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Our Lady Tells Father Gobbi in 1992:

Russia Is Not
Yet Consecrated

The Fatima Crusader does not, by reporting the following event, wish to prejudge the decision of the Church regarding Father Gobbi's locutions but, at the same time, notes that Father Gobbi is known throughout the world as the leader of the Marian Movement of Priests — over 60,000 priests — more than 15% of the world's Catholic priests look to him for leadership.

In a recent question and answer session at a Marian Movement of Priests Cenacle, Father Gobbi revealed that Our Lady spoke again to him. This time in Fatima, itself. The date is the 75th anniversary of Our Lady's first appearance there — May 13, 1992.

In answer to the question, "Has the consecration been done according to the requests of Our Lady of Fatima?" Father Gobbi said, "If you read in the book, Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests, in one of the messages Our Lady says that Consecration has not been made according to the wishes of Our Lady.

"But a very curious thing, a very strange thing happened to me this year. I found myself between May 1 - 13 giving cenacles throughout the country of Portugal. On May 13, I found myself in Fatima itself and Our Lady gave a public message that's going to be published. And there She said that it has not yet been made the way it should."

Father Gobbi went on to explain ... "If you read the authentic, the personal memoirs of Sister Lucy, she says, 'Our Lady has asked for the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart with special mention of the country of Russia, special mention of Russia made by the Holy Father together with all the bishops of the world.'

"Therefore, it is obvious that what Our Lady is asking for, the Consecration She requested, included three essential elements: (1) Special mention of Russia, the word Russia needed to be said; (2) the Holy Father; (3) with all the bishops.

"We see that the Consecration that the Holy Father performed on March 25, in the Holy Year of the Redemption, was lacking two of those three elements asked by Our Lady.

"He did not specifically mention the country of Russia, he wanted to do it but Cardinal Casaroli, for diplomatic considerations, advised him not to do so. So this element was not present. But the Holy Father did it without, however, the assistance of all the bishops because Sister Lucy herself said that more than half of the bishops did not do it.

"Therefore, it's clear that the Consecration made by the Holy Father is not precisely according to the conditions set down by Our Lady given to Sister Lucy. So logic is logic."