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Dear Father Gruner... "Don't Give Up"

Dear Father Gruner,

I was thinking of becoming a Catholic and one day as I changed radio stations I heard you. I listened. I heard about the Rosary and I immediately went out and bought one and learned how to pray with it.

I have since become a Catholic on December 8, and continue to read and learn about the Saints, etc.

I believe the Holy Spirit wanted me to hear you and it changed my life. I always loved Jesus but now I also love Mary. Since I started praying the Rosary I have seen Mother Mary once in my dreams and Jesus twice. Before I became a Catholic I saw Jesus standing on a road and He lifted up His arms towards me. I believe He was telling me to come to Him in the Eucharist.

I know you are doing a great work and somehow I feel you have been entrusted with a great task.

Please don't give up, you will succeed. If one life was touched by your work how many others are there being touched each day.

I now pray the Rosary at least twice a day and say many prayers to Archangel Michael, the Holy Spirit and various Saints.

I have given other people copies of your magazine and spread the word about radio programs, books, etc. My mother and two children now also say the Rosary.

God Bless You! I feel you will be a Saint someday.

I will try to do even a small part each day to help Mary and you to save souls!

From "a little soul", Vancouver, B.C.

"I was so happy to hear genuine, authentic, Catholic programs on the radio. It brought tears to my eyes to hear a genuine priest of God. It is a rare treat for which I am very grateful."

... Maryanne F., Houston, Texas

"Seeing as I myself was such a self-indulgent sinner for most of my time on earth, I did not at first take an interest in your program here in Dublin on the radio. But as weeks passed I found that I indeed was taking to it bit by bit and now, as my life is changing, I have rarely missed any broadcasts.

"With hope, prayer and a daily dose of your radio talks, I think I will come back to God completely fairly soon."

... Imelda O., Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

"Keep up the good work. The Fatima Crusader brought me back to my Faith and I thank God for that."

... Rose T., St. John, N.B.

"Thank God there are a few like you left who will speak out against the evil, creeping modernism in our Church. Please keep up the good work and may Our Lady's promise soon come through. May Our Blessed Mother spread Her mantle around you and protect you and all who work with you to bring us the truth."

... Mary M., Comox.

"If there were more apostles like you, the Church and the world wouldn't be in the sorry mess it, or rather they, are in today."

... Bill G., Vancouver.