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The Church Has the Duty to Condemn and Combat Communism

by Father Paul Leonard, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div.

In his book, Was Karl Marx a Satanist, Richard Wurmbrant produces a very revealing quote form the Soviet newspaper Vechernaa Moskva, which states the true purpose of Communism. The quotation runs: "We do not fight against believers and not even against clergymen. We fight against God to snatch believers from Him."

This kind of statement is a rare instance of where the Communists state their true purpose in the same terms that Karl Marx outlined his program in his poetry, private correspondence and in his early philosophical works. These writings expose the true purpose of Marxism: Marx was not a humanitarian who desired the betterment of the human race, but a satanist who lusted for humanity's ruin.

In the satanic poem, Oulanem, Marx wrote: "Soon I shall embrace eternity to my breast, and soon I shall howl gigantic curses on mankind." In the same work he also wrote: "If there is something which devours, I'll leap within it, though I bring the world to ruins, the world . . . I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses."

Marx did not combat religion as though it were a false superstition that professes belief in a God that in reality does not exist. Marx makes it clear that God does really exist, and he combats against religion because he hates God. This he unequivocally states in his Invocation of One in Despair, where he writes: I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above." . . . "a God has snatched from me my all in the curse and rack of destiny . . . nothing but revenge is left to me!"

Similar expressions of blasphemous hatred toward God are also to be found in the writings of Lenin, who referred to the notion of God as "an unspeakable abomination" and "a loathsome pestilence". Lenin also spoke on one occasion saying: "I prefer a millionaire, exploiting atheist to a believing workman, because God is my personal enemy. "

Communism is not a social system. Its purpose is not the noble ideal of abolishing economic injustice by establishing social equality. "The true purpose of Communism," Richard Wurmbrant explains, "is to mock God and to praise satan." The reason for this is that Karl Marx was a satanist. In a letter of his son Edgar, addressed to his father, Marx is addressed with the startling words, "dear Devil". This is the way satanists write. In a letter of August 1844, Marx's wife addresses him as follows: "Your last pastoral letter, high priest and bishop of souls, has again given quiet rest and peace to your poor sheep." Wurmbrant points out that "The only European religion which has high priests is the satanist one."

Communism is anti-God because it is satan oriented, and therefore it is utterly perverse. This is the reason why Pope Pius XI condemned it in his Encyclical, Divini Redemptoris, saying, "See to it Venerable Brethren, that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically perverse, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever."

Since the Communists have openly declared their implacable enmity towards the God whom they hate, the Church has instituted a campaign against the pernicious and corrupt errors of the Communists whose expressed purpose is the eternal ruin of souls. Pope Pius XI declared: "We place the vast campaign of the Church against world Communism under the standard of St. Joseph, her mighty protector."

What have the pastors of the Church done since the Second Vatican Council to promote this campaign against this most deadly enemy of our holy religion? There have been some courageous bishops and priests who have ceaselessly combated the infernal errors of Communism. However, there are many pastors who have not behaved like shepherds: those are guilty of dereliction of duty who have refused to explicitly condemn the errors of Marxism which have brought so many souls to ruin, and threatens to bring so many more to their damnation.

In November of 1962, the representatives of the Holy See and the Orthodox representatives of the Kremlin made the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. In making this agreement, the Vatican agreed to make no statements that would be seen as hostile to the Communist regime of the Soviet Union. Since that time there has been great confusion sown in the Church among the Faithful and even in the ranks of the clergy. Rome has not made any explicit pronouncement against the errors of Communism, and therefore there are many Catholics who have been led astray by a form of Liberation Theology that promotes and defends Marxist ideology and Communist regimes.

God has appointed the pastors of the Church as the shepherds whose duty obligates them to defend the flock from the errors which threaten their salvation. While it is unfortunate that the Communists hold so many Catholics as hostages behind the Iron Curtain, considerations about possible reprisals to be directed against them must not be construed as a reason that would make it permissible for the hierarchy to abandon its God-given pastoral duty.

Torture, imprisonment and execution are physical evils that should be avoided as best as they can, but not at the cost of an even greater spiritual evil. Radical Liberation Theology is corrupting the faith of millions because the Vatican has refused to clearly and unequivocally condemn the errors of Communism ever since it entered into the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. It is morally indefensible to remain silent about grievous errors which are corrupting the faith of countless souls and causing their eternal damnation, merely for the sake of temporal expediency.

It would be a most grave dereliction of duty for spiritual shepherds to neglect the spiritual welfare of the flock, and to thereby inadvertently aid the apostasy which has already destroyed the faith of millions, in order to safeguard the physical well-being of a smaller number of Catholics in eastern Europe, whose faith is also endangered by the Vatican's failure to carry out its divinely appointed duty.