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Incardination Offered on Condition of Silence

by Father Paul Leonard Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div.

Father Gruner has nothing to gain personally by remaining here in Canada and resisting the fiendish persecution that is unjustly waged against him. He has nothing to gain at all other than that he is thereby able to fulfill his duty as a minister of God and accomplish the maximum good by promoting the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

It would be the easiest thing in the world for Father Gruner to succumb to the devious machinations of unscrupulous Vatican bureaucrats and abandon the labors of the Marian Apostolate that he has so tirelessly carried out for more than ten years. What has Father Gruner gained personally throughout those ten years of sweat and struggle?

He has made no personal financial gain for sure, grinding out a living on a self-imposed minimal salary. By sacrificing himself for Our Lady's cause, Father Gruner has gained for himself the attacks, the smears, the lies and the false accusations of "false brethren" who parade themselves in public as upholders of the Faith while disparaging, ridiculing and demolishing the works of those who attempt to accomplish some good by their apostolic labors.

How easy it would be for Father Gruner to cave in to the unjust and unlawful pressures presently exerted upon him and abandon the Fatima Apostolate. He would be able to assume the much easier life of a small town curate, earning far more pay for far less work. Thus would Father Gruner be in a position to live out his days, far removed from the vicious onslaughts of his enemies ... until the day of God's wrath arrives, when as in the days of Noah, all will be destroyed by the devouring wrath of an offended and outraged Deity.

The day of wrath approaches: Communist Russia spreads its errors wherever it wills and imposes the yoke of atheist tyranny on one country after another. At Quito in 1634, at La Salette in 1846, Our Lady warned that God would chastise the whole world by means of an appallingly destructive and bloody war. At Fatima Our Lady told us exactly what must be done in order to avert the horrors of global nuclear holocaust, the annihilation of nations and the damnation of countless millions of souls.

Father Gruner preaches the Message of Fatima because he has heard and believed Our Lady of Fatima's request. He understands very well the reason why Our Holy Father, John Paul II, has said that the message of Our Lady of Fatima imposes a commitment on the entire Church. Our Lady told us what we must do in order to save ourselves from destruction and damnation. The evil which looms before us is so global, so great and so horrifying ... and there is so little time left, that no prelate, be he Bishop, Cardinal, Patriarch or Pope possesses the moral authority to command anyone to desist from making known the truth that will bring about conversion for Russia and peace for the world.

Father Gruner cannot abandon the mission that Our Lady has entrusted to him simply because it has become a source of embarrassment and reproach for those ecclesiastics and prelates whose programs and policies are at variance with Our Lady's Message. This is the real reason why the Vatican seeks to silence Father Gruner. Vague and unspecified pretexts and allegations have been brought forward against Father Gruner, but no serious charge against him has ever been made that would justify the authorities to impose silence upon him. They do not seek to silence Father Gruner for having done evil, but to prevent him from doing good!

The maneuvering of the Secretary of State, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, in conjunction with the active participation of Archbishop Palmas, Cardinal Innocenti, Bishop Pierro and Bishop Fulton have been directed to a singular purpose: To silence the voice of this Fatima Apostolate. After all the threats, accusations and warnings, there is no longer any talk of any wrongdoing on the part of Father Gruner, but on the contrary, incardination is offered to him on the condition of silence.

Presently as I write, a letter from Bishop Fulton to Father Gruner just now arrives. The content of the letter confirms what we have already said concerning the efforts, on the part of the Vatican, to silence this Marian Apostolate. In this letter of August 9th, Bishop Fulton says: "I have just received documentation from the present Bishop of Avellino, His Excellency Gerrardo Pierro, in which he raises the question of your possible incardination in the diocese of St. Catharines ... As far as incardination is concerned, I would require ... that you would promise total obedience to me as Bishop and that you would accept an appointment at my bidding, which would require you to abandon the present Apostolate which you have chosen for yourself."

It is morally intolerable and canonically illegal that the Church authorities attempt in this manner to silence a priest from carrying out his priestly task of preaching the truth. In the Sacred Scriptures, St. Paul tells the bishop, St. Timothy, to impose silence on those who depart from the teaching of the Church and thereby dissipate the Faith. (1 Tim. 1:3) It is high time that those clergy and laity, who are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, resist the abuse of authority, whereby the holders of ecclesiastical office tolerate and permit the Faith to be dissipated, destroyed and expunged from the hearts of men by modernist priests, while they unlawfully attempt to impose silence on those priests who remain in steadfast conformity to the Gospel of Christ, the Magisterium of the Church, and the pontifically approved Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

I invite and exhort all of you, our readers and supporters, to sign the enclosed petition to the Pope, and send it to the Holy Father. In so doing you will thereby make known to the Holy Father that it is not your desire that the Pope stand idly by, while Father Gruner, who edifies and strengthens the faith of his readers, is unlawfully punished and silenced for doing good, while the destroyers and corrupters remain unhindered and unpunished.