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Only the Pope Can Save Us Now

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

•  We are in Crisis

•  We are Surrounded

•  We are Betrayed

•  Our Leaders Have Surrendered

•  We are Sold Out

•  Our Death Is Imminent


We are at a crucial point in our personal lives, and in our history. We are in the very process of being handed over to death by some leaders in the Church and in the State. We leave God to judge the guilt of all those guilty of such a betrayal. Our purpose here is to cry out and warn our fellow Christians and fellow citizens that the hour is late, very late and that we must heed Our Lady of Fatima before we perish and die. Death in time and even death for all eternity… these are very real possibilities and very imminent.

Sister Lucy speaking about her mission said, "My mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain obstinate in sin."

We could be killed by the Communists in our own homeland as early as this year or next. But it will certainly not be long in coming, judging from all the facts that are now becoming public knowledge. Unless we heed Our Lady of Fatima now we are certain to be lost.

All Western Europe is Doomed

Fact: The INF Treaty has been signed and ratified. This constitutes the surrender of Western Europe into the hands of the Russian Communists. The only military deterrent holding back the Russians from invading Western Europe by force, or alternatively from issuing an ultimatum to our European allies to surrender has been the nuclear arms and missiles which are now being removed under the terms of the INF Treaty. When this process is complete in the next few months, nothing will be able to stop the Russian Communists' takeover of Europe except God and His Most Holy Mother. The Blessed Virgin Mary on July 13, 1917, speaking to the three children of Fatima and speaking in the third person about Herself under the title of The Lady of the Rosary said, "Only She can help you."

Truly these words of Our Lady of Fatima are literally and absolutely true. God Himself has reserved the grace of triumph over His enemies to the Immaculate Virgin. God of course is the author of all Her victories but God Himself will not grant this victory over our enemies (and His) except through the merits and intercession of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. There is no other way.

We know this because Our Lady has told us at Fatima and God has confirmed His Most Holy Mother's words by the Great Miracle of the Sun before more than 70,000 witnesses as well. Many other miracles God works at Fatima to demonstrate the absolute necessity we have of obeying Our Lady's requests given at Fatima — including the absolute necessity for the Pope and the bishops to obey the request to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart before it is too late.

Russia Will Conquer America Very Soon

We know from Sister Lucy of Fatima that if it is not done in time then the whole world including the U.S.A. will be conquered by Russia. Sister Lucy told William T. Walsh in 1946 that this included the U.S.A. In 1957 She told Father Fuentes that Russia would be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world.

Today we do not need to be prophets to see that our chastisement is deserved, and (almost immediately) upon us. (See the articles in this issue which deal with the political and social realities now prevalent around us). We should not despair, and give up - even now we should heed Our Lady by doing penance. That is first of all abstain from sin and ignore (avoid like the plague) those clergy and lay people who tell us its permissible to miss Mass on Sunday without a serious reason, that blasphemy and Sunday work is all right, you can use contraception and have abortion, you can vote for a pro-abortion candidate, etc. We must also make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (see page 18).

We need to pray, we need to pray the Rosary asking Our Lady to awaken us from our lethargic slumber that has brought us to the edge of the pit of hell. We need Her help to resist all the attractive enticements to sin. We must pray for our civic and religious leaders, who are only human and subject to weakness as all children of Adam are.

We need to pray for the Pope and the bishops to carry out that most urgent duty now facing them, namely that they consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary before they and we are enslaved, imprisoned, tortured and murdered by the godless hordes of Communist goons now about to conquer us by military might. We must realize that our leaders are in need of our prayers and acts of penance and reparation to God to draw down on them the graces they need to fulfill their duties of public office.

In the time of Judith, (that great woman who singlehandedly defeated Holofernes and his army of hundreds of thousands which had surrounded Jerusalem by overwhelming odds) the leaders of the then people of God had decided to give up and ask for terms of surrender.

Today from all the facts coming out now it is clear that our leaders have come to the same conclusion. We need like Judith to fast and pray as never before and we need to have recourse to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Now (tomorrow maybe we shall already be killed) because even though it is very late, Jesus told Sister Lucy that it is never too late to have recourse to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. But as the apostasy goes on, of course, and as more people lose their faith, it is too late for them unless they later regain enough faith and hope to pray again.

The Pope is Like Moses

We must realize that we are surrounded even more so than Moses and the then people of God when the enemy army was bearing down upon them, they were unarmed, and had no place to go — only the Red Sea stretched out in front of them. Only by the obedience to God of Moses, their God-chosen leader, were they freed from an otherwise impossible situation. By Moses' obedience — the Red Sea was opened and the people escaped.

Today the Pope and the bishops are commanded to use their Apostolic Authority in a public and visible way over the Red Sea of Russian Communism. It so surrounds us and is so infiltrated among us that to free ourselves from its subversion in the Church and in our government as well as to free us from its many times over superiority in armies and weapons — we must pray for the Pope and the bishops to do their duty now before it is too late for all of us.

Our Lady of Fatima Like Esther

We are worse off now than in the time of Queen Esther when the whole (then) people of God were marked out for slaughter by the decree of the head of State. Today the whole world is about to be handed over into the hands of the Russian Communists who are the sworn death-dealing enemies of all that is of God and His Christ. We are now marked out for slaughter and cruel death.

We are already in the process of having these secret agreements against us even now being carried out. What has happened to the Catholics behind the Iron Curtain is scheduled to happen to us very soon — but even more so as there will be no court of public opinion to appeal to and no place for us to flee to — we are certain to die — unless we turn to Our Heavenly Queen Who on the 13th of the months from May to October appealed to us to turn to Her in order to be saved.

It was Queen Esther who saved her people on the 13th of the month by appealing to the King. Mary Our Heavenly Mother in the 13th hour can still even now convert Communist Russia which is bent upon murdering all Christians, the people of God today. She can and will convert the Russian Communists away from their diabolic plans for us of enslavement, imprisonment, torture and murder. She awaits that moment when the Pope and the bishops obey the command given by God to them to rededicate Russia to Her so that She can treat it as Her own and convert it. She awaits patiently and anxiously. It is up to the Pope and the bishops and we need to do our part by praying for them.

We Must Act Now

Just as Moses needed someone to hold up his arms to pray for victory, the Pope needs us to hold up his spiritual arms so that he can obtain the victory of the conversion of Russia — we need to pray and make sacrifices as Our Lady of Fatima indicated in order to hold up the spiritual arms of the Pope and the bishops.