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Dear Father Gruner…

A friend has given me issues 19 and 20 of your publication. He is a devout Catholic, I am a Lutheran. Even though the teachings of our religions differ, the words of the Blessed Mother ring loud and clear in my heart. Why do the authorities refuse to consecrate Russia? No one would label them as fool for attempting such a meaningful feat.

… David L. - Waynesboro, Pa.

We have enclosed a donation for the continuation of your Fatima Apostolate. We support you because you are right.

Your magazine and your Apostolate has shed more light on the truth of that Message than any other mission in North America today. Through your work, Our Blessed Mother's plea for prayer, penance and sacrifice is being spread to multitudes of people who otherwise would not have heard it. We want that Apostolate to continue.

… Patrick, Stella, John, Stephen L. - London

"As a result, many of them neglected to spread the Message of Fatima,"

You are to be commended for bringing the whole truth to the readers of the Fatima Crusader.

I intend to remain loyal to my pledge and devotion to Our Blessed Mother, until death. It is also important to spread the devotion, thus I use care to whom my money goes.

I agree with your stand in opposition to Moscow-Vatican agreement, also that you should bring it to the attention of your readers. As a 72-year-old Catholic, I recall that after returning from overseas in WWII, in all Catholic Churches at the end of Sunday Masses, the priest and the altar boys would face the Altar with everyone joining in praying the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for the conversion of Russia. The Church realized that Communism was intrinsically evil. In about 1960, the special prayers were stopped and never resumed.

By not terminating the Moscow-Vatican agreement, some bishops, priests and religious began to turn sympathetic, more so in the third world countries. As a result, many of them neglected to spread the Message of Fatima, because it conflicted with their belief.

'The Holy Father will suffer much and I would ask you to use your publication to ask readers to pray for him daily.

… S.A.Z. - Ca.

For quite some time I have been following closely your apostolate and can only say that I approve of it wholeheartedly. May Our Lady help you succeed in all the wonderful projects you are carrying on.

… E.A. - Los Angeles

I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful work you are doing by writing in the Fatima Crusader. Myself, along with many other Ukrainian people, are very impressed with your knowledge of the Communists' trickery and their deception of many people. I'm very happy that you are trying to release a film which will tell of the true story of Fatima and Her Message.

… Nadia W.

"Your advice to the bishops and priests is remarkable. It manifests your great concern for their welfare."

You have tremendous responsibility to search for the truth and make it known. Where you find subversion and deception, you must weed it out. You must publish the truth.

… Juliette T. - Rocklin, Ca.

I received two more issues. Thank you. Your magazine is the best. Never in my life have I had to contend with so much confusion and deceit. Your advice to the bishops and priests is remarkable. It manifests your great concern for their welfare.

… Denise T. - Rochester Hills, Mi.

The mass murder of unborn infants, the corruption of children, the shameless immodesty and pornography, the acceptance of sodomy as a lifestyle, secular humanism in schools, crime and corruption, violence and cruelty, drug and alcohol abuse, and the desecration of Sunday, the Lord's Day, are the sins that cry to Heaven for justice and judgment. It is later than we think, in the tragic drama of mankind's apostasy from its Lord and God.

… Richard L. - Springfield, Ma.

"You are about the only priest publicly 'crying out' the Message of Fatima…"

God bless you in your important work of promoting devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. Satan seems to have a deadly stronghold on the world today!

… D.V.R. - Techny, Il.

You are about the only priest publicly 'crying out' the Message of Fatima, like a voice crying in the wilderness. Keep up the wonderful work. With love and prayers and asking for yours.

… L.M. - Braintree, Ma

After reading 'Fatima and the Great Conspiracy', the state of the world falls into perspective. It sure makes it easier to understand why so many outlandish things happen. You are on my list at daily Mass and Communion. God Bless.

… Richard W. - Islington, Ont.

We have been a subscriber to the Fatima Crusader for a short time now and have been impressed with your sincerity and devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, and with your Heaven's Peace Plan Radio Program.

… Francis N. - Neshkoro, Wi.