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Special Bishops Conference Issue

[A] Father Gruner accepting Indian shawl from Bishop Michaelappa of Mysore, India, who said of Father Gruner “He has obstacles but he is not afraid.”

[B] Procession of Bishops at Fatima Shrine October 13, 1992. Almost all of these bishops pictured in this photo are there because The Fatima Crusader and its supporters invited them and paid their way. (See Bishops letters of thanks in “The Bishops Speak …” in this issue.)

[C] Father Gruner giving opening address to the Bishops at our Bishops Fatima Peace Conference held in Fatima Oct. 8-12, 1992. (See his speech “The Profound Simplicity and Urgent Worldwide Importance of the Real Fatima Message” in this issue.)

[D] Bishop Manoel Pestana of Anapolis, Brazil addresses the other bishops at the conference. He had just celebrated his 40th anniversary of priestly ordination at the Capelinha.

[E] Cardinal Padiyara (right, front) being assisted by Father Gruner as he exits the Basilica after Mass on October 9. It was while assisting the frail Cardinal again the following day that Father Gruner was brutally attacked by Shrine officials. (See “Police Report”.)

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