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Cardinal Casaroli Celebrates!?

In the center of various bishops and Cardinals, present in Moscow for the June 13, 1988, celebrations staged by the Kremlin bosses to commemorate "1,000 years of Christianity in Russia" is Cardinal Augustino Casaroli — the Vatican Secretary of State. (He is the only one in the front row reading a book.)

His presence there is a scandal to Ukrainian Catholics who are still fiercely persecuted for remaining faithful to the Vatican.

Josyp Terelya, who spent 23 years in Soviet labor camps and prisons for committing the "crime" of being and remaining a Ukrainian Catholic and not a Russian Orthodox gave us this photo. Josyp asks why is Cardinal Casaroli there? Why is he celebrating with the Moscow patriarchate, giving the appearance that everything is OK when it is our Catholic brothers and sisters who are still today suffering persecution at the hands of the very people Cardinal Casaroli celebrates with?

It is none other than the Communist bosses in the Kremlin, with the cooperation of the Moscow patriarchate (which is under the control of the KGB according to Peter Daryabin, former Communist KGB officer) which has outlawed and forcibly driven underground the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

According to both the Communists and the Moscow patriarchate, all Ukrainian Catholics must commit the sin of schism by leaving the Catholic Church and joining the Russian Orthodox Church. Why indeed is Cardinal Casaroli there?

The Millennium of Christianity is in the Ukraine and not in Russia at all. To join these celebrations is to witness to a lie and to unjustly imply that the Ukraine belongs to Russia.