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Dear Father Gruner, "Thank You"

Thank you Father for the Gift of Faith

Praised be Jesus Christ. I am 16 years of age and as such I cannot afford to send you a donation Father but I would like to send you another thing which is perhaps greater. I send you my prayers and penances for the success of your work.

I built a church in our house which I dedicated to Our Lady of the Plancheniza, Queen of Russia and to Saint Philomena. I would like to ask you for your blessing on this little church. Would that be possible Father?

Part of my becoming a Catholic was from reading your magazine. Thank you Father for the greatest of all gifts, the gift of Faith. Please remember me in your prayers and I will remember you in mine.

Ryan W., Johannesburg, South Africa

Do Not Let Anyone Discourage You, 
We're Glad you have the Courage

I have received and read The Fatima Crusader. Congratulations are in order for a magazine well written and as I went through the pages I see nothing contrary to our Catholic beliefs and teachings.

In fact we are glad you have the courage and God-given talent to produce such a fine informative magazine. Please do not let anyone discourage you, the devil is always busy, and if there are those trying to discredit you, then it means you are succeeding in your message.

Please keep up the good work and I hope one day to meet you in Heaven. Remembrance in Prayers,

G.G., Vancouver, BC

Courageous Spirit of The Fatima Crusader

Imbued with the courageous spirit of The Fatima Crusader and the burning zeal of your own personal commitment (of which I am in complete accord), I was inspired to give voice to my identical concerns about Our Lady's Fatima Message to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II. Enclosed is a copy.

I have joined my small flame to the white hot blaze of truth you have lit that serves as a brilliant beacon in the menacing sea of darkness just prior to the approaching dawn of a bright new day, the day the Immaculate Heart triumphs.

John U., Upton, NY

Your Articles are Factual ... 
I Hope your Readers Take Them to Heart

This is just a note to commend you and The Fatima Crusader for the excellent articles that appeared in a recent issue of your fine magazine on our national defense. They were factual in every sense of the word and I hope your readers will take them to heart.

I have taken the liberty of forwarding these articles on to Mr. John Fisher, Chairman and CEO of the nationally known and highly respected American Security Council in Washington for his information.

Again, thank you for your efforts to alert the American people of the danger we face. I will continue to pray for peace — with freedom for all the peoples of the world, because peace without freedom is meaningless.

Col. Gene A. Robens, Corona Del Mar, Ca.

People of all Religions Must Become Aware

Please find enclosed post-dated cheques for the coming year. I hope that this will not cause any problems for your bookkeeping department. It is my hope that as my finances increase that I will be able to contribute more to your most worthy and needed work.

Even though I am not of your faith I feel that people of all religions must become aware of the terrible tragedy that will soon befall man if his eyes remain closed.

R.L., Hamilton, Ont.

So Many Wish to Remain Blind and Deaf

I received and read your letter of August 13, sadly nodding my head at pages 2 and 3, regarding Russia et al. So many people just wish to remain blind and deaf about same: they simply do not wish to know! How terribly, terribly sad.

In light of your information, I just had to send you the enclosed, a US intelligence report. You may already be aware of the new Russian weapons and the explanation for the disappearance of (now) eight US space rockets, and the destruction of various planes, submarines, etc. I wish more people were.

The Chastisement in so many prophecies is about to fall upon us: even the Pope has acknowledged such. But if we only did as Our Blessed Mother asked at Fatima, we could certainly mitigate the strength and effects! If...If...If...!

May you continue the fight!

J.L.S., London