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Compromise for the sake of appeasing the Communists has been a colossal failure that has produced only the most disastrous effects. Voluntarily accepting the imposition of silence by means of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement has torn down the civilized world's last rampart of defense against the satanic force of destructionism that is so explosively embodied in atheistic Communism.

Against the horrific threat to religion, culture and civilization as such, the Catholic Church has been immobilized by the Vatican-Moscow Agreement, and in its paralyzed condition, the Communists have even managed to transform a portion of the ecclesiastical apparatus into an instrument of their devilish design. What follows here is Hamish Fraser's factual commentary of the bleak state of affairs in which the Church now finds itself.

This article consists of extracts of a speech Hamish Fraser prepared at the request of Victor Kulanday, Life President of the All India Laity Congress. Hamish prepared to give it in India before his untimely death in 1986. His words are more relevant than ever.

… Father Paul Leonard


by Hamish Fraser

The most authoritative definition of Communism is that of Pope Pius XI who declared nearly 50 years ago, in Divini Redemptoris (1937):

'Venerable Brethren, see that the faithful are put on their guard … Communism is intrinsically evil, and therefore no one who desires to save Christian civilization from extinction should render it assistance in any enterprise whatever. Those who allow themselves to be duped and who connive at the establishment of Communism in their own countries will be the first to pay the penalty of their blunder; and the more ancient, the more flourishing the Christian civilization happens to be in any country which Communism succeeds in penetrating, the more devastating will be their atheistic fury therein.'

This definition is authoritative not merely because it was merely a re-statement of the consistent teaching of the Pontifical Magisterium,1 but also because it has been corroborated so terrifyingly in the half-century since Divini Redemptoris was published.

When that encyclical letter on Communism was written, the mock trials to liquidate such Old Bolsheviks as had contrived to survive until then had yet to be completed. It is true that the 'Kulaks' — i.e. independent farmers of the Ukraine — had already been 'liquidated', as Stalin himself subsequently admitted, at a cost in blood and treasure greater even than that of World War II — with somewhere between 5-10 million dead as a consequence of a deliberately contrived famine, over and above those who had already been butchered or sent to the Gulag.

These and the other innumerable 'crimes of the Stalin era' had yet to be publicly admitted by Khrushchev who had himself played a prominent role as 'Hangman of the Ukraine'. (In effect Khrushchev's admissions constituted a subtle means whereby all of Communism's crimes were imputed to Stalin as a means of exculpating the post-Stalin Soviet Regime.)

When Divini Redemptoris was published, Soviet Russia's war crimes — including the massacre of Polish officers in Katyn Forest, not to speak of the later massacre of prisoners of war criminally returned to Stalin's mercy with the complicity of the Allies — had yet to be admitted. Eastern Europe had yet to be incorporated within the Soviet Empire; China also had yet to be taken over by Mao's no less brutal form of Revolutionary Marxist dictatorship; and South-East Asia's Calvary too had yet to begin. When Divini Redemptoris was written Communism ruled only one-sixth of the world's peoples, today the proportion is nearer to one in three. And Moscow's imperialist thrust continues in all key areas of the globe: the Philippines, South Africa, Central and Latin America. Today, moreover, in the wake of the 1962 Rome-Moscow Agreement, the very Church of Christ has been infiltrated and largely occupied by ecclesial proponents of a 'liberation-theology' that is simply Revolutionary Marxism in a 'Christian' guise, and, as a consequence, the institutional Church is becoming increasingly integral to the Revolution. In other words, today we are witnessing before our eyes the implementation of the warning of Our Lady of Fatima as well as that of Divini Redemptoris.

Not Spontaneous

There could be no greater mistake than to imagine that this infiltration and occupation of Mother Church — as also of other ecclesial communities — derives from spontaneity. It is true that there have always been wayward Christians, more inclined to think with the mind of the world than with the mind of the Church: i.e. with the mind of Protestantism or Masonry in the 18th and 19th Centuries, and, in the 20th, increasingly with the mind of Socialism/Communism. What is different about the present situation is the extent to which such tendencies have been sedulously cultivated and exploited to serve the purposes of the Revolution, by its apparatchiks and also by its highly organized fellow-travellers.

Nature of Soviet Menace

In the West, the need for collective self-protection against this very real menace soon led to the establishment of NATO; in the Far East, it led first to the Korean War in order to check Red China's pretensions, and soon afterwards to America's involvement in Vietnam. Moreover, despite the bland assumptions of ostrich pacifists everywhere, that a defeat of the U.S. forces in Vietnam would not be followed by a 'domino' effect, soon proved vain. Indeed not even in Russia, Eastern Europe, or China itself did wholesale genocide become quite so vicious as it did in Cambodia (Kampuchea).

The Indifference of a Permissive Society

By this time, alas, the ravages of Communism's 'peace' offensive had been so effective, particularly in terms of media-impact, that, notwithstanding the harrowing spectacle of the 'boat people', the West had become so obsessed by the threat of nuclear war and so pleasure-bent that it could no longer care less about the fate of Communism's victims. The fate of Eastern Europe, the salutary warnings of unimpeachable witnesses such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Nadezhda Mandelstam2 — not to mention Khrushchev's own damning indictment of the crimes of the Stalin era — all of which corroborated Pius XI's definition of Communism as 'intrinsically evil': all this was soon forgotten by a 'free world' so given up to licentious permissiveness as to be no longer interested in freedom as such, and prepared to promote only such forms of 'liberation' as had Moscow's approval and therefore still further dulled Western awareness of the menace of Soviet totalitarianism.

Role of the 1962 Vatican-Moscow Agreement.

However, all this would have been impossible but for Vatican II's 1962 Vatican-Moscow Agreement which forbade even the discussion of Communism by the Council Fathers and thus made possible the emergence of that 'liberation theology' which, by identifying Christ with the Revolution, gave Moscow the means whereby it could proceed to brainwash the entire world to its advantage.

But for the Vatican-Moscow Agreement and 'liberation theology', Moscow would probably have labored in vain; as it was, however, it soon became possible for Communism to harness even Church institutions as well as Churchmen to the Revolution's chariot. The rest we know.

Moscow's Main Objective

In retrospect, it is clear what was the main objective of the Soviet 'peace' offensive. So long as bishops and Churchmen generally accepted Rome's definition of Communism as 'intrinsically evil', there was a most dependable international nucleus on which anti-Communism could rely for support. However, once the leaven had become an anti-leaven, once the Revolutionary cause began to be presented as essentially 'Christian' by Churchmen and even by Church-sponsored organizations, secular anti-Communism too was fatally undermined. For it then became possible for Communists to become acceptable even by Catholic Churchmen as bona fide allies.

Invention of New Super-Menace

So long as Communism was regarded as 'intrinsically evil' by Churchmen and by the world at large as the greatest menace confronting modern society, there was no possibility of Communists being considered acceptable as allies by either Christians or even liberals. Indeed, in the 50s even most socialist parties were anti-Soviet. For Communists to become acceptable as allies it was first necessary to invent a super-menace, and to present it as being more frightening that even Communism, against which, therefore, it would be justifiable for Christians, liberals, Uncle Tom Cobley and all to unite with the Communists.

This invention would not have been possible but for the post-Conciliar perversion of both Churchmen and Church institutions. And it was achieved primarily through the treason of such Catholic Churchmen as had begun to insist that it is not Communism but Anti-Communism that is 'intrinsically evil'.

Bishop Mendez-Arceo

Foremost among these was the Mexican Catholic Bishop SERGIO MENDEZ-ARCEO. The very title of his address to the Sixth All-Christian Peace Assembly at Prague (July 2-9, 1985) organized by the Soviet-controlled Christian Peace Conference was 'ANTI-COMMUNISM: OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE'. Nor did he mince words in his address, stating:

'Anti-Communism in Latin America is the greatest obstacle to solidarity and unity of the people and governments against the interventions and threats of imperialism. Anti-Communism is the generator of the mistrust of Europe in its solidarity with the Central American countries … Anti-Communism is the motto of the crusade which the President of the United States has permanently been launching against the independence of Central America … TO BE ANTICOMMUNIST IS TO BE ANTI-CHRISTIAN…' (Emphasis added.)


Such had also for some time been the implicit stance of most Western Catholic episcopates. However, no bishop has been more outspokenly anti-anti-Communist than Ireland's 'Tutu', Bishop Eamonn Casey of Galway, who is Chairman of Ireland's Catholic Development Agency, 'TROCAIRE'.

It was therefore not surprising that at the launching of 'a TROCAIRE information pack on apartheid and its effects' the Irish Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. George Birmingham, was reported as saying:


In other words it is South Africa, not Communism, that is 'intrinsically evil'.

The South African Bishops

It is bad enough that, from the safety of episcopal foxholes thousands of miles away, ecclesial 'useful idiots' such as Bishops Mendez-Arceo and Casey should shut their eyes and ears not only to the warning of Our Lady of Fatima but also to the elementary political facts of contemporary life. But it is still more scandalous that in South Africa itself the Catholic Bishops' Conference should align itself quite unequivocally with the Communist-dominated ANC against the State which the same ANC seeks to make ungovernable by burning alive, and threatening to burn alive, anyone who dares to cooperate in any way with the legitimate Government; and when Churchmen insist on unconditional freedom for the Mandelas, despite the fact that Mrs. Mandela uses such freedom as she already has not only to call for an even wider use of the barbarous 'necklace',4 but also to acclaim the USSR as 'the torchlight of all our hopes', adding, in the same Tass interview: 'In Soviet Russia genuine power of the people has been transformed from a dream into a reality.'

Such is the willfully blind, suicidal idiocy of such Churchmen as have repudiated Pius XI's warning against giving help of any kind whatever to the Communist enemies of civilization. Willfully blind and suicidal indeed, because both the savagery and the power-lust of Communism, far from lessening, has progressively escalated from one conquest to the next.

Gorbachev's Cloven Hoof

Because the more sophisticated Gorbachev prefers Bond Street tailoring to the crude uniform of Stalin and Mao, and has his wife dressed by the most expensive Parisian couturieres, he is more, rather than less of a menace, if only because sartorially, he is superficially indistinguishable from the general run of pedestrian Western politicians.

His July 28, 1986 speech at Vladivostok sufficed to give the lie to any notion that he is any less hardline in attitude than his predecessors. For on that occasion the Economist had to note his 'firm statement that Russia is determined to be a power in the whole of the Pacific right down to Australia and New Zealand'.

Moreover, the Japanese Defense Agency Report, comparing Soviet naval, military and air power in Asia and the Pacific as it was in 1976 with what it is today, pointed out that whereas in 1976 Moscow's Asian strength was a mere 31 divisions, 2,030 combat aircraft, a 755-ship navy and no medium-range nuclear missiles, today (without counting its forces in Afghanistan or in the Middle East) its Pacific forces include 41 divisions, 2,390 combat aircraft, 85 Backfire bombers, and an 840-ship fleet which includes 2 aircraft carriers and 164 SS-20 missiles.

Communism's Iron Heel

Nor, if and when it would become expedient to annex Australia and New Zealand, need these Anglo-Saxon enclaves expect more gentle treatment than has already been experienced in South East Asia where — apart from the overall number killed on all sides in the Vietnam war, a total of 1.2 million — at least 2 1/4 million more were slaughtered in Cambodia alone. And the killing still goes on!

Nor is South East Asia an exception to the Communist rule. For as the New York-based human rights group Freedom House has recently pointed out, the number of people slaughtered after any Communist conquest exceeds by far whatever casualties are incidental to the conquest as such.

The Death Toll

From 1918 - 1953 for example, the Soviet Government executed, slaughtered, starved, beat or tortured to death or otherwise killed, at least some 39.5 million OF ITS OWN PEOPLE; and in China under Mao Tse-tung the Communist government liquidated no fewer than 45 million people. Thus, excluding South East Asia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia etc., in the USSR and Red China alone the number killed was circa 84 million people. Yet in World Wars I and II combined, there were no more than 24 million battle deaths!

No Less a Menace Than Nuclear War

Terrible as war is therefore, still greater is the menace of Communist violence. Indeed, such is Communism's track record that the number of its victims already approximates the number that might be killed in a nuclear war.

What is Even More Suicidal Than Anti-Anti-Communism?

However, even more suicidal than anti-anti-Communism is the quite unprecedented load of mortal sin now weighing down upon the free world: the massacre of untold innocents in their mothers' wombs; the epidemic of sexual perversions, involving every conceivable abomination and some that are almost unimaginable, and on such a scale as to make even Sodom and Gomorrah appear comparatively restrained.5 Indeed, contemporary anti-anti-Communism is but a consequence of the blindness deriving from sin, as is also the spreading of Communism's errors throughout the entire world — with the active connivance of Churchmen — against which Our Lady of Fatima warned so eloquently.

Blindness of Churchmen

Worst of all, however, is the incredible but by no means non-culpable blindness of Churchmen. It is particularly significant that while we are persistently afflicted by countless admonitions from episcopally — sponsored bodies to beware of the 'sins' of Messrs. Botha and Reagan — which it seems are the only offenses acknowledged as being 'really sinful' by neomodernist bishops and theologians — there have been no episcopal warnings against the very real sin of contraception which is at the root of all other sexual perversions from sodomy and sterilization on the one hand to abortion on the other.6 For once the basic premise of contraception is conceded — that sex is essentially for fun and only possibly or rather improbably for procreation — anything goes.

Our Society Beyond Redemption?7

A society which turns its back on pro-CREATION — in effect on both CREATION and the CREATOR — not only doesn't deserve to survive, indeed it deprives itself of the very possibility and means of survival.

Paradoxically, on the same page of the Daily Telegraph of August 26, 1986, which reported that 'Trials "prove PILL for men is possible"' the main story concerned the consequences of Europe's plummeting birth rate, already '20 per cent below replacement level, with little prospect of a turn around' according to the EEC's Economic and Social Committee. According to the report: 'The trend could lead to a shortage of workers in the Community.' Tactfully, it appears to have omitted all reference to the consequences in terms of manpower for defense! Already, however, there is speculation concerning the possibility of France's becoming a predominantly Moslem country sometime in the 21st Century!

It is, therefore, indeed possible that our society may already be virtually beyond redemption. Indeed, it was one of Catholic Europe's most distinguished, and also most cautious, theologians - the late Pere Joseph de Sainte Marie, O. Carm, - who told me when I met him in Rome in June last year, a few months before his death, on October 24, 1985, that he could see no possibility of Europe's coming to its senses without it first being occupied by the Red Army.

No Counsel of Despair

Nor was this by any means a counsel of despair on the part of Pere Joseph de Sainte Marie. It was simply an expression of realism by an outstanding authority on the Message of Our Lady of Fatima who realized the extreme improbability of our society's obtaining the grace of the Collegial Consecration of Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart, and thus also of Russia's consequent conversion, in time to avert the chastisement of war, occupation and all the horrors thereof deriving from disobedience to the Queen of Heaven.

Nor, should this come to pass, which God forbid, are there any grounds whatsoever for despair. For God gives each man sufficient grace for his salvation, no one is condemned but for his own fault, and, what is most important of all, we must continually remind ourselves that Our Divine Lord has already conquered the Prince of this world and all his literally hellish works and pomps.

Therefore, let us do what we can - that we MUST DO; and what we cannot do, let us leave it to the Almighty with the confidence befitting us as little children of our Heavenly Father.


1. Cf. Pius IX in Syllabus and Qui Pluribus (which refers to 'that infamous doctrine of Communism, utterly opposed to the natural law itself…'), and Leo XIII who had described Communism as 'a deadly plague insidiously penetrating the very vitals of human society and threatening it with extinction'. (Cf. Quod Apostolici mineris, 1878.)

2. The Jewish widow of Joseph Mandelstam, leading Soviet poet liquidated by Stalin. Cf. Hope against Hope. Collins & Harvill Press, 1971.

3. The Irish press, June 4, 1986. The banner headline was 'THE ONLY NATION IN THE WORLD "BASED ON EVIL".'

4. The necklace referred to is an automobile tire which is hung around the neck of the victim (chosen by the Communist mob). The tire is filled with gasoline and lit. The victim dies an excruciating death in a fire that cannot be extinguished in time to save the victim.

5. Some of these abominations are indeed so outrageous that not even the lewdest of tabloid dailies dares describe them.

6. According to Bishop Cormac Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton, 'artificial birth control' may be practiced by married couples 'for good motives. Sometimes (he adds) the practice may be lightly sinful, sometimes no sin at all; rarely if ever should it be an obstacle to the reception of Holy Communion.' In a letter to The Tablet dated October 5, 1984. And this despite the fact that the most popular forms of 'contraception' (the low dosage 'Pill' and IUDs) are abortifacient.

7. This question is also dealt with by Harvey Ward, in 'Operation Esther' concerning the fall of Rhodesia, which will be published shortly by Newleaf Press, Box 311, Greenforest, Arkansas 72638, U.S.A.