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The Spectre of Hunger in 1989, 1990 
in North America*

Will This Be the Fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima's Prophecy?

Our Lady of Fatima specified that hunger would be one of the scourges of Divine chastisement by which God will punish the world unless men turn away from sin and return to God.

In her memoirs, Sister Lucia relates how she, together with Francisco and Jacinta went to the cave called "Loca do Cabeco":

"As soon as we got there, we prostrated on the ground, saying the prayers the Angel had taught us. After some time, Jacinta stood up and called to me:


"Some days later she asked me: 'Can I say that I saw the Holy Father and all those people?' "

'No. DON'T YOU SEE THAT THAT'S PART OF THE SECRET? If you do, they'll find out right away."

"All right!! Then I'll say nothing at all."

This prophetic vision has not yet been fulfilled here in North America but the frightful events it foretells seem to be approaching, and well nigh upon us.


Special Report by Lindsey Williams, October 7, 1988

(Lindsey is the author of a number of books, one of which is entitled, "Where's the Food".)

It is urgent that the truth get out to the people. This is the reason that I am writing this article. Especially this is true for people living in cities because the media and the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. are intentionally keeping this critical information from you.

This week I received the most startling letter I have ever received in my office. It was hand written by a very reliable attorney who is a member of the bar in Alabama, Larry Becraft. It read:

"Last night I talked with Gene Schroder from Campo, Colorado; Gene and his father were the founders of the American Agricultural Movement.

"Gene has a friend who works for the University of Missouri. This friend is presently employed to study present and future weather patterns. In his study he has discovered that a unique combination of weather patterns and other factors has already caused immeasurable damage to agriculture. Gene's friend says that he and all of his associates in the field are presently scared to death. They envision SOON, a calamity so profound as never to have been experienced by mankind. The drought, according to their study, will continue until after 1990. This means food and water shortages of a kind and nature as never before experienced.

"This short note simply cannot convey the full import of Gene's message. I can see food riots next year. I can see millions of deaths from thirst and starvation in 1990."

The government of the United States knows this and certain people in the media know this but for fear of panic they are not telling the people. I feel that I cannot hold back the truth so I am telling you because I feel you as a reader of this magazine do have time and can do something. In the Bible, in the days of Joseph in Egypt, Joseph knew the truth from God and told the people. The Pharaoh listened and stored food and spared the then known world. There is time while there is still food available for you to do likewise.

There has been a major drought in the western and mid-western parts of the United States. Farm organizations have calculated that the harvest of grains is only one-half of what it is in a normal year. America is not the only country which is in trouble, Soviet Russia had a very poor harvest this year also. Where will these countries get food from?

The truth is that the most critical issue in America today is the family farm and food. It is estimated by one of the respected farm organizations of America, NORM that every three minutes a family farm declares bankruptcy and most of the farms are being laid idle, untended. Because of this bankruptcy rate and the drought this year, there is the definite possibility of food shortages in the near future.

The average reader would be prone to say, "We have a huge surplus of grains, at least we have been told we do by the government." Well, let me tell you the truth as it really is. Dufur, Oregon is in the midst of the vast wheat country of the West. The manager of the grain elevator in Dufur and I have become friends. Recently he told me that the Federal Government agency which had wheat stored in his elevator ordered the grain removed without explanation or notice. The manager of the elevator checked with Cargill's big elevator on the Columbia River where barges ship the grain abroad and he found that the elevators on the Columbia River had also been emptied.

Estimates are that because of the drought, we have almost used up our surplus. If there is projected to be a drought through 1990 according to those in the know who study the weather at the University of Missouri, what will happen to the grocery store shelves in our cities SOON.

Last week I had a call from Dick Mankamaier in Ravenna, Ohio. He owns the Survival Center and handles bulk survival foods. He stated that a friend of his who is the manager of one of the largest food warehouses in the Northwest had called him that morning and told him the following startling story.

Representatives from a certain US Government agency had recently come to the warehouse of this large food chain and stated that they had rented a block of space in the warehouse and that they would like to inspect it. This individual, the manager of the warehouse, is very knowledgeable of what is happening in the world and began questioning the Government representatives as to what this space was to be used for. After much prodding he was reluctantly told, "We're renting this space because we anticipate the rationing of food as it was during the Depression in 1929, 1930 and 1931."

They are planning to use this warehouse as a point of food rationing headquarters. DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT TELLING THE PUBLIC?

These are only some of the facts. Order my book, Where's The Food from The Fatima Crusader and read all of the devastating stories of the plight of the family farmer. These facts and numerous other documented materials will be discussed when Father Gruner and I do a series of broadcasts on the subject in the near future on Father Gruner's radio broadcast Heaven's Peace Plan. The Bible says, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Is There Any Hope?


Despite all odds, having Faith and Trust in Our Blessed Mother defeats all seemingly impossible situations as is proven by the letter shown below.

September 5, 1988

Dear Father Gruner,

I am pleased to have received again The Fatima Crusader. I had promised Our Lady of Fatima a share of my crop. As you probably heard, the crop in Western Canada is less than normal but for some reason or other my crop was very good, so good… well so Our Lady's share was more than I anticipated but a deal is a deal, so My Lady of Fatima will get Her share.

I would like to write to you more about my family and farm but I know you are very busy. So please accept our token and may God guide you through Our Lady of Fatima.

With all our love,

D. and G. Ruest,

(A generous donation was enclosed.)