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Romanians Starve

Taken From THE VOICE OF THE MARTYRS (Sept/Oct 1989)

The dictator Ceaushescu has decided to raze to the ground 6,000 villages. All will lose their homes, belongings, and churches, and will become slave laborers in crowded cities, where they will be without churches.

The Baptist Pastor Nestor Popescu is in a psychiatric asylum because he dares to think differently from the Communists.

The Army of the Lord and the Byzantine Rite church are forbidden. Other churches are open but on condition to preach nothing displeasing to the Communists. In fact, the clergy are required to praise the God-hating rulers.

Romanian official religious leaders may differ on other dogmas, but perfect ecumenism reigns when it comes to glorifying the dictator Ceaushescu.

Leading personalities of all denominations, who would never get together for common prayer, unite in shameful bootlicking and adulation of the tyrant.

Meanwhile, the people go hungry. No meat or milk is to be found. For each of the other foods one has to wait in line for hours every day.

A pound of coffee costs a week's salary.

Sugar and butter are items that many children know only by name, as foods that once existed. Hospitals have no medicines, not even cotton.

Energy is scarce. Neither homes nor hospitals are heated for winter.

Often there is no hot water for tea, let alone a bath.

In hospitals, physicians and nurses wear overcoats and fur caps while working.

Tourists find themselves surrounded by crowds of begging children.

Christians pray for the Communists while catching sparrows as food for their children or collecting frogs killed on the highway on a rainy night. They pray for the Communists when they bury their newborn babes, who could not bear the shock of going from a warm mother's womb to an unheated hospital room.

As for Ceaushescu, he and his satraps live in luxury.