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(Selected Excerpts)

"The Soviet Coup and Extortion Scheme"

by C.B. Baker

There are many people who are taken in by the ongoing propaganda about the so-called collapse of Communism in the "failed coup" of August '91 and the "resignation" of Gorbachev. In the interest of keeping you free by telling you the truth and to defend you from all the lies and disinformation that are continually dished out to you in radio, TV and newspapers (both secular and religious) we present here a report by C.B. Baker.

He draws upon the daily press of the West to demonstrate that the Coup was a planned and staged event put on by Communist Russia, under the direction of the K.G.B., the Russian Military and the Communist Party (including Yeltsin and Gorbachev personally), in order to enslave you and cheat you. To see how this was done and continues to be done read this report here below.

On September 27, 1991, President George Bush announced U.S. unilateral disarmament. Bush ordered ALL U.S. strategic bombers and a large part of the intercontinental ballistic missile force to stand down from their 24-hour-a-day alert status, which has been maintained for more than 20 years. He also ordered the removal of all nuclear weapons off of all U.S. surface ships. Bush's order has left America DANGEROUSLY VULNERABLE TO A SURPRISE ATTACK.

In effect, Bush WAVED THE WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER. Few Americans understand that the President capitulated to a series of NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL THREATS, repeatedly made by Soviet leaders over the last year.

In his speech, Bush stated: "In the Soviet Union, the advocates of democracy triumphed over a coup that would have restored the old system of repression." The President lied. The Soviet coup was one of the greatest DECEPTIONS in history. Millions of Americans have been DUPED into believing that Soviet "Communism has been overthrown."

The truth is that COMMUNISM HAS BEEN STRENGTHENED BY THE PHONY COUP. Immediately after the coup, Soviet leader Gorbachev closed down a partially elected legislature (made up of many non-Communists) & replaced it with a State Council, made up almost exclusively of Communists.

The August 1991 "coup" attempt to remove Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was part of an elaborate deception and extortion campaign that was designed to dupe America into believing that "Communism has been overthrown." This campaign was engineered to push U.S. unilateral disarmament and generate mammoth U.S. foreign aid for the U.S.S.R.

Soviet "Active Measures"

In December, 1990, President "Gorbachev battled doubting reformers (in the Soviet legislature) to get Gennadi Yanayev, a Communist Party functionary, appointed vice president," (9/2/91 U.S. News & World Report). "Yanayev's entire career has been involved in propaganda & agitation operations against the West", (2/8/91 Washington Times).

The 6/11/91 Washington Times reported: "While Gorbachev's emissaries confidently shake their begging bowls in the world's industrial capitals, other of his emissaries are busy spending an estimated $3 billion and $4 billion a year in these same capitals (and in other non-Communist centers) on a hostile program called 'active measures'."

"The U.S. State Department defines Soviet 'active measures' as 'deceptive operations that attempt to manipulate the opinions and/or sections of individuals, publics, or governments'."

The present aim of U.S.S.R. 'active measures' is to convince Western ruling elites that the West has a moral responsibility to ... Bail out the Soviet Union ... The powerful Soviet propaganda campaign to bring the U.S.S.R. to the July, 1991 G-7 London economic conference is part and parcel of Soviet 'active measures'."

"The National Strategy Information Center Publication: Political Warfare, says there 'is mounting evidence' that Gennadi Yanayev (acting as Gorbachev's chief of staff) is also the man in charge of Soviet 'active measures.' That is a serious charge because it would mean that the anti-U.S. 'active measures' have not only the personal support of Mr. Gorbachev, but the most successful of these Soviet 'active measures' has been the teflonized image of Mr. Gorbachev as a 'reformer, friend of the West, and humanizer of Communism.'"

Martin Ebon's 1987 book, The Soviet Propaganda Machine stated: "Two terms in the Soviet propaganda vocabulary convey a mixture of conspiracy and camouflage; they are 'aktivnyye meropriatia' (active measures) and 'dezinformatsia' (disinformation). 'Active measures' cover a wide range of overt and covert manipulative actions, which include 'disinformation,' a catchall term for fraudulent information. ... misleading or misdirecting an antagonist is as old as trapping animals, hiding Greek warriors inside a wooden 'Trojan Horse', or building Potemkin Villages."

The alleged August coup attempt was another form of Soviet 'active measures' aimed against America and other Western industrialized nations. The man who was the official leader of that coup's Emergency Committee was none other than this very same 'active measures' specialist, Soviet Vice President, Gennadi Yanayev.

Humongous Soviet Foreign Aid Demands

In May, 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev began a nuclear extortion campaign against the West. The5/6/91 Washington Post reported that the Soviet President is "worried about a shift in American attitudes toward the Soviet Union."

He threatened that the world once again could plunge into the abyss of the Cold War. Gorbachev was agitated by "the cool U.S. reception to Moscow's request for $1.5 billion in farm credits" and "by the disappointing response from American business to invitations to invest in the Soviet economy."

The 5/23/91 Washington Post described the size of Soviet aid demands: The Soviet President suggested that the West send $100 billion. "Gorbachev warned that, without Western assistance, the Soviet Union might not emerge from its deepening economic crisis, and world stability might be threatened." The true size of Soviet aid demands upon the West is much higher than the Soviet president publicly admitted. The 6/1/91 Washington Post reported that officials at the International Monetary Fund have revealed that the Soviets are requesting $250 billion in tribute, in the form of foreign aid from the West. But the true size of Soviet extortion demands is much greater.

Henry Kissinger, the powerful Learned Elder, Trilateral Commissioner, and mentor of President Bush's National Security Adviser (Brent Scowcroft), let the truth out in his 9/17/91 Washington Post article. He stated: "Soviet needs are huge ... They would amount to $1.5 trillion a year, for at least five years."

A New Form of Nuclear Blackmail

During his speech at the Nobel Prize ceremonies, President Gorbachev repeated his nuclear threats. The 6/6/91 Washington Post reported "Under Gorbachev, the propaganda of success has been replaced with the propaganda of failure ... The Soviet President suggested that Western countries have a huge political and economic interest in preventing the collapse of his perestroika economic reform movement." He stated: "To me it is self-evident that if Soviet perestroika succeeds, there will be a real chance of building a NEW WORLD ORDER. If perestroika fails, the prospect of entering a new peaceful period in history WILL VANISH.

The newspaper described the Soviet President's threat: "Gorbachev is seeking to confront the seven leading industrialized nations (at the G-7 meeting) with a stark choice: Invest billions of dollars in the Soviet Union or risk the return of the Cold War." Gorbachev's threat suggested "ominously that if it proved impossible 'to reach an understanding regarding a new phase of co-operation,' the Soviet Union would have 'to look for other ways, for time is of the essence'."

The Soviet President also stated that the Western aid must have no strings. It would be "futile and dangerous" for Western lenders to set conditions. The 6/10/91 Wall Street Journal described Gorbachev's Nobel Prize speech as "the language of extortion." The 7/10/91 Washington Times reported that Senator Bill Bradley (D.NJ) described Gorbachev's Nobel Prize speech as being: "an attempt at a new form of Nuclear Blackmail." Give us money or we won't be able to control our nuclear weapons'."

Gorbachev claims that Western aid will be used for economic reforms, but in the years since he took power (in 1985), the U.S.S.R. has utilized almost all of its economic resources for a huge increase in military spending.

Pope John Paul II wants to obey Jesus' command to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He is fiercely opposed by satanic forces around him. We must help him by our prayers and sacrifices. Jesus himself told us through Sister Lucy of Fatima: "It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary".

Leaders of Coup Played Key Role in Gorbachev's Nuclear Extortion Campaign

The 5/7/91 Washington Times reported that in December, 1990, KGB chief Vladimir Kryuchkov made a speech accusing America of selling rotting and contaminated grain to the Soviet Union. "He even warned against foreign investment, charging that Western businessmen and governments endanger Soviet security." He also attacked "offers of Western aid."

President Gorbachev and his own cabinet repeatedly placed new Stalinist shackles on the Soviet economy. The newspaper reported that in January, 1991, Gorbachev personally signed a decree that allows the KGB to "do what it pleases to combat what is called economic sabotage'." Gorbachev's decree allowed the super-Stalinist, KGB chief Kryuchkov to block economic reforms. Yet only a few months later, the Soviet president was making a series of public speeches demanding hundreds of billions of dollars in Western aid. Allegedly to support "economic reforms".

On June 18, 1991, KGB chief, Vladimir Kryuchkov made a top secret speech to a closed session of the Soviet legislature. Alexander Nevzorov, a Leningrad TV spokesman, provided his viewers with a tape recording of Kryuchkov's speech by the KGB - which indicated that "the KGB wanted Kryuchkov's threats to reach the West", as a part of the 'active measures' extortion campaign.

Kryuchkov attacked proposed economic reform schemes as being a so-called "capitulation to the West and the CIA." He demanded increased Soviet military spending. The secret speech painted America as the U.S.S.R.'s mortal enemy, in the same style that was utilized by Stalin's Kremlin associates during the 1940's and 1960's.

The KGB chief also warned that Western intelligence services are "working on plans for the 'pacification and even occupation' of the Soviet Union under the 'pretext' of controlling Moscow's nuclear capability." (6/23/91 Washington Post). Ominously, Kryuchkov compared the present situation to that "in 1941, when the Soviet Union ignored warnings of an impending invasion from National Socialist Germany."

The well-publicized leak of Kryuchkov's secret speech took place only a short time before the G-7 London economic conference of the leaders of the world's seven most industrialized nations. The purpose of the deliberately leaked Kryuchkov speech was to frighten those G-7 leaders with the message: "Send hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to the Soviet Union or the dangerous Stalinists will take over."

Fright Tactics, Repeated Coup and Civil War Threats

On June 22, 1991, Kryuchkov and Prime Minister Valentin S. Pavlov attempted to get the Soviet legislature to strip Gorbachev of his presidential powers. The move was also supported by Interior Minister Boris K. Pugo and Defense Minister Dmitri T. Yazov. (all of these were later participants in the August coup against Gorbachev.) In the June legislative maneuver, Gorbachev was easily able to repulse Pavlov, but the attempt (taking place three weeks prior to the G-7 meeting) was another fright tactic, widely played up through the Western media. Many Western experts on the U.S.S.R. were shocked that all the conspirators (against Gorbachev) remained in their jobs.

In December, 1990, Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze made a surprise speech, announcing his resignation because of an impending "dictatorship." In March, 1991, Shevardnadze renewed his warnings, stating that president Gorbachev has "only three or four more months to save democratic reforms in the U.S.S.R.," before Stalinists took over. Despite his resignation, Shevardnadze continues to be on good terms with Gorbachev. These repeated public warnings demonstrate that Shevardnadze was playing a major part in the Soviet extortion campaign.

Col. Viktor Alksnis (also known as the "Black Colonel") is one of the leaders of the Soyuz hard-line group in the Soviet legislature. At the same time Gorbachev began his own nuclear blackmail campaign, Alksnis suddenly started giving a whole series of interviews to Western news organizations. Even though he claimed to oppose Gorbachev's policies, Alksnis reinforced the Soviet President's own threat-mongering.

In his 7/91 Christian Science Monitor Monthly interview, Alksnis stated: "a civil war in the Soviet Union means an unavoidable World War III. ... Our situation is very similar to that of the United States in 1861."

The 5/31/91 Washington Times reported that Alksnis stated: 'If civil war here is unavoidable, it will involve nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction.' Col. Alksnis told Britain's New Statesman on April 5. 'Yes, we shall perish but we shall take the whole world to the grave. YOU WILL PERISH WITH US. There will be no borders. The conflict will splash over them, first into neighboring countries, then into a world catastrophe.'

During the same period, Alksnis had an interview over U.S. National Public Radio in which he stated that Soviet nuclear missiles, used in such a U.S.S.R. civil war will "accidentally" hit targets in the United States. The 2/8/91 Washington Post reported that top Soviet military leaders "were in fundamental agreement, with Alksnis."

Complete unabridged copies of this article by C.B. Baker are available for $4.00 each to U.S.A. or $4.60 each to Canada from Youth Action News, P.O. Box 3122, Alexandria, VA 22313 FOREIGHN ORDERS: Youth Action News is not sold or distributed outside of the U.S.A. and Canada. All Canadian orders must be paid by international POSTAL money orders only. No foreign checks or currency accepted.