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We publish here the text of a message received by Father Stefano Gobbi on June 10, 1987, in Ottawa, Canada. It is taken from the official bulletin of the Marian Movement of Priests, Bulletin No. 17 dated Feb. 22, 1988.

We publish this because it seems that certain pressures have been applied whereby most important information may be stifled within the Movement which Father Gobbi is the founder. We usually do not get involved in publishing any other message from Heaven except Fatima but because Father Gobbi is so favorably received by Pope John Paul II and because he and his movement has the approval of a number of bishops we deem it reasonable to publish this message which is close to the Message of Fatima — and since it is in danger of being hidden from many Marian Movement of Priests followers we felt it needed to be publicized at this time.

It is particularly timely in the light of current events taking place around the world whereby it appears the Catholic Church will be handed over into bondage by the secular super powers in a deal that has already, it seems, been signed, sealed and delivered. It is only a matter of a few months before the decision may be executed to the loss of millions of souls.

Our only hope is for the Pope to obey Our Lady of Fatima as soon as possible.

"Walk in trust; join in My plan. This Marian Year which, under My interior inspiration, My Pope has promulgated for all the Church is an extraordinary event of grace and of mercy. During this year, I am calling all the children of the Church to gather together with Me in cenacles of unceasing prayer, and most of all I desire that the Holy Rosary be recited often, particularly by little ones, by the sick, by the poor and by sinners.

Surround the world with the chain of the rosary in order to obtain grace and mercy for all. Multiply your cenacles of prayer. During this year I am urging all to respond to my request to consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart."

We omit here the next paragraph which refers in a special way to the Marian Movement of Priests.

"It is moreover particularly important for the development of the great events which have been foretold to you by Me, that during this year there be carried out My request, made by My daughter Sister Lucia of Fatima, (namely) that Russia be consecrated to Me by the Pope together with all the bishops of the world.

"During this year, I am calling all My children to gather together at My many shrines, spread throughout every part of the earth, in order to make a general appeal for My motherly assistance. This should also be accompanied by personal and communal works of penance and of reparation for the grave individual and social sins which are constantly being committed more and more.

I promise you that I Myself will then intervene in the course of this Marian Year in order to carry out part of what I have foretold to you which for the present is still being guarded in secrecy and in silence. During this year I will manifest My great power to the Church and to the world, My light will become stronger and the great events will begin to be accomplished.

And so I beg you all not to let pass uselessly such an extraordinary occasion of grace which, with this Marian Year, the mercy of the Lord has again granted to the Church and to all humanity."