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"Brethren, Be Sober, Be Watchful"

... St. Peter

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Perhaps this is the most important issue that we have ever sent to you. The time of "Grace and Mercy" is running out for our generation. The signs are clear that the enemies of Jesus Christ and of His Church are getting even stronger and preparing for the final onslaught to destroy the Church, Christian Culture and Christian civilization.


This battle that we are fast leading up to has been predicted in Sacred Scripture and unless somehow the Consecration of Russia is done in the near future, it becomes clearer and clearer that the reign of Antichrist is going to be cruelly imposed on the world.

Now all this may seem to some to be an exaggeration. I urge you all to carefully consider the facts which we have been relaying to you in The Fatima Crusader and on our Radio and TV programs.

Read especially this issue which tells you what is really happening in the Russian empire and how they are extorting U.S.A. into surrender (see "The Russians Are (Still) Coming""Russia's 'Peace Loving' Spy Tactics Funded by OUR Foreign Aid", and "The Soviet Coup and Extortion Scheme").

Read how we have only 30 days of grain supplies left and now the Russians, thanks to our giveaways, have 4 years' supplies safely stored away in underground shelters. Read how we are disarming and they continue to massively increase their armaments.

At the same time within the Church there continues the campaign of disinformation which disarms the faithful. This campaign takes away the truth from their minds so that they will not listen to Our Lady's full Fatima message.

The Fatima Consecration Hoax Still Continues

Father Paul Leonard defends the minds, bodies and souls of the faithful by pointing out in detail the Hoax that these people are perpetrating on you. He shows you both the tactics of the enemy and just what lies they try to insinuate into your mind.

He goes further by pointing out that this lying campaign leads to the reign of the antichrist in our day if we do not resist these lies now. See his article "The Fatima Consecration Hoax Continues".

As these events unfold, as the "apocalyptic menaces loom over all mankind", (even much more so today than when John Paul II first stated this 10 years ago at Fatima) it is indeed well to recall our first priority of saving our soul.

We must keep our eye on our goal of getting to Heaven and to do this we should ponder the truths that St. Anthony Mary Claret brings forcefully to our attention in "Your Personal Salvation".

Let us prepare our souls for the upcoming battles in the days ahead by making a good examination of conscience and a good confession (see "Examination of Conscience").

In these Apocalyptic times we should remember a most powerful means of Salvation — Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our Lady said at Fatima, "In order to save sinners God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart." Father Trinchard explains well the importance of your Awesome personal act of consecration. See his reflections on this great means of salvation in "Your Awesome Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary".

We became personally aware of the extensive machinations that continue to try to crush this little apostolate. In the past month I have been battling day and night, on the legal battlefield, a lawsuit and related legal machinations which literally almost succeeded in closing us down for good. Only by a special grace did I avoid the open trap, but the danger is far from over. Your prayers and your moral support and financial support are still very necessary.

Today I realize much more the rottenness and corruption that seek to sink Our Lady's full Fatima message and Her faithful friends who seek to serve Her without compromising the truth of Her words.

A Ray of Hope

But I am especially pleased and heartened by the meeting of Bishops in Fatima in October. This is a meeting of bishops from around the world. Our Lady is pleased to use us to bring them together despite our incompetence and unworthiness. This is truly a ray of hope.

We do not know if this will be the time that finally all the Bishops of the Catholic Church will realize the desperate urgency we all have that they listen, understand and obey Our Lady of Fatima before it is too late for this generation. Please read our letter to the bishops in "Historic Fatima Meeting of Bishops" and pray very hard for its great spiritual success.

Finally, I hope you will read and reread the beautiful article in "The Two Hearts", by Archbishop Arulappa on "Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary." And why it's particularly fitting for Jesus to insist on the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We have written this in haste as we rush to reach our last minute press deadline. Pray that someday soon we shall not need to work straight through 3 days and nights in a row in order to reach our next press deadline.