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It is a moral imperative:

The Vatican-Moscow Agreement Must Be Repudiated

by Father Paul Leonard Kramer, B. Ph., S.T.B., M. Div.

It is an utter moral imperative that the Vatican-Moscow Agreement be immediately rescinded and repudiated by the official representatives of the Holy See. Those who explain that the Vatican-Moscow Agreement is good for the Church because the representatives of the Vatican entered into the agreement in good faith, and with the intention of securing a politically less precarious and less persecuted position for the Church in the Warsaw Pact nations, are confusing motives with morality.

It is argued that the Agreement has accomplished some concrete temporal advantage for the Church, and therefore it must remain in effect. This is false for two reasons:

1. The limited temporal advantages that the Agreement has secured for the Church in some Communist occupied areas is vastly outweighed by the undue constraints that are imposed upon the Church; constraints which greatly obstruct the Church from carrying out its divinely appointed mission in those same areas.

2. The vast majority of the Faithful in the USSR have not profited by the Agreement. Eighty percent of the Catholic Faithful in the USSR are Ukrainian. In the Soviet occupied Ukraine the Church is fiercely persecuted. Josef Terelya, a spokesman of the underground Church in the Ukraine has said that the persecution of the Church in the USSR "is worse now under Gorbachev than it was under Stalin."

The Agreement is immoral because the Church, by entering it, voluntarily abandons its divinely appointed role to clearly teach the moral law in the name of God.

The Church has the strict duty to uphold its teaching in matters of Faith and Morals. Pope Pius XI declared that Communism is "intrinsically perverse", yet many Catholics are being led into heresy by false "theologians" who teach a sort of so-called "Theology of Liberation" which is rooted in the intrinsically perverse principles of Marxism. Since the Vatican entered into the Agreement with Moscow in 1962, the Pope and the representatives of the Holy See have not clearly and unequivocally upheld the Church's moral doctrine concerning Communism as they are strictly bound by the duty of their office to do.

Spring 1989 — Catholics of the Ukraine attend their Mass and other religious services outdoors because it is forbidden for them to worship in their churches. Catholics of the Ukraine are often harassed and harmed by Soviet police who bring police dogs to the forest services. These are people who have been betrayed as a result of the political dealings between Moscow and the Vatican.

The Vatican-Moscow Agreement is a moral outrage because by it the godless atheistic regime of Communist Russia has been given a veto power over the magisterial voice of Holy Mother Church. The representatives of the Holy See agreed that the Church would refrain from making pronouncements that would be considered by Moscow to be hostile to the Soviet regime. The Church's moral doctrine concerning Communism falls into this category, and therefore Rome has not clearly and unequivocally exercised its Magisterium on that grave moral question in spite of the fact that a great number of souls have been led astray and continue to be led astray by perverse Marxist teachings.

According to the teaching of Pope St. Pius X, the principal pastoral duty of the Pastors of the Church is to combat error. Those pastors, who adhere to the policy of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement and refuse to combat the grave moral error of Communism are gravely derelict in their sacred duty. No prospect for temporal gain or threat of bloody persecution can ever morally justify that the divinely appointed teachers of the Law of God should abdicate from carrying out that mission. The Vatican-Moscow Agreement must be immediately repudiated without any further delay.