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We bring you this special 'Urgent Issue' so that you can be informed of facts that have been hidden from you or purposely misrepresented to you … facts well documented.

Never before in history have you been so betrayed by your institutions, your governments, even by some of our own Church leaders.

The devil knows that his time is running out, but that is no reason to sit back and be complacent. Every day that he is allowed to go on, he relentlessly attempts to crush all that is good.

The recent onslaught of vicious, unfounded rumors regarding Father Gruner and the Fatima Crusader are just one example of the devil and his henchmen's last groping attempt to discredit and destroy anything and anybody that holds to the truth and especially who honors the Blessed Virgin Mary and obeys Her commands.

Remember that at Akita, Japan, Our Lady said to Sister Agnes, "Priests who venerate Me will be despised, combatted and vilified". Father Jacq of the Foreign Mission Society of Paris commenting on this quote adds, 'That is so easy to see. The priests who honor most particularly the Mother of God, the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Father, are the targets of slander, of open or covert persecution, of isolation, of forced retirement, of enforced idleness or of outright banishment.'

This all-out attack against The Fatima Crusader, despite Our Lady's forewarning of such events, have left our readers aghast and incredulous at the behavior of our 'enemies' supposedly within the same camp. We have had a multitude of letters and phone calls asking us to set these aggressors straight and defend Our Lady's Apostolate.

Therefore, acknowledging our obligation to keep our readers informed, we print this issue. Documented facts are provided to give you the information necessary to persevere in the fight against Our Lady's enemies.

Some say Fatima 'is not political' — but they are wrong. Our Lady Herself, by command of God, came in 1917 to warn us all of the impending rise of Communism and the danger in store for us all if we did not listen to Her instructions. Our Lord Himself told Sister Lucy that if we did not heed Our Lady's request the evils of Communism would spread among us. The Communists want to destroy all religion because Marx wrote that religion is the source of all evil. Marx was a satanist who hated all that is God's. The Communists and their masters know that before they can overcome us they must destroy us spiritually.

At Fatima we were given an ultimatum: Either consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary or the Holy Father will have much to suffer, the whole world will be enslaved by Russian Communism and entire nations will be annihilated. The time for the ultimatum given at Fatima is almost up.

God in His mercy warned us through Our Lady at Fatima and in His love for us gave us a simple solution. Who are we to question His wisdom?

We here at The Fatima Crusader have dedicated our lives to ensuring that this Message of Warning and Hope from God through Our Lady at Fatima reaches you and others like you all over the world.

Fatima is not a 'private revelation'. The Message of Fatima was a public one which God went to the trouble of authenticating by giving us the Miracle of the Sun — one of His greatest Miracles in history — so that we might believe.

Furthermore, every Pope since 1917 has approved of this Message. Those who would infer that we are against the Pope because we are petitioning for the Consecration are in fact, the ones themselves that are against the Pope, who himself desires to consecrate Russia and who needs our and your public support.

It is in the spirit of truth and obedience to God and Our Lady, and in the spirit of allowing each and every one of you to hear the documented truth we print in this issue, so that you will be well armed to fight and win the battle for Our Lady of Fatima, and help to bring about the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

… The Editors