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Our Purpose is:

To Save the Lives of the Pope and Bishops

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

There are still some who claim that because the Pope consecrated the world in 1984 and since Russia is part of the world, he also thereby consecrated Russia and therefore he fulfilled the request of Our Lady of Fatima.

If that is true, why was not the October 31, 1942, consecration equally good since Pope Pius XII consecrated the world and obviously Russia was also then part of the world? But no, it was not what Our Lady asked for and world peace and the conversion of Russia did not result from it, not in 1942, not in 1984.

In fact, it is Our Lord Himself who distinguishes between the Consecration of Russia from that of the world, to Sister Lucia.

Jesus Shows Us: The Consecrations up to now Do Not Obey Our Lady of Fatima

It is well for us to recall the circumstances which caused Pope Pius XII to consecrate the world (not Russia) in 1942. Until July, 1940, Sister Lucia always asked only for the Consecration of Russia. A number of private initiatives to our Holy Father via bishops and priests resulted in refusals by Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII to act upon the command that they consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Bishop of Gurza, who had known Sister Lucia for a number of years and who was one of her counselors gave Sister Lucia the order to write to the Pope to mention the message given to her that Russia be consecrated and also to ask for the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Since Sister Lucia's various confessors, some of them even bishops, (e.g. Bishop Gurza who knew Pope Pius personally) got nowhere with the request for the Consecration of Russia, it was thought easier to obtain the Consecration of the world with a special mention of Russia.

The project of consecrating the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was the special mission of Alexandrina da Costa - a holy soul who lived in Porto, Portugal, at this time.

The idea of uniting the request of Our Lady of Fatima to Sister Lucia to consecrate Russia - with the request to consecrate the world given to Alexandrina da Costa caught on among certain Portuguese bishops at this time.

This took place especially because for over 10 years the Holy Fathers, Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII, did not respond to the command to consecrate Russia.

Jesus Told Sister Lucia 
Consecrate the World to end the War, 
Consecrate Russia for World Peace

Sister Lucia, upon receiving this order of the Bishop of Gurza to ask for the Consecration of the world with only a special mention of Russia, caused Sister Lucia great consternation. She knew that her mission was to make known the request of Our Lady of Fatima to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This request is an integral part of the message of Fatima and was authenticated by the great Miracle of the Sun. Sister Lucia may have sensed that to tie together her mission with that of Alexandrina might displease Our Lord and cause confusion.

Faced with the order of the Bishop of Gurza, she went into chapel before the Blessed Sacrament solemnly exposed for adoration. She asked Jesus to guide her in this dilemma. She wanted to obey her confessors, at the same time she did not want to displease Our Lord and Our Lady.

Jesus answered Sister Lucia's fervent prayer and told her: "His Holiness will obtain that these days of tribulation (World War II) will be shortened if he obeys My desires in making the act of consecration of the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with a special mention of Russia."

Is it then that Jesus equates the two consecrations? Not at all. First of all, Jesus acceded to the wishes of the superiors of Sister Lucia - He made a promise to lessen and shorten the evils of only World War II. Through the Consecration of Russia, Our Lady promised the conversion of Russia and world peace.

Clearly, the two consecrations - the Consecration of Russia and the Consecration of the world are not the same. And that is why the Consecration of the world by Pope Pius XII on October 31, 1942, did not effect the conversion of Russia.

As Father Alonso, official Fatima Archivist pointed out, Sister Lucia wrote at the beginning of 1943 regarding that act of consecration effected by the Pope on October 31, 1942:

"God has already shown me His satisfaction with the act, although incomplete according to His wishes, performed by the Holy Father and several bishops. He promises in return to put a stop to the war soon. The Conversion of Russia is not for now."

Winston Churchill noted in his monumental 5 volume published history of World War II that the hinges of fate changed in favor of the allies by December, 1942. Although Churchill did not note it, it was shortly after the consecration of the world done on October 31, 1942 by Pope Pius XII.

But Sister Lucia, writing in early 1943, already knew that Our Lord had accepted that consecration and was shortening the days of the Second World War.

She also knew, at the same time, that it was not the fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima's request and she knew likewise that the conversion of Russia was not to be effected by that consecration.1

Consecration of the World Did Not Effect World Peace

That is why the Consecration of the world on November 21, 1964, at Vatican Council II before all the bishops of the world by Pope Paul VI did not effect the conversion of Russia. That is why millions have died and continue to die in wars in different parts of the world.

That is why the Consecration of the world by Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1982 and March 25, 1984, have still not brought about the conversion of Russia. And still millions die in wars continuing to rage today.

But some protest, "you do a disservice to the Holy Father and to the Church to point out these things." Not at all. On the contrary, it is a service to the Pope and to the Church to speak the truth clearly while there is still time and opportunity to act.

Jesus Tells Sister Lucia the Bishops Lives are Endangered Because of the Delay 
in Consecrating Russia

If the consecration is not done soon, we will see realized the terrible prophecy of Jesus to Sister Lucia - that a number of bishops will be killed because the Consecration of Russia was delayed too long.

To put it in Our Lord's own words, He said:

"Make it known to My ministers that it has been given to them that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command and like him, they will follow him into misfortune."

The King of France here referred to is Louis XVI who was publicly executed in 1793. He and his predecessors had not consecrated France in the solemn public way that Jesus commanded them through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, 100 years earlier. It is indeed evident that we do not have much time left at all.

We are not doing a disservice to the Pope, we are trying to save his life and the lives of many bishops. We are also obeying Our Lord who tells us:

"Make It Known To My Ministers."

1. A Heart for All, Father Joaquin Alonso, page 62