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Mary is the Mother and Queen 
of Peace

... Pope John Paul II

This article is taken from l'Osservatore Romano, January 3, 1989, page 1. On Sunday, January 1, the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, gave the following reflection before reciting the Angelus.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

1 . Today is the solemnity of Mary's Divine Motherhood. In the Liturgy of the Mass, the Church addresses to Her these words: "Hail, Holy Mother! The Child to whom You gave birth is the King of Heaven and earth forever."

The Divine Motherhood is the highest summit of all the gifts of grace which She has received from the Heavenly Father, the gift towards which all the others are destined. Mary's greatness is most of all in this mission of motherhood in regard to the Divine Word made flesh in Her most pure womb.

Mary's entire life and holiness are projected towards the incomparable mission of allowing the realization of the Mystery of the Incarnation, that is, of being the Mother of that "Son of Man" who is at the same time "Son of God"; the Son who, while hearing and obeying Her kind and motherly voice, still the more hears and follows the commands of the Father Who is in Heaven.

2. In that She is Mother of Christ, Mary is also Mother of the Church, Mother of humanity, Mother of all generations of the children of God.

She is Mother and Queen of Peace. In a very opportune way, my revered predecessor Paul VI chose to unite the feast of the Motherhood of Mary to the Day of Peace which we celebrate throughout the world today. Mary bore the Prince of Peace, He who gives us the Holy Spirit, whose principal fruit is Peace itself.

Let us recall, at this time, all the areas of the world in which there is no peace. May Mary, following the example of Her Son, teach us especially to appreciate the inestimable value of inner peace, from which all other kinds of peace come, and without which all other kinds are precarious, illusory, or insufficient.

3. The new year which begins today is also under the sign of the Motherhood of Mary, Queen of Peace, as if to signify a new hope, a renewed resolution. If the forces of evil and hatred persist in their destructive activity, we, the disciples of Our Lord and of Mary, should persist still more, together with all the people of good will, in our engagement for the building of peace and justice.

In this context, I address to all of you present and all those who are listening through radio and television, my warmest best wishes for a serene and fruitful New Year, invoking upon all the Motherly protection of Mary Most Holy.