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Hierarchy and Lay Catholics Around the World Support Father Gruner and Our Lady of Fatima

Father Gruner has been flooded with letters and telephone calls of support from around the world, from members of the Hierarchy, Catholics, even non-Catholics beseeching him to continue, not to give up, even under the heavy persecution. Sadly the persecution comes not just from Communistic regimes, not just from secular organizations, but from within the Church itself.

Laypeople call us in tears. "Thank God" they say. "Finally a Priest willing to stand up for the truth, you are a light shining in the darkness".

These same people suffer their own persecutions from parish priests who refuse them Communion on their knees, insist on Communion in their hand, force them to stand for the Consecration, lock them out of their own Churches for the crime of reciting the Rosary together, "an archaic old fashioned cult that disturbs the other 'Faithful'". Many have been told Confession is only needed once a year and then, only for "enlightening."

Various persecuted priests have contacted us, also living under threats of ecclesiastical penalty for daring to preach the true Catholic faith.

That is why it is so important for you, the faithful, to continue to support Father Gruner both with your prayers and your alms. Your sacrificial offerings are needed to pay the exorbitant prices of radio and television broadcasting and printing and distributing The Fatima Crusader. Without this Apostolate, who will support you in your persecutions, where will you hear the truth, who is going to stand up for Jesus and Mary and the Catholic faith? And who will be the good watchman to warn you and point out the dangers that today threaten your very own salvation and your freedom?

We reprint here a letter to the Holy Father written by one of the Faithful, it is only one of the many supportive responses we have received from our readers and other members of the Hierarchy.

His Holiness Pope John Paul II 
Apostolic Palace, 
00120 Vatican City 

August 29, 1989

Most Holy Father,

You already know of Our Lady's urgent requests made known to Sister Lucia at Fatima. You also already know that in order to avoid the loss of many souls and the annihilation of several nations, you must command all the Catholic Bishops to publicly and solemnly on the exact same day, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Perhaps you feel that some will not obey you in this command and would even oppose you in making it. Please take courage in Our Blessed Mother's promise and do as She asks even in the face of opposition, She will be with you!

And please, Holy Father, do not allow Father Gruner to be silenced as he courageously makes the true message of Fatima known.

Recently I was blessed in being able to be in Fatima for the August pilgrimage. How wonderful to be among the thousands of pilgrims praying the Rosary and assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at Our Blessed Mother's Shrine.

But Holy Father, I must tell you of my extreme sadness when the Shrine priests refused to give Holy Communion to me because I was kneeling. They kept going back and forth past me, ignoring my desire to receive my Lord and God in the Blessed Sacrament.

This happened because of the modernism that has crept into the Church, I know. Today, many priests and bishops make it very difficult for us to truly practice our Faith.

Were it not for having found Father Nicholas Gruner's magazineThe Fatima Crusader and radio program encouraging souls to be faithful to the truths of Our Holy Catholic Faith, I would have been at the brink of despair many times.

Now there are those who want to silence him. Please, Holy Father, see that Father Gruner is allowed to continue his important work. Please ... do not allow him to be silenced!

It is because of his courage in speaking out about the true message of Our Lady of Fatima and about our Holy Catholic Faith that I and many other family members and friends have found hope and have been able to hang on to our true Faith in these troubled times.

It is well known, Holy Father, that some people and even some in the hierarchy would silence Father Gruner. Please do not allow this to happen! Please protect your good and faithful priest.

I write begging you to protect Father Gruner and not allow him to be silenced.

Just now I listened to his radio program on which he encouraged the Faithful to read your encyclicals and be informed on what you teach and to obey your teachings.

Some priests and bishops are leading many souls away from you and Christ's One True Church. I'm certain that you already know this painful fact and surely it must comfort you when you hear of good priests such as Father Gruner who spend all their time teaching Truth and encouraging faithfulness to you, Christ's Vicar on Earth and spreading devotion to Our Blessed Mother and Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Please, Holy Father, make sure that Father Gruner is allowed to continue his work of saving many souls and spreading the true Message of Fatima.

I offer my first Rosary of every day for you and you are constantly in my prayers.

In Jesus and Mary

Dolores Butterman

EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter to the Holy Father was accompanied by a petition with many signatures asking him to not allow Father Gruner to be silenced.