In closing, as a sort of postscript, I mention the following for your consolation.

The authentic Fatima Apostolate is now being attacked with great fervor since the devil knows he has little time left AND since he also realizes that Our Lady's "truth victory" (which must precede the actual victory) is "right around the corner." This fact is apparent from history.

The Son of God even allowed the powers of darkness to prevail at the Crucifixion of His Human Nature. But, wait. Christ's triumphant Resurrection is right around the corner.

Many other examples could be cited — "it's all in the Bible" as the Real Sister Lucy once stated. Let me end with a recent example (which isn't in the Bible).

In the early sixties for nearly two years a (demonically inspired and controlled) Papal Commission "studied" the morality of the anti-life or abortifacient Pill. Amazingly, it approved of murder by use of THE PILL. Indeed, this was a horribly dark period in Church History — especially in view of the fact that for about a year the Pope in his official capacity was silent regarding the Commission's "leaked secret" (as he is now regarding the obvious authenticity and urgency of the Fatima Message).

Then, in 1966 light or truth "emanated from Rome." However, due to the Pope's long silence, many were damned to approve of murder by THE PILL. (Today, in the U.S.A. about two-thirds of "Catholics" approve of such murder.)

"Pray for the Pope," the REAL Sister Lucy urged us again and again. Pray that he may learn from history. Pray that he may let "light emanate from Rome."

Pray for the Pope. Pray that he may learn from Bible-history and from post-biblical history. Pray that he may speak clearly concerning the Fatima Message. Pray that he may let "light emanate from Rome." Pray that he may be the leader of Fatima's "truth victory."

"In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia. Russia will be converted and a period of peace given to mankind." Victory is assured. Make sure that YOU AND YOURS remain on the winning side.



Father Paul Trinchard refers to verbal reports given at Our Fatima Peace Conference Hall by the layman translator of Sister Lucy. So far there have been several clear examples of heresy that the one layman who translated for "Sister Lucy" has reported that Sister Lucy said. For two months The Fatima Crusader has been waiting for a definitive report before commenting on these alleged statements of Sister Lucy. We limit ourselves in this issue to what "Sister Lucy" reportedly said about the Consecration of Russia.


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