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The GREATEST Rosary Campaign in History!

Special to the readers of The Fatima Crusader

by Father Nicholas Gruner, B. Com., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

It is now over one year since we launched in Issue 26 of The Fatima Crusader the greatest Rosary Campaign in history: Ten Million Rosaries for the Consecration of specifically Russia.

The response to this appeal has been most gratifying and stands as a wonderful tribute to you, our readers. A tribute both to your faith and to your generosity. Each week, we continue to receive new pledges signed by readers from every corner of the globe.

Jane McAuley, Our Volunteer Coordinator, has just informed me that more than 12 Million Rosaries have already been pledged to date for this great campaign.

This is a great and truly historic accomplishment. One that you and I can by the grace of God be forever proud of.

January 1990. Father Nicholas Gruner offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the same altar where, over 13 years ago, he was ordained at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Frigento, Italy. At daily Mass he remembers all Our Lady of Fatima's faithful supporters.

"In the Name of Jesus and Mary ..."

However looking at the world around us, can any of us say in truth that we have done everything and all we could to bring about the triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart that She promised at Fatima?

12,000,000 Rosaries is a great achievement indeed ... but is it truly all and the best you and I can do?

Because of this marvelous act of faith on your part and even more importantly because of the critical situation in the world (see "The Great Soviet Deception") and in the Church (see "Modern Ecumenism is a Fraud" and "The Growing Losses of Catholics in U.S.A.") where millions of souls are being lost for all eternity and disaster awaits the world going on its present course we must do more. Especially now because as you will see in this article we are entering a time of golden opportunity.

Therefore we have solemnly resolved to continue this historic campaign, firm in our faith that you and others will respond positively.

For that reason, we are now asking you to continue pledging Rosaries and seeking others to make the same holy commitment to Our Lord and His Most Blessed Mother until we reach the unprecedented number of One Hundred Million Rosaries — asked in the Names of Jesus and Mary — for the consecration and conversion of Russia and of all other nations, including our own beloved United States and Canada.We know this is much to ask ... and we only have courage to make this request because of the serious challenges that are facing both this Apostolate and the world itself.

There can be no doubt that this, the greatest Rosary Campaign in history, comes at a time when everything that you and I have worked, prayed and struggled for is hanging precariously in the balance.

As you will read in my letter in this issue (see "Dear Friend of Our Lady",) the enemies of Our Lady have doubled and re-doubled their efforts to silence the Message of Fatima once and for all.

But if that were the only reason, we still would not ask you and others to make this monumental, historic commitment ...

As you know, in the last year the news media have been unrelenting in their determination to portray Communist leaders like Gorbachev as the new saviors of mankind. Time Magazine's "Man of the Decade" can apparently do no wrong.

The liberal news media message seems to be that because the Berlin Wall is down and a few Communist leaders are out of power (almost all replaced by new Communists) that the world is now "safe for democracy" and that we are now guaranteed "peace in our time."

We have heard these same optimistic reports before. Those of you old enough to remember the end of the Second World War (or even the First) will recall that the same jubilation and optimism ensued then.

Listen to Our Lord's Words

It is true that you and I cannot read the future. But nonetheless we can answer, with Our Blessed Lord, thusly: "What does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul?" (Mt. 16:26). It is this holy perspective that you and I must always have before our eyes: The perspective that Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us, the outlook of Eternal Heaven-sent Truth.

It is the salvation of souls that matter. This is why God the Word became man; this is why He came and lived among us and suffered the horrible, unthinkable torments of the Cross, shedding His Blood ... and this is why He sent His Most Blessed and Immaculate Mother, our Co-Redemptrix, to Fatima — no, not to give us glasnost, free elections or even democracy, but to save souls!!

Now the Rosary is the prayer which saves souls. Did not Our Lady promise Saint Dominic that "you shall obtain all you ask of Me by the recitation of the Rosary"? Full of confidence and gratitude for this great Heavenly Promise, we must ask Our Lady not only for temporal benefits and material blessings (which She gives so richly), but principally and first for the salvation of our own soul and that of others.

Let Rosary after Rosary ascend to Heaven for this intention by the thousands! By the millions! By the tens of millions! Then and only then can we be certain that great multitudes will enter Heaven; multitudes who could not otherwise be saved.

Let us above all enter into the Plans of God for the Salvation of whole peoples and Nations. Let us pray for this consecration whereby Russia will be converted.

Saint John, in the Apocalypse, has shown us how pleasing to Almighty God is this type of prayer campaign. In his great vision, he foresaw how the prayers of faithful Christians (like you) are as incense offered upon a golden altar and how these prayers are presented to the Lord by His holy angels. (Apocalypse 7:3-4).

The assurance of this wonderful angelic assistance should remind and ceaselessly stimulate each of us to ever greater devotion and zeal in praying to Our Lord through Our Lady.

Jesus Himself has promised Sister Lucia that the Immaculate Heart of Mary would save Russia because Russia was entrusted to Her. Sister Lucia once asked Our Lord why He would not convert Russia without the consecration that is asked of the Holy Father and the world's Bishops. Our Lord responded:

"Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that conversion as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that it may extend its cult later on and put the devotion to this Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart."

More Prayers For Russia's Consecration Needed

The Mother of God has come to save Russia through Russia's conversion to the Catholic Faith and through that moral miracle convert the world to Christ. She has asked us to pray very many Rosaries for this special intention of Her Immaculate Heart. Who would dare to refuse so loving and earnest a request?

We are convinced that we have begun the final phase for the battle to have Russia consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We refuse to buckle under the pressure of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement and are saddened to hear that some among the Fatima devotees are starting to falter and fail. (see "The Plot (To Silence Our Lady) Thickens" and "The Requests of Our Lady of Fatima Are Being Deliberately Hidden") We, i.e. you and I, must hold firm, must persevere even though the situation can look impossible and insist on the purity of the full Fatima message, particularly Russia's consecration.

In December, 1988 we set out to obtain 10 Million Rosaries and by January 1990 we counted over 12 Million either pledged or said. As you know much has happened in this past year in the Church and in the world.

Certainly these millions of Rosaries for the consecration of Russia have helped immensely to set the stage — one of the very few times in Church history this has happened, for the relatively easy time for the Pope and Bishops to obey Our Lady of Fatima.

Frère Michel Explains

In Volume II and Volume III of The Whole Truth About Fatima, Frère Michel points out that there were some brief periods of time when it would have been quite easy for the Pope to obey the command to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For example, during the years 1929 to 1931, Church and world events were such that Pope Pius XI could have easily done the consecration of Russia. Then the Pope had another opportunity in the years 1937 - 1938. Then the Church had to wait until about 1949 to 1953.

Frère Michel points out how God's providence in those years made it so much easier for the Popes to obey but they freely chose to delay. As you can see these opportunities do not come too often but now we are entering a brief period when the Pope and the bishops could do it with relative ease.

Changes In Russia 'Political' Not Spiritual!

While we are certain that the changes in Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries is not the conversion of Russia — because it is at most something social and political, rather than spiritual because we note that Romania with its 'new found freedom' has introduced abortion on demand.

No, these changes are certainly not the conversion of Russia to the Catholic faith and we have seen these things before (see article "The Great Soviet Deception").

Nevertheless these changes do represent an opportunity for the Pope and the bishops to obey the command of Our Lady of Fatima that they consecrate Russia.

Because since Gorbachev and other Communist leaders have publicly apologized to the workers of the world for the excesses of Communism (even though they still uphold Marxist-Leninist doctrine which is in itself a mortal sin) now it is not so difficult for the Pope and the bishops to offer public apology, (the Act of Reparation and Consecration of Russia) to God for the evil of Communism.

After all since they do acknowledge publicly they have done wrong how can they take offense if the Catholic bishops and the Pope do their duty and offer apologies to God for that atheistic regime.

If Gorbachev and his associates were to protest (not that their protests matter anyway) this Act of the Pope and Bishops, it would be obvious to public opinion that their protests were not sincere since the Communist leaders were the first, in recent times, to admit that apologies for their Communist Regimes are indeed necessary. Thus today the Pope and the Bishops have grace-filled opportunity.

Within the Church and within public opinion everywhere, Communism is seen to be a failure so no one could be offended if the Pope and bishops were to rededicate the Russian people and country back to the service of God. After all Gorbachev has spoken of a 'higher power' and he should feel complimented that his country was indeed chosen by the Pope and bishops to be blessed in a special way by this act of consecration. Indeed he would be right because it is indeed special that Russia has been entrusted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for this grace of consecration and conversion.

That we have entered such a period of time filled with great opportunity we are indeed grateful to God, Our Lady and yourselves for your prayers (especially your Rosaries) and your financial support, petitions and sacrifices.

I know that all of these have been effective in bringing us to this present moment. The moment will not last long if we look at past history. Already there are strong indicators that it might only last for 6 more months before either hunger or unrest or political infighting will cause the world's most powerful military machine (Russia) to wake up under new leaders who are not publicly committed to appear as 'nice guys'.

100 Million Rosaries And Your Sacrifices Now

Obviously 10 Million Rosaries were enough to get us this far but not enough to win for us the efficacious grace that will finally move the Pope to obey.

We know that it is the Rosary that is especially needed for this grace together with practical and consistent daily sacrifices, (as Our Lady said to Sister Lucia, "Sacrifice yourself for this intention and Pray") because Jesus and Mary have clearly indicated this through the Fatima message. Our Lady, speaking about Herself under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary said, "Only She can help you." Obviously the way Our Lady of the Rosary is to be asked for help is by praying the Rosary.

Now Jesus tells us through Sister Lucia at Rianjo that His ministers are delaying to obey His order to consecrate Russia. He laments this and tells us that even though His ministers do delay, and the consecration will be late as a result of their delay (It is now over 60 years delay and indeed it is late). It is never too late for us to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.

Thus the culmination, the victory, the triumph will only come when the consecration is done but in the meantime, it is never too late for us to pray to Jesus and Mary.

Thus, since 10 Million Rosaries are not enough to move the Pope and bishops to make the consecration we must set our goals higher.

Now that with your help we are reaching out to millions more on radio and TV, it is not too much to expect that we can collect 100 Million Rosaries in the next 12 to 18 months.

This Rosary Campaign Unprecedented In The World's History

This Rosary campaign, when successful, will be the greatest Rosary campaign in history because once Russia is properly consecrated it will be converted to the Catholic faith and accept the Gospel of peace and the Prince of Peace for its Master, thereby resulting in an era of Peace for mankind and the Salvation of many millions of souls.