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"The Awesome Fatima Consecrations" Sent to Bishops of the World

Due to the generosity of many of Our Lady of Fatima's friends, we at The Fatima Crusader were able to send out Father Paul Trinchard's newest book to all the Catholic bishops of the world.

By way of introducing the book and renewing the invitation to all the bishops of the world to attend the Fatima Peace Conference, Father Paul Leonard willingly added his voice to Father Trinchard's and Archbishop Arulappa's in sending the following letter with the book to every bishop of the Catholic Church.


First Saturday of September

Your Excellency,

I enclose with this letter a copy of Father Paul Trinchard's new book, "The Awesome Fatima Consecrations".

There is no better introduction I can give you to this book than the enclosed copy of a letter sent by Archbishop Arulappa of Madras, India, to a number of Our Lady of Fatima's supporters. His Grace's letter is self-explanatory and a very good introduction to Father Paul Trinchard's book. (A copy of Archbishop Arulappa's letter is available to any reader of The Fatima Crusader who simply asks for it. Lack of space does not allow us to print it here.)

I do hope that his book gives you a new insight, renewed interest and even greater devotion to Our Lady of Fatima's full plan for the salvation of souls and for world peace in our day.

His book is challenging, provoking and may even be considered controversial. How could it be otherwise when the Consecration of Russia remains the most bitterly opposed cause in the Church?

Since this book was sent to many of Our Lady's friends, they have written back to thank us and to say how interesting and even inspiring they found it. Some felt it was the best book they'd read in years.

At the same time, some wrote to say that they strongly disagree with the personal conclusion that Father Trinchard reaches in his book. Incredibly, one or two writers actually thought Father Trinchard was against our revered Holy Father. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Whether you agree with Father Trinchard's approach or not, I think you must admit that his book is extremely thought-provoking and very powerfully written.

There can be no doubt about his sincerity or his total dedication to achieving the Consecration of Russia just as Our Lady asked at Fatima. After reading his book, you may wish to discuss it directly with the author at the Fatima Peace Conference.

In fact the author and I will both be at the upcoming conference regarding the Consecration of Russia which Father Gruner is hosting for all the Bishops of the world in Fatima from October 8th through the 13th. I do hope you will be able to attend.

There is still room available for more bishops to come. Over 100 bishops have already accepted our invitation and will participate in this unique Peace Conference.

This will indeed be a most historic event as it is the first time that we know of, that so many bishops from 5 continents will come together to study and discuss, meditate and experience the Fatima message so profoundly. It may well be one of the most important steps in implementing the full Peace Plan from Heaven given by Our Lady of Fatima.

In closing, I would like you to know that I am able to send you this book through the generosity of many of Our Lady's friends. I do hope you will find it interesting, inspiring and a great impetus to promote even more the urgent message of Our Lady of Fatima.

Please pray for all the generous people who made this book available to you as well as all who are making this Peace Conference of Bishops possible.

Although over 90 bishops have received financial assistance from Our Lady's supporters in paying for the plane fare and the hotels, I believe there may still be some limited funds available for some more bishops who wish to come but cannot afford it themselves.

If you require assistance in coming or want more information please call Father Nicholas Gruner at (905) 871-7607 or Fax him. If possible, please have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for the spiritual success of this peace conference.

Thank you for all your interest and support of Our Lady of Fatima's apostolate. I would be most interested in hearing your comments about the book.

Yours sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Father Paul Leonard

P.S. Many of Our Lady of Fatima's friends are having Masses and Rosaries and other prayers said for our dear Holy Father, Pope John Paul II and for the success of this Fatima Peace Conference.

We urge you to ask your flock to join us all in this great campaign of prayer and penance for all our spiritual leaders and for the full realization of Our Lady of Fatima's peace plan.