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Sister Lucia's Carmelite Sisters Support 
The Fatima Crusader

by Mary Sedore

Sister Lucia's Convent agrees that the Consecration of Russia is not done yet. This is the obvious conclusion from Mary Sedore's recent report given below.

I went to Coimbra on October 16, 1989, with a group of pilgrims and brought with me to the Convent of Mt. Carmel, where Sister Lucia lives, two hundred dollars in Mass stipends. I had been asked by an anonymous donor to give it to the Sisters there so that they could in turn ask priests to offer Masses for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to the request of Our Lady of Fatima.

In order to deliver these Mass stipends for this intention, I asked to speak to a Sister. As you know, no one can talk to Sister Lucia herself without very special permission. And for pilgrims such as ourselves the external Nuns are the only ones the convent superiors allow to speak to us.

I was told the Sister who could talk to me was busy. But when I explained why I wanted to talk to her, another Sister went to get her for me. I was able to speak to her in complete privacy.

I explained to her what the $200 in Mass stipends were for.

  I told her very clearly and specifically that the Masses were to be said for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima.

Sister said to me "That is MOST important at this time."

I told her that I work for Father Gruner and The Fatima Crusader and I asked her to pray for Father Gruner and his Apostolate which has been promoting the Consecration of Russia for years.

Sister replied "Yes, we know about his work and we Sisters here in Coimbra pray for Father Gruner every day.

Later on, at the entrance to the Convent, I saw Father Gruner and told him about meeting Sister. He asked me to find her and bring her to speak with him. I went and fetched her and remained nearby as Father Gruner spoke to her.

She showed herself very friendly, warm and welcoming. She reaffirmed that she prayed for his Apostolate and his work. She showed herself to be aware of his work and its trials and to be totally sympathetic towards what he stood for and indicated that:

       The Sisters there in the Carmelite convent of Coimbra are also keeping his work in their prayers, especially at this time when his Fatima work is under such great stress and attack.

Pictured above are some of Sister Lucia's Carmelite Sisters in Coimbra, with Father Gruner and one of the many pilgrims Father Gruner has taken to Fatima over the years.

Before coming to Coimbra I had been shown a letter signed by Sister Lucia which an Italian priest alleged that Sister Lucia in it claimed the Consecration of Russia had already been done.

Yet the only way I can interpret my conversation with the Sisters at Coimbra is that they already know Father Gruner is in favor of the Consecration of Russia, and they know it is not yet done. They accepted Mass stipends for that intention.

From all my speaking with Sister as well as being present when Father Gruner talked to her it is clear to me that Sister and the whole Carmelite community of Coimbra including Sister Lucia (who saw Our Lady in 1917) fully agree that the Consecration of Russia as Our Lady of Fatima requested has not yet been done.