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Josyp Terelya Says:

Moscow Persecutes and Pressures Pope

At our recent Peace Conference held at Fatima, for the Catholic Bishops of the World, we invited Josyp Terelya, a Catholic prisoner of conscience who was imprisoned in the Soviet gulag for 23 years. Josyp is a personal friend of Pope John Paul II and visits him often.

Despite an obvious attempt to stop Josyp from getting his message to the bishops, he managed to say the following things to them. We present here some of the more important excerpts of his talk.

  • The Holy Father cannot do everything as we wish he would do, because Moscow has been giving the Vatican specific obligations to meet and many people complain that the Consecration of Russia has not taken place yet. This is all being prepared. However the timing is crucial. Please do not forget that if this is not done at the most opportune time, then the backlash will be felt across the entire Catholic population of the Soviet Union ...
  • Is Russia ready to receive the Consecration? The nation wants it, but the government does not. We should not forget that nation. The nation is very poor and they're manipulated by various forces. Five thousand Russian officers have been moved to Serbia. They are fighting. A special school has been formed in Ukraine where 1,200 Iraqi officers are being trained. The Russian Orthodox Church has begun to purge its ranks. In fact they started, that is bishops or priests that are not Russian, they are either killed ...
  • Neo-paganism is growing in Russia, and today 70% of the Russian Army are neo-pagans and they are the ones that are calling for a military overthrow. That is why it is so important for the Consecration of Russia to Our Holy Mother's Immaculate Heart . . .
  • There are 1,015,000 Russian troops in Ukraine. Ukraine does not have its own borders, everything is under the control of Moscow. The Russian papers are saying, 'if you want any more freedom then we will blow up a few more electrical nuclear generating stations and you will be like the Dead Sea.' We are in a very delicate situation, the same way that Catholicism is in the Soviet Union. Officially, they have given us the right to pray and they have opened the churches, however the governmental decree for rehabilitation and legalization of our Church has not been made.
  • I received a letter from Cardinal Casaroli in which he says we have discussed the topic of the Consecration of Russia and we have to do this so that there are many Bishops and Cardinals and many faithful in St. Peter's Square to do this, but they are waiting for the proper timing. This is a very complex question, and you must remember Moscow is putting great pressures on the Vatican not to do this. They are warning the Vatican that if they, in fact, do this, then they will devastate the Catholics in their territory. This is a very delicate item. It depends on the Bishops as well as the Faithful ...

Editor's Note:

The Pope Needs Bishops' and Your Help

Do you understand? The Pope would like to do the Consecration. The Pope wants to do the Consecration but the Pope is still subject to pressure from Moscow. The Pope, therefore, feels that there would be persecution of the faithful behind the Iron Curtain if he did the Consecration of Russia, but that the Bishops, not just Father Gruner, but the Bishops in their own diocese can promote the Consecration. The Bishops in their own dioceses can promote the Consecration of Russia and the liberty of the Church and of the Holy Father by undertaking a great crusade of the Rosary and Reparation. At the same time they can make the full Fatima Message known and understood by promoting articles and books in their dioceses' newspapers and bookstores. The laity can do the same things as far as their position allows them.