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Father Gruner Answers Your Questions


Feast of Christ the King

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Thank you for your understanding and your support in the trials that have befallen us for telling you the full message of Fatima. Your prayers, your letters and your moral support and copies of your letters sent to the Pope asking him to prevent this Apostolate from being silenced are all most encouraging. At a time like this when the world needs the message of Fatima more than ever and when the powerful forces of the devil seem stronger than ever before — your help is most useful, necessary and deeply appreciated.

A few, just a few, expressed some questions and difficulties about my letter to Cardinal Innocenti. In order to put your minds at ease I will answer your questions.

Father Nicholas Gruner 

Q. Why did you resist the attempt by Cardinal Innocenti to silence you?

A. To remain silent, when the world is sitting on a time bomb that will eventually explode, enslaving the whole world, annihilating several nations and unleashing against the Church the worst persecution ever would be criminal. Especially if you know how the bomb can be defused with no casualties and to not let that be known would indeed be cruel and guilty silence.

The fact that we have spoken out is not enough because it takes a while for the bomb dismantling crew to hear us and really understand that we mean exactly what we say and that these false-minded counselors around the bomb squad really do not have a leg to base their objections on — if only the truth would be heard.

The time bomb is Communist Russia which will explode to take over the world with even the annihilation of nations being the consequence of this explosion and the aftermath will be the fierce persecution of the Catholic Church around the world. The only way to stop the bomb from going off is the consecration of Russia by the Pope together with all the bishops of the Catholic world. The bomb disposal crew needs to be told of the danger, the world must be advised that the bomb disposal unit needs their prayers and moral support.

Those who would silence the watchmen from crying out would be criminally responsible for the destruction of the world. The watchman who out of desire for ease or appearance of virtue would be guilty for not doing all that he could to wake up all concerned to the extreme danger and the only solution.

Q. Have you been asked to keep this information about the consecration of Russia quiet?

A. No! It is clear from the illegal manner I was threatened that there was an ulterior motive for the threats against me. What some authorities have tried to do is to give an illegal order which apparently was designed to force me to stop publishing. But no legitimate authority has ever directly suggested that I must not or cannot publish and continue to publish the full Fatima Message. They would have to disown the Message of Fatima before they could do that and they can't because the Church has fully approved it.

Q. What is your present (November 1989) status in the Catholic Church?

A. I am, as I have been since the day of my priestly ordination on August 22, 1976, a Catholic priest in good standing. I have been and still am acting within the laws of God and the Roman Catholic Church. I am under no canonical sanction.

Q. Were you not recently threatened with sanctions?

A. Yes. As we explained in the issue of The Fatima Crusader No. 29, published in August, 1989, the penalty of suspension was threatened against me. But as was also explained there it would not be legally or morally binding because there was no law or legitimate command that I had broken which merited such a sanction. Therefore even had Cardinal Innocenti declared such a sanction against me it would have been null and void. But up to this moment, in fact, no bishop or Cardinal has ever even declared me "suspended" or under any ecclesiastical penalty.

Q. I have read The Fatima Crusader, issue No. 29 and I realize that the threat of suspension and the order to go to Italy were both unjust. But should you not have kept silence and obeyed anyway?

A. The Catholic Church has laws not only for subjects of the bishops, such as lay people and priests but it also has laws that bishops and Cardinals must respect and obey. The reason why God gives us subjects certain rights which cannot be taken away by the Church or the State is because God has made us in His image and likeness and He gives us these rights so that we can fulfill our obligations to Him. Even if people around us, even if some superiors around us are not doing their duty through ignorance of some facts, still God will hold us accountable to doing our duty to Him.

Now we could not be held accountable to God if we were not given the rights to do our duty and the right to the proper means to carry it out.

God, in my case, has clearly given me the right to do what I am doing. He will hold me accountable if I do not do my duty of proclaiming loudly and clearly the full Fatima Message. He wants it known. He wants the Pope and the bishops to be told the consequences of delaying this most important command. See Jesus' Revelation to Sister Lucia Regarding the Pope in this issue for more information about Jesus' command to Make it known.

Jesus told Sister Lucia that the Pope and bishops, for delaying to obey His command that they consecrate Russia as Our Lady of Fatima specified, would suffer a similar fate to that of the King of France. In 1793, the king was publicly executed by the French Revolution.

Q. But did not Christ remain silent when He was unjustly sentenced by Pilate?

A. At times during His arrest and "trial" He was silent and at times He spoke up. When it would have been wrong for him to be silent, He spoke.

For example, when the guard in the High Priest's house struck Jesus, He answered meekly by saying, "If I have spoken evil, give testimony of the evil, but if well, why do you strike Me? (John 18:23)

When Pilate asked Him if He were a King, Jesus did answer to bear witness to the truth that indeed He is king. (John 18:37)

Q. Are you suggesting that it would be wrong for you to remain silent at this time of unjust attack?

A. Yes. St. Thomas Aquinas says that when the Faith is in danger that even Professors of Theology should leave the quiet of the university to defend the Faith in public. That is why I, although I have spent 12 years in university with several degrees in Theology, am in the work of publishing rather than being a Professor of Theology.

St. Thomas, whose teaching in this matter is beyond question, further says that when the Faith is in danger — and the attack against the Faith is coming from bishops and prelates then a subject should even rebuke his prelate in public in order to defend the Faith.

St. Robert Bellarmine, who is another Doctor of the Church known for his defense of the Papacy says that bishops, even the Pope, must be resisted by his subjects if the Pope or bishop were to attack the Faith by his words or actions.

Cardinal Ratzinger tells us the Third Secret of Fatima refers to dangers to our Faith. We know from the public Message of Fatima that the Faith is in danger from Communist Russia spreading its errors against the Faith.

In order to prevent Communist Russia from endangering our Faith we must convert Russia, otherwise it will enslave the whole world and endanger all our eternal salvation. Because if we lose the Faith we lose our eternal salvation.

Q. How does your work relate to saving the Faith?

A. Apart from the fact that we proclaim a number of truths of our Faith which are not sufficiently proclaimed in other Catholic publications we are defending the Faith by proclaiming the full Fatima Message. Because, unless Russia is consecrated according to the request of Our Lady of Fatima, the whole world will be enslaved by Communist Russia who will use their power to attack the Faith. But if this request of Our Lady is not known clearly then it will not be done. Since there continues to pop up here and there various pieces of disinformation in public against this Fatima request, it is obvious that the public and the Church needs to be defended against these disinformation attacks.

Thus, we must continue to publish the truth and unmask those who even though they be of good will, publicly try to mislead the public.

We are the only Fatima Apostolate which is proclaiming worldwide the whole Fatima Message. Thus our work directly relates to saving the Faith. And to remain silent because someone illegally orders us to stop, would make us guilty.

Our silence would make us guilty of entire nations being annihilated and the whole world being put under godless Communistic attacks against the Faith.

Joseph Terelya met with Pope John Paul II after his release from the Communist gulag that his atheistic captors did not expect him to leave alive.

Q. Are you the only one who is obliged to make this Fatima Message known?

A. No. Everyone is. Many lay people, even some priests and bishops don't seem to know that everyone has a responsibility for the common good. It is not only rulers and world leaders and Church leaders but everyone is responsible for the common good. Not everyone has the same talents and opportunities, but everyone, to the extent they can, must take care of the common good.

If you look up a good book of Moral Theology you will find it telling you something like the following: A man's first obligation is to God and to the salvation of his own soul! His second obligation is to the salvation of his neighbor's soul (neighbor is understood here as those persons you come in contact with as you go through life). Your third obligation is to your own temporal well-being and then to that of your neighbor. The fourth obligation is the obligation to take care of the common good. In other words to do and to speak in such a way that the spiritual and (secondly) temporal well-being of all other humans (people you have never been in direct contact with) is advanced, helped, edified and not pulled down or destroyed.

To the extent they can, and that their other duties permit, all persons are obliged to advance the Message and Cause of Our Lady of Fatima because it is only through the Church's prompt and exact obedience to Her FULL FATIMA MESSAGE that many souls will be saved and the world will have peace and the annihilation of Nations will be avoided.

Q. How can others do this? How can they help all mankind know and advance the Cause of Our Lady of Fatima?

A. All can pray, and all can pray the Rosary as Our Lady insisted so much. Many can give alms to our TV program, FATIMA: "The Moment Has Come"; to our Radio program, Heaven's Peace Plan; and to The Fatima Crusader magazine to help bring the Message around the corner, across the city, all over the country, and to the far corners of the world.

Almsgiving is highly recommended in Sacred Scripture and is very meritorious before God, St. Raphael tells us in Sacred Scripture.

"Prayer is good with fasting and alms more than to lay up treasures of gold: For alms delivereth from death and the same is that which purgeth away sins and maketh to find mercy and life everlasting." (Tobias 12:8-9)

It is indeed doubly true that to give alms to spreading the Fatima Message delivereth from death. First, because St. Raphael says it in Sacred Scriptures. Secondly, because unless the Fatima Message is heard and obeyed, various nations will be annihilated and the whole world enslaved in the Communist gulag where countless millions will be cruelly put to death by the Commies the world over.

Q. How else are you promoting the Faith and at the same time world peace?

A. By promoting petitions to the Holy Father and to the bishops, asking them to consecrate Russia in a solemn public way all together as Our Lady of Fatima specified.

 Q. But I heard that Bishop Luna has forbidden some people to sign and collect petitions to the Pope for this matter. I heard that Cardinal Casaroli has told Father Caillon to stop collecting these petitions. Does this not show that you too should not do this?

A. Bishop Luna and Cardinal Casaroli do not have the authority to do that. Not even the Pope himself can forbid us to petition the Pope. How you ask, do I know that? Because the Catholic Church has solemnly taught it in two Dogmatic Ex Cathedra statements. We have published them before inThe Fatima Crusader and in our book, World Enslavement or Peace.

In matters pertaining to ecclesiastical jurisdiction everyone has a right to have recourse to the Pope. See Vatican Council I and the Second Council of Lyons. (For students of Theology, look up Denzinger, published before 1955, paragraph No. 1830, and No. 466.)

Q. Do petitions do any good? Do good people make petitions to the Holy Father?

A. Sister Lucia has signed a petition asking the Pope to consecrate Russia. Pope John Paul II when he was Cardinal Archbishop of Cracow, together with all the Polish bishops petitioned Pope Paul VI to make a solemn consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Polish Primate presented this petition in October 1971 and again on October 5, 1974, to Pope Paul VI.

Pope Pius XII referred favorably to the petitions he had received in favor of the defining of the Assumption from around the world.

So petitioning the Holy Father by the Faithful, priests and bishops is certainly a good thing to do when it is for a good cause.

And there is no more urgent and holy cause today than asking the Holy Father to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a solemn and public way together with all the bishops of the Catholic world.

Q. But although your cause is good, even holy and most urgent, are you not causing scandal by what you say?

A. Contrary to what the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima's full Fatima Message say, I am not against the Pope. I am one of his and the bishops' most loyal supporters. Without the help of the Pope we cannot have the consecration of Russia. We need him. I pray for him every day.

Q. But do you not blame the Pope for not obeying the command to consecrate Russia?

A. I do not seek to blame anyone. My goal is to proclaim the full Fatima Message and to work for its fulfillment. God is the judge of someone's blameworthiness. We are all in need of God's mercy, it is not my place to blame the Pope. God knows who is guilty.

 Q. But don't you say it is the Pope's duty to obey the request to consecrate Russia? Don't you say it hasn't been done? Don't you say that entire nations will be annihilated and the whole world enslaved if it is not done soon? And since you do say all these things isn't it correct to conclude that you blame the Pope?

A. As a publisher of the Fatima Message, you and God would hold me blameworthy if I did not tell you the truth. You expect the whole truth. Even if I or any Fatima publisher were not to lie but only to knowingly dissimulate (as some people appear to be doing) in this matter thereby enabling satan and the KGB and all other enemies of Our Lady of Fatima to triumph over Her message by silencing it or distorting it beyond recognition — you and God would hold me to account for the loss of souls and the enslavement of the whole world and the annihilation of nations. The knowledge of the truth in this matter imposes an obligation to make it known.

You expect, rightly so, the whole truth to be told you clearly and unequivocally by those entrusted with publishing the full Fatima Message.

If you, or the Pope or the bishops were deliberately misled by half truths, lies, mental reservations, equivocations, etc. you would feel cheated. In fact, if we did not tell you the truth in this matter where else today would you find it? For this lack of knowledge the world would perish. You could be cheated of your inheritance of faith and freedom. In these kinds of matters which concern the common good, where millions of souls and lives are at stake, we must remember the words of Our Lord, "Let your word be yes (for) yes and no (for) no. And that which is over and above these, is of evil." Matt. 5:37. Anything less than the whole truth in this matter would be from satan, the father of lies.

So yes we have stated clearly, and time after time that (1) It is the Pope's solemn duty to obey this request of Our Lady of Fatima. (2) Nothing excuses him from this solemn duty. (3) It has not yet been done according to Our Lady of Fatima's specific request. (4) Indeed, entire nations will be annihilated and the whole world enslaved by Russian Communism if it is not done soon. To tell you all this is my duty — before God and before men.

However you do wrong when you condemn me for having done my duty. I have spoken about what the truth of this matter is. I have not thereby jumped to the conclusion that Pope John Paul II is guilty before God for not yet having done his duty.

Q. How can you not blame the Pope if it is his duty and he has not yet acted?

A. Objectively speaking, if we were called to judge a man who had a solemn duty to do something and did not do it then it is safe to assume that the man is guilty of serious omission. But in this case of the Pope, we must remember two things.

First, we are not his judge, only God is. Second, we do not know what hidden persecutions he is currently undergoing which prevents him from acting. Since we do not know all the important circumstances, we cannot judge him, even if we were allowed to pass judgment.

We do know the Pope is persecuted because we are told by Our Lady of Fatima on July 13 that the world would be punished for its crimes by the persecution of the Church AND the persecution of the Holy Father. Since we know through the Fatima Message that the Pope is undergoing some terrible hidden persecutions we can only withhold all judgment of the poor Holy Father and conclude with Jesus, who told Sister Lucia "Pray, pray a great deal for the Holy Father. He will do it (the consecration of Russia) but it will be late."

 Q. Are you saying that since the Pope is persecuted he is not obliged to obey the request to consecrate Russia?

A. No. No. He has the solemn obligation to obey. Nothing except obeying exactly this command will ever lift that obligation from his shoulders. If he dies before he does it, the next Pope will assume that responsibility as he assumes the office of the Papacy. What I meant is that the Pope may be persecuted in such a way as to not know it is his obligation. If that is the case, then it is the duty of those who know it is his obligation to tell him as soon as they can.

If the persecutions of the Pope ties his hands so that he cannot, or thinks he cannot obey right away, the Pope has got to be helped by our prayers and moral support so that the obstacle which seems to hinder him is removed or at least contained so that he will act. He also needs to be informed that nothing will be gained by delaying because when the time of mercy runs out, the time bomb of Russia exploding all over the face of the earth, annihilating various nations and enslaving the rest, will inevitably take place.

That is why your petitions to the Holy Father are so important. They not only inform him but support him.

If the delay is a tactical delay for a brief time then a call to prayer and penance is needed in this brief interim so that the obstacle causing the delay is successfully removed and the opportunity is soon given for the Pope to act with complete freedom. But the Pope must act, even at the risk of his life and even at the risk of the lives of his personal friends; even at the apparent risk of his native Poland suffering more persecution because the whole world is at stake. We too must do our part by our Rosaries, repentance and petitions and passing on this information.

The last thing we need at this time is disinformation, half truths, lies and misinformation spread by good-meaning people who out of a false sense of loyalty to the Pope and the Vatican hide the truth from the Pope and from the Church. There seems to be ample number of such people as the article by Father Paul Leonard More Disinformation Against the Message of Our Lady of Fatima in this issue shows.

Q. Why do you keep talking about the Pope's duty and the bishops' duty to obey Our Lady of Fatima's request to consecrate Russia when it is causing scandal and weakening the prestige due to the Holy Father and the Vatican?

A. Our Lord Himself said to Sister Lucia, "Make it known to My ministers that it has been given to them that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command and like him they will follow him into misfortune."

Jesus wants it known. This is clear from the above words He spoke in August, 1931. Apparently and quite obviously up to now the bishops and the Pope don't seem to know that their lives are in grave danger because they delay. The world does not seem to know that it is in grave danger because of this delay. If they did know the Pope and bishops would act much more vigorously than they do to consecrate Russia but nothing effective has yet been done. If the world knew about this, then everyone would be praying for and petitioning the Holy Father to make this consecration before it is too late for all of us.

So, obviously, since Jesus wants it known and since so much is depending on this knowledge, it cannot be scandalous to make known this Fatima request and continue to repeat it as often as necessary until it is understood and acted upon.

 Q. But still it is scandalous I say. How do you answer that?

A. You say I am causing scandal, because I repeat this Fatima Message, and apparently thereby am lessening the prestige due to the Pope and due to the Vatican.

I reply by pointing out that the Pope and the Vatican will have much less prestige when Communist Russia enslaves the whole world and executes the Pope and enthrones an anti-Pope in the Vatican. As the prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette, given in 1846 tells us Rome will be the headquarters for the Antichrist.

But you still say you are scandalized. That is because you do not know sufficiently the teaching of Jesus Christ and Sacred Scripture about scandal.

St. Louis de Montfort explains that there are three kinds of scandal. The first kind of scandal is when a person does something evil, another person sees that bad example and does the same thing.

The second kind of scandal is called the scandal of the "little ones". This kind of scandal is spoken about by St. Paul in the Bible when he rebukes those Christians who know their Faith and are strong in it, and who do something that is not evil in itself but gives a wrong impression to the weak and uninstructed. St Paul speaks of some who ate meat which had been sacrificed to idols. They bought it in the marketplace after the pagan ceremonies. St. Paul acknowledges that since God created the meat and since the idols are really no gods at all, intrinsically speaking, it is not wrong to eat the meat. However, St. Paul points out that since there are those weaker in faith who might or would misread the eating (for the sake of nourishment) of meat sacrificed to idols and thereby think that idol worship is good when in fact it is a mortal sin.

Thus it is that the scandal of the little ones is to do an action which to those who are not well-instructed in the faith or who are weak in the faith would be scandalized into doing something wrong. But it must be remembered that the action that scandalized the little ones is in itself not a great good but something of little importance. In the example given in Sacred Scripture, the people who bought the meat in the open market could easily have gone without that meat.

However, there is the third kind of scandal which is called pharisaical scandal. Jesus did not stop doing good because the Pharisees were scandalized. They told Him to stop working cures on the Sabbath, they said they were scandalized but He went right on doing good even after the Pharisees told Him to stop and told Him they were scandalized. But Jesus tells us the Pharisees are blind and leaders of the blind. The principle here is that Jesus was doing God's work, He was doing a positive good and He would not stop doing good because others were blind and/or evil.

Thus it would be wrong to stop promoting the only peace plan that will bring Christ's peace to the world. It would be wrong to disobey Jesus and Mary Who have given the Fatima Message to the world and told us that only Our Lady can help us now. The Catholic Church has proclaimed the Fatima Message as authentic and God has signed it with the Great Miracle of the Sun. Pope John Paul II has said it is more relevant and urgent than ever. In the light of all this, it would be wrong to stop this soul-saving message from being known and obeyed by remaining silent when we know the truth and have the means to make it known.

If evil men stop us with their lies and theft of these means then if God does not re-arm us with more means then we cannot be held accountable for not speaking out. But as long as we have the right before God and the Church, as long as we have the means which God, Our Lady and our supporters provide, then we must cry out the full Fatima Message.

It is our solemn duty.

It is your solemn duty to do all you can to help us.