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A Personal Thank You from Father Gruner


Dear Friend of Mary,

Thank you for your many cards, calls and notes of sympathy on the occasion of my father's passing to his eternal reward on August 28, 1989, just 6 days after his 84th birthday and only 13 days before mom's and his 59th wedding anniversary.

My mom, four brothers and two sisters are all very appreciative of your prayers and support at this time of loss.

Please pray for my Dad because he made the heroic offering that all the indulgences he gained would go to other souls in purgatory.

Father Nicholas Gruner on August 22, 1976, at Frigento, Italy, in the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, giving Holy Communion to his father, Malcolm.

This picture records three happy events. It was the feast of Our Lady's Queenship, Malcolm Gruner's 71st birthday and Father Gruner's ordination and first Mass.

I pray for him and I miss him but strengthened by your prayers and in the hope of being with him and all our friends in Heaven one day my tears are dried and I thank God for having given me such a father.

I learned much from him. His generous spirit, hard work and his quiet confidence in God are lessons I will not forget. Every night before he went to bed, even in the last days of his life, he knelt down to pray.

He was a convert at the age of 20. He attributed to Saint Cecilia his conversion. He had gone to Rome in 1925 to study its archeological treasures. It was there he "discovered" the Church of Saint Cecilia built over her own home. He was so impressed and moved by grace at the account of her life and martyr's death that he became a Catholic. 

He taught me as a teenager that Jesus delighted to honor His Mother. As a child growing up, every Christmas Eve he would read us the Saint Luke's account of the Birth of Jesus. I am indeed greatly indebted to him and I ask you to help me repay him by praying for the repose of his soul.

Thank you.

May God bless you and Our Heavenly Mother draw you ever closer to Her Divine Son, Jesus.

Father Nicholas Gruner