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erestroika Hoax Continues:

Today Ukrainian Priests Imprisoned for Saying Mass, Hearing Confessions

by Coralie Graham, Editor

This report is based on an interview with Joseph Terelya, founding member of the Ukrainian underground Church and one of the world's best known prisoners of conscience.

He was in Soviet labor camps for 23 years for the "crime" of being a Catholic.

If Gorbachev is sincere, if Perestroika is real, why does he still enslave 8 million Christians in Concentration camps today? They are a forgotten people by the world, shifted around from one camp to another, nameless, known only by a number, so that the world might lose track of them, forget them.

In the Ukraine alone there are still over 210 Concentration camps with thousands and thousands of Catholics still enslaved.

Their "crime" was to have allowed someone to know that they would "like to be free in their belief", says Joseph.

They remain slaves to this day, starved, beaten, tortured, raped, being used for medical guinea pigs and abusive and inhuman slave labor.

But perhaps the most shattering indignity they suffer is knowing how America has welcomed Gorbachev and his Communist regime with open arms, gullibly swallowing his fables of religious freedom in Communist Russia, yet he is the very man who is responsible for their inhuman and godless persecution.

Thinking we are gullible enough to have forgotten about our enslaved brothers and sisters, they do not want to mar their new world image of being 'almost converted' so they have also established "light jails".

A Catholic Priest (today mind you) who is caught saying Mass or hearing Confessions is fined 100 Rubles and sentenced to 15 days imprisonment in these "light jails". Their crime is that they are not considered to be valid priests because they are under the Pope.

In order to be registered as a priest they must reject the Pope and join the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church which is controlled by the Communist KGB priests. Of course in order to join the Russian Orthodox Church you must first sign a document pledging allegiance to the State first, then God. 

True Catholic priests are therefore not allowed to celebrate Mass in their own Cathedrals and Churches. Holy Mass and Confessions are administered in the forests.

These courageous Ukrainian Catholics are now coming above-ground to plead their case to the world. "It is time", they say, "that the world knew."

"The Persecution of the Church is greater under Gorbachev today than it was under Stalin," says Joseph Terelya. Not only have Gorbachev and his atheistic communists tried to annihilate the Church in the Ukraine, but they actually have a plan to annihilate the entire Ukraine people if they continue to resist the Communists.