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Part II: The Need To Inform The Bishops

by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Contrary to what people might think or expect, even in the recent past — the bishops, people close to the Pope and even the Popes have not known clearly and explicitly what the command of Our Lady of Fatima to them has been. (We should note here however that Pope John Paul II has indicated in 1984 that he knows of this request and that it has not yet been done.)

This above-mentioned lack of knowledge in the bishops and papal assistants is in large part due to the disinformation campaign that has been spread by certain people who claim to work for Our Lady of Fatima, but really do not present Her Message properly.

A Good Bishop Misled By Misinformation

The following is a recent very clear example of this. On Friday November 29, 1985, Bishop Ganaka, president of the Bishops' Conference of Nigeria, was invited to have lunch with the Holy Father in the Vatican with several other bishops that were attending the Synod.

Having attended the International Fatima Rosary Crusade Symposium on November 24, in Vatican City, Bishop Ganaka there learned for the first time of the important request of Our Lady asking for the consecration of Russia.

He was impressed with our presentation and told The Fatima Crusader that he intended to ask the Holy Father to do this. He also wanted to show his support to Pope John Paul II for this project. Now Bishop Ganaka being from Africa is very influential in the Vatican.

Since the Catholic Church is doing so well in Africa these days, the Vatican officials especially respect the views and advice of the African bishops. So we know that the African bishop could have done great good for the Church on November 29, 1985.

Alas! Someone had placed on a table where the bishops were meeting the Pope that day, a magazine carrying the false news about the consecration of Russia being done. It would seem that this story was a result of the 'bogus interview' of May, 1982.

The Fatima Crusader, in Issue No. 20 and again in Issue No. 22 has demonstrated how false the 'bogus interview' of May, 1982 with Sister Lucy is. But again, the disinformation campaign apparently won the day. Seeing this paper, whichever one it was, on the table in the papal apartments, the bishop lost his confidence in speaking to the Pope about this matter. Therefore he did not raise the subject.

A Pope Is Misinformed By A Bishop

The following is another example of the disinformation campaign against Our Lady of Fatima. Archbishop Sante Portalupi, who was Papal Nuncio to Portugal, asked Sister Lucy on March 21, 1982 in the name of the Pope, what the Pope must do to obey Our Lady of Fatima.

Sister Lucy explained to the Papal Nuncio that the Pope must choose a date in which he commands the bishops of the whole world to join him in consecrating Russia. That part of the interview was never transmitted to the Pope before his trip to Fatima in 1982.

In May of 1982 at Fatima, the Pope consecrated the world, not Russia. He therefore did not fulfill Our Lady's request. Secondly, he did not command the bishops to join him in this act. This lack of obedience by the Pope was because the Pope was misinformed.

This Disinformation Campaign Is Not New

In 1952, a Belgian woman received a pamphlet on the command of Our Lady of Fatima of June 13, 1929. In that pamphlet, the words of Our Lady were reported as: "The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father … to consecrate Russia to Me. God promises to save it by this means." Unfortunately somebody had removed, in this pamphlet, Our Lady's words which stated, "together with all the bishops."

The Belgian woman thought she had received Our Lady's words without any change. Moved by what she read, the woman was not to be deterred and through her contacts, energy and strong will she was able to reach the Pope.

She got Pope Pius XII to consecrate Russia on July 7, 1952. Not surprisingly, she did not tell him that he had to do it with all the bishops of the world because the words referring to the bishops had been missing from the pamphlet.

Today You Suffer As A Result Of The Pope Being Misinformed

Therefore, His Holiness did not ask the bishops to consecrate Russia with him. As a result, we today are all still groaning under the threat of nuclear war and enslavement to Communism. We have now 50 million abortions a year.

Instead of an era of peace we are living through a continual war; a war of Communism against the Church and war on the unborn with 50 million dead victims a year. Indeed we see that Father Caillon rightly labeled the person responsible for editing out that phrase "in union with all the bishops of the world," as criminal.

Criminal Journalism

If we can call a man who murders one person criminal, if we can call people criminal who in the Nazi holocaust were guilty of the deaths of millions of Catholic Polish people and millions of other Christians in their concentration camps; if we rightly call them criminal, must we not call criminal those people who by their deliberate distortion, disinformation or misinformation on the Message of Fatima will cause whole nations to be put to the torch?

For whole nations will be annihilated, wiped off the face of the earth, if the Message of Our Lady of Fatima has not been obeyed and Russia has not been converted in time by means of this consecration.

Truly the word criminal is just, and Father Caillon, speaking at the Symposium, spoke correctly in calling this criminal. We must agree, it is criminal to distort and to not give the words of Our Lady, but rather our own interpretation which is contrary to the clear words of Our Lady of Fatima.

If some Communists had said these things we would know that we could ignore them because they don't believe in Fatima. But when a person who professes to be Catholic and furthermore professes to be an Apostle of Our Lady of Fatima for many years deliberately distorts the Message of Our Lady then this is truly criminal and doubly so.

It must be stopped, by our prayers and by disseminating the truth. With the help of God and with your help, we shall stop it before it is too late.

We Must Publish The Truth To The World

By the above three examples not only do we see the importance of reporting the words of Our Lady clearly and without distortion, but we also see the importance of publishing the words to the public. Remember, it was not the Curia officials around Pope Pius XII who got the Pope to consecrate Russia in 1952. It was due to a lay woman who picked up a pamphlet that had been published to the general public that got word through to the Pope to tell him of this request of Our Lady of Fatima.

According to Father Caillon, there are still people around Pope John Paul II who are misinformed as to what the requests of Our Lady of Fatima are. In the light of past experience as well as the present misinformation campaign, it is important, therefore, that the full and exact Message of Our Lady of Fatima be given to the general public.

Jesus Wants You To Know

Let us remember that Pope John Paul II has said at Fatima, "The Message of Fatima is addressed to every human being." Next, let us recall that God wants His whole Church to acknowledge the consecration of Russia as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

How can this desire of Jesus be realized? How will His whole Church know that the conversion of Russia is a result of the consecration of Russia by the Pope and the bishops to Mary's Immaculate Heart? It is obvious that the Church must be told before the conversion of Russia takes place that it is only "by this means" that Russia is converted. In other words, it is part of Jesus' plans for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart — that His command to the Pope and the bishops be widely broadcast before the command obeyed.

Therefore, when this predicted conversion of Russia takes place, it will be clearly seen by all Catholics to have been a result of this act of obedience by the Pope and the bishops that Russia is converted. It must not be attributed to Cardinal Casaroli's Vatican-Moscow Agreement nor attributed to the false reasoning of some pious people who claim that it is by their prayers that Russia is converted.

Conversion Of Russia Only "By This Means"

The conversion of Russia is purely an act of Grace gratuitously given despite our merits and our prayers. We don't deserve it but God will give it through the merits of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, not through our own merits. And God wants it to be seen clearly then, that when the conversion of Russia and peace is given to the world, it is not through any merits of our own, not through any human policies, practices, etc., but only by means of this act of consecration which gives full credit to the merits and intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Therefore, it is important for the public, especially members of Christ's Church, the Catholics, to be informed before the consecration takes place that it is only "by this means" that Russia is converted.

They must know it is "by this means" that peace is given to the world. They must know that it is not anything else which has caused world peace and the conversion of Russia. Therefore, it is important for the truth of this matter to be published NOW.


It was through publishing about it in the past that the Pope came as close as he did on July 7, 1952, to consecrating Russia. But due to the misinformation fed to the chosen lay person, that is, due to the 'criminal' negligence of that leaflet publisher who did not publish the whole truth, Pope Pius XII did not make the Collegial Consecration as commanded by God. And we, as a result of that publisher's negligence, remain in the mess that we are in today.

From the bad example of those who misinformed the Pope in 1952, and again in 1982, as well as those who misinformed Bishop Ganaka in 1985, we can see clearly the necessity for ensuring that the whole truth be published, not only in private letters intended only for bishops' eyes but also in magazine, newspapers, and pamphlets, etc., intended for reception by the general public. If the publisher of that pamphlet in 1952 had only published the whole sentence of Our Lady — what a difference we would have today.

A Very Important Service

By now it should be obvious to everyone that The Fatima Crusader, by publishing the whole truth of this matter, despite the opposition of misinformed (and/or false) brethren, fulfills a most essential role in bringing peace to the world and saving our lives and souls from Communist aggression.

It is only by publishing the full truth and thereby eventually causing exact obedience to the command to the Pope and the bishops to consecrate Russia that peace and salvation will be achieved for hundreds of millions of souls.

Clearly, it is not an exaggeration to say that since The Fatima Crusader is the only large circulation publication that makes these facts known, its work is a tremendous service to the Church and the world. Until many other publications take up this responsibility, many souls indeed are dependent on this magazine for this soul-saving truth to be made known.

Communist Russia Kept In Power By Disinformation

Today close to half the world's population is subjected to Russia because of disinformation, misinformation, given out in 1952. Russia continues to spread its errors, continues to hold in subjection over one billion, 500 million people. If the Pope and the bishops were clearly informed and if the objections and false reasonings against Fatima were clearly exposed, then we are certain the Pope would do it.

If the Pope and the bishops would not do it out of a sense of duty, they at least would certainly do it to please the Catholic public. Just as the woman in the parable of the unjust judge did not cease asking for justice even though the judge feared neither God nor man, but she eventually received justice due to her perseverance.

Similarly the lay people, if they only knew that they are being denied fundamental justice by the lack of obedience of the Pope and the bishops, would without doubt persist in asking the Pope and the bishops to obey, and would eventually obtain their request.

We Must Insistently Ask

We have a right to ask the Pope and the bishops to fulfill their duty. And it is their duty. It is not just a pious exercise. They are obliged as we have demonstrated in The Fatima Crusader, to obey this command of Our Lady of Fatima. They are obliged, and we have a right and may even have an obligation to insist that they fulfill their duty.

For example, when a lawyer takes on a client, he cannot accept a client and then not defend his cause. A few years ago, a lawyer was hired and his advice and presence were needed, not in court but in another situation. On a Saturday, this lawyer had already pre-scheduled a golf game. It was to him a very important golf game but the client was perfectly within his rights to tell his lawyer, "You are my lawyer and this is, so to speak, my day in court and you have an obligation to be present. I am not interested in whether or not you are going to have your golf game." The lawyer realized his obligation and took care of his client first.

Similarly, a doctor, when he accepts a patient, has an obligation to try to heal that patient. By the very acceptance of that patient, he has undertaken the duty of trying to cure and trying to help that patient in whatever moral way he can give him help. And so if a doctor says, "Well, I'm too busy today," we would say that if the patient needs his help and would die otherwise, that doctor is being criminally negligent, for he is not fulfilling his duty.

Bishops Have Accepted This Responsibility

And so, before a man becomes a Pope, or before a man becomes a bishop, he is asked if he accepts the position. He is not just made a bishop, he accepts the office of Pope or bishop. He thereby accepts the responsibilities to each one of us that go with the position he has undertaken. He then has a duty not only to God but also to each one of us — namely to help us save our souls.

To do his duty to God and to us and to do his duty to the common good which includes doing what he can to bring about peace in the world, he is bound to obey the command to consecrate Russia. Now God has given it into the Pope's hands and into the bishops' hands to give peace to the world to avoid the annihilation of nations, if they will obey this command of His to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary before it is too late.

They, therefore, have an obligation to us, they have an obligation to the common good, they have an obligation to the Blessed Virgin and to God Himself to obey this command. We have a right to insist that they fulfill their duty towards us. God can insist with them that they fulfill their duty towards Him. We have a right to ask them respectfully and insist that they do their duty and obey the command of Our Lady of Fatima before it is too late for all of us.

Our Souls Endangered

Not only our lives, not only our freedom, not only are our homes and our families endangered, but even our eternal salvation is endangered. This danger exists as long as this act of obedience is not fulfilled by the Pope and the bishops. It will be much harder to save our souls under a Communist regime when the whole world is enslaved by Communism. We will have no place to run to or turn to for help except to God. When the Communists arrive here we will be asked to deny Christ, to accept the reign of the Communist party or its successor, the Antichrist. We will find ourselves either becoming great Saints, heroic martyrs, or we will be giving up our Faith and denying Christ and very possibly dying in that state and going to hell for all eternity for that sin.

And so it is not just for the motive of saving our temporal well-being. It is not just our freedom that is at stake. It is not just avoiding the pains of dying or suffering hardships and tortures in Communist prisons and psychiatric wards that we are concerned about. It is much more! It is spiritual death for all eternity in hell that is at stake. That is why it is so urgent that this command given through Our Lady of Fatima be obeyed.

Most Important Intervention

This command was given by the Most Holy Trinity Itself to the Pope and the bishops in that solemn vision of June 13, 1929. The Message of Our Lady of Fatima and the command for the consecration of Russia is the most important intervention in human history since Christ walked on the face of the earth.

In 1951, an Encyclical of Pope Pius XII said that the world today is worse now than before the flood. Today with 50 million babies murdered by abortion each year with the support of the government and by the tacit approval of the silent majority, the world is indeed much worse. Their innocent blood cries to heaven for vengeance.

Truly the world deserves chastisement. Nevertheless, God would grant the conversion of Russia and world peace to us today if we obtained the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the manner commanded through Our Lady of Fatima. Those who despise this request by ignoring it, or even worse, by obstructing it, are made more guilty and therefore more deserving of punishment than their other sins have already merited for them.

You Must Help

Thus it is necessary that you, dear friend of Our Mother Mary, do what you can to spread the whole truth throughout the world. We depend on your continued support to publish Our Lady's Message to the uninformed and misinformed souls across the globe.

As you know from previous issues, The Fatima Crusader is the only magazine of wide circulation which proclaims this essential part of the Message clearly, unambiguously and completely. Also support the radio program Heaven's Peace Plan to continue to publish these things and make known Our Lady of Fatima's requests.

Therefore, do what you can. Tell your friends and neighbors about this. Give them a copy of The Fatima Crusader, which clearly tells them what God has commanded through Our Lady. All of us can and must do more NOW before it is too late.