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Dear Father Gruner:

We are With you, We Support you

We are with you in our prayers, we support you in all your work. I wish we could give more. We understand the dangers we are facing and we admire your courage to speak out.

May Our Blessed Mother protect you always!

The Lear Family

Fatima Crusader Prompts Consecration of Parish to The Immaculate Heart

You thank us for the far too small donations we make while we should be thanking you for your unflagging efforts to deliver Our Lady's message. All praise and thanks to God for graces of strength and devotion and dedication to your cause bestowed upon you through the hands of Mary.

Through the Knights of Columbus our Parish, with all our priests and congregation at all the Masses will consecrate ourselves and our Parish to Her Immaculate Heart. We are expecting marvelous blessings from this Consecration.

Need I tell you it was prompted by The Fatima Crusader? And that the proposal made to the Knights to carry this out was passed unanimously?

This is a parish where the Rosary is said officially only once or twice a year. The prayer of consecration, composed specially for the occasion includes a promise to say the Rosary daily.

John and Wila, Allenford

'Adopt a Bishop' Rosary

I know how important the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is, and the urgency of it. I know, because of the liberal mentality of some of the bishops it is going to be difficult to get their cooperation.

I thought if we can find out the exact number of bishops there are or nearly as many and get exactly that same number of people to say a Rosary for a month for each bishop, God and His Mother will surely see to it that these bishops will comply with doing the consecration. Through your Fatima Crusader you can reach many people and get volunteers. But once a person says he will say the Rosary for a bishop he must do it faithfully. It is almost like adopting a bishop and praying for this one intention which is so important.

Hopefully someday Our Lady's wishes will be obeyed and Russia will be converted, but until then we cannot give up hope. You and The Fatima Crusader are doing a great service not only for the Church but for all mankind. God bless you.

Sincerely in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Rose S., Purdyr, NY

Heaven's Peace Plan Lifts the Minds and Hearts of Its Listeners

My family and I have been an avid listener of your program daily at DWAD-Philippines Christian Radio since its first airing in September.

It was only at this time that I was able to find time to write you of our appreciation for a radio program that lifts the minds and hearts of its listeners because of the spiritual and moral values of its messages.

This sentiment, I am sure, is echoed by your thousands of listeners in the Metro-Manila area.

Lastly, rest assured that we will continue to listen to you and praying that God will continue to shower you with all the blessings in order to enable you to continue this radio program.

Stephen C., Quezon City, Philippines

Bombard Heaven with Rosaries for the Pope

I am writing to assure you that you are constantly in my prayers. I have been praying for the spiritual and financial needs for you to continue publishing and broadcasting.

Along with the human element who are trying to sabotage Our Lady's Message, satan is really working overtime.

Do you think Father that it might be possible to have a special day soon to pray for Pope John Paul II and Our Lady's requests? I believe that if all the parishes in Canada set aside a special time all together to say 15 decades of the Rosary, Our Lady would assist the Holy Father in gathering all the bishops together.

We need to bombard Heaven for assistance. I know it will take Heaven's help to bring about this enormous undertaking. I will continue to pray for you Father and to the best of my limited ability, I will give what I can financially. May God and Our Holy Mother assist you in all your undertakings for Our Lady's Peace Plan.

Celia M., Scarborough

Although I'm not Catholic, the Message of Fatima Speaks to me Deeply

Several months ago, I called your office regarding a possible station for the radio program. I felt that this radio program would broaden the scope of their station. Although I am not Catholic, the Message of Fatima has spoken to me deeply and has called me to this effort to promote Our Lady's Message.

Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Jeff M., Hamilton