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An Open Letter to Our Bishops

An Apology, an Explanation
and a Plea

Our Lady came to Fatima on May 13, 1917, in response to Pope Benedict XV's anguished appeal of May 5, 1917 to Her, asking Her to show sorrowful humanity the way to peace and salvation. God sent His Most Holy Mother, Our Lady of Fatima, to tell all the Catholic Bishops that they must now consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Only through the obedience of the Pope and the bishops to this very explicit and specific command will the annihilation of entire nations be avoided. God has now waited for obedience to this command for 57 years.

Your Excellency, Your Grace,

On July 13, 1917, Our Blessed Mother Mary promised She would come back to ask for the consecration of Russia. She said that through the fulfillment of this request, She would bring peace to the world and stop the punishments of war, hunger and persecution of the Church and persecution of the Holy Father. These punishments are deserved by mankind due to its sins.

On June 13, 1929, Our Lady returned. Then Our Lady, speaking in the solemn presence and Name of the Most Holy Trinity, commanded that you, our bishops, together with the Pope on one specific day, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The whole Message of Fatima has been approved by Holy Mother Church in 1930 and God Himself has spectacularly authenticated it by the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917, witnessed by over 70,000 people. God again, by the Great Sign of January 25, 1938, seen by many millions of people, demonstrated the urgent importance of obedience to the Fatima Message. The Message is further authenticated by the fulfillment of many Fatima prophecies made years ago and which are now being fulfilled before the world's eyes.

Many of you Roman Curial officials as well as Diocesan Bishops and Cardinals know the true history of the Fatima Apparitions and Message. You know the extreme need the world has for the prompt obedience of all the bishops and the Pope to this most important command of God Himself. We wish to thank you for your support, both financial and moral; for your prayers, especially the Rosary; and for all the Masses you have offered for this intention.

We know that during the Second Vatican Council approximately 500 Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals from around the world petitioned Pope Paul VI to obey this Command of Our Lady of Fatima. Because of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement1 made in 1962 he chose not to heed your requests then. Now Pope John Paul II has changed Vatican policy and has, thanks be to God, broken this badly advised agreement. We rejoice that the Pope has moved closer to obeying this command which he wants to obey but is held back because there is much misunderstanding to overcome. Because the past Vatican-Moscow Agreement has permeated, for 20 years, the thinking of many of your brother Bishops, this command of Our Lady and Our Lord seems so foreign to them. We ask you to continue to support us in our efforts to bring this extremely important Command to the attention of all the Church, particularly all the Bishops.

Please support us more than ever, since it seems that some other Fatima apostolates are on the verge of deciding to abandon this work because of some strong opposition to them from within the Church. It seems that since Our Lady of Fatima's Message is not understood in some quarters they have chosen for the future to not mention Fatima (very loudly) but rather to stress the importance of Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This goal, of course, we too strive for. But guided by the prophetic Message of Fatima that the Holy Spirit has given to our time, we realize that Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary cannot be established in the world except through the solemn and public Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, by all the Catholic Bishops, on one specific day. It is also in this way that the Reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be established.

Since leaders of some other Fatima Apostolates are, in effect, about to abandon the Apostolate of Our Lady of Fatima, you can see that we need your support today more than ever.

This crisis faced by some Fatima Apostolates outlined above is indeed real. This crisis consists of being told, in effect, by influential bishops to change their organization's message away from the full Message of Fatima to something much less. If such a directive is not followed they are threatened with being ignored and even obstructed by the powerful forces within the middle management bureaucracy of many chancery offices.

We are aware of many unlawful measures which have been taken against this Apostolate over the years by such persons in positions of influence around you, our bishops. Our response to this crisis is like that of those sick persons seeking a cure in Jesus' time who were unable to approach near to Jesus due to circumstances. "And they cried out, saying: 'O Lord, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us.' And the multitude rebuked them that they should hold their peace. But they cried out the more, saying: 'O Lord, Thou Son of David, have mercy on us.' And Jesus stood and called them and said: 'What will ye that I do to you?'" (Matt. 20:30-32)

We, like them, cry out to you our bishops, "Have mercy on us." When bystanders and officials who have no authority to do so tell us to keep quiet - we reply by crying out all the louder, "Have mercy on us." Only through your obedience to God shall we be saved. Our circumstances offer us no other solution.

We shall continue to cry out ever louder. Three years ago, when we first picked up this cry, we had a circulation of 50,000. Now we have a circulation of 500,000 copies and we continue to grow every year due to the support of very many little people who continue to spread the word and cry out with us. But we also continue to need those of you bishops, who know this Command of God and who want to obey it, to help us by your moral support to cry out all the louder.

Like the woman of Canaan (Matt. 15:22-28) who continued to beseech Jesus, even though He at first seemed to reject her plea, we too persist. As Jesus did this to test her faith, we know that He eventually rewarded her for her great faith and her persistence. We know that our faith and persistence will also be eventually rewarded by Jesus and you (or your successors) the Catholic bishops, by this Act of Consecration. Jesus and Mary, through the Message of Fatima, have revealed to us that eventually our faith and persistence will be rewarded by the Consecration of Russia and the consequent conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith, and an era of peace given to mankind.

We are aware that there are many powerful forces against this plan of Our Lady of Fatima at work today. We understand that the K.G.B. (the Communist Secret police) have 6 to 12 billion dollars a year at their disposal to fight against all that Our Lady of Fatima stands for. Just like the 24 million dollars collected in 24 hours following the Encyclical "Humanae Vitae" in 1968, to combat Pope Paul VI and that truly prophetic encyclical, so too is this Message of Fatima continually fought by the wealthy followers of satan, who realize it would put an end to his reign on earth. We realize that, although this Command of God was given in 1929, still many of you bishops do not even know of it. Even many highly placed officials in the Vatican do not know with sufficient precision this most URGENT and important command.

This ignorance does not make the command any less real or less urgent. Such a state of affairs in the Church is due to the persecution of the Church from within and without. This persecution, Our Lady of Fatima tells us, is a punishment due to the great and many sins of mankind. This ignorance is further caused by a disinformation campaign which has deceived many in the Church for years. We wrote about this in Issue No. 20, in the article, "The Plot to Silence Our Lady."

It would seem that the devil and his followers would like you to believe that we at The Fatima Crusader are your enemies. On the contrary, we are your friends. By finding for you this important truth regarding the Consecration of Russia, and by passing it on to you despite the many obstacles placed in our way, we are your real supporters. We know, as you do, that if a dishonest person cannot answer the argumentation and proofs presented, they will resort to discrediting their opponent. This is, in fact, what the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima - and your enemies - seek to do against us.

We feel that this is why some of you think that you can ignore our testimony. We ask you to reflect that there is not one published or unpublished objection to this Message that we have not adequately answered. If we are deceived or are mistaken, then please show us where. If we tell you the truth, then please listen to Our Lady's urgent Message and Command.

We are sorry that we have not helped you enough in the past to understand your special role in the Fatima Message. Apparently there have been others who, through ignorance and lack of reflection on this most extraordinary Intervention of Heaven, have misled you. We are told on good authority in Rome that there are even some Cardinals who are still misinformed about this special command of God which He addressed to all the bishops through the Message of Fatima.

As we all know, it is the truth that we must seek in this matter. John Paul II says, "Following Christ, the Church seeks the truth which is not always the same as the majority opinion."2 It seems that since Vatican II some priests and bishops feel that if many members of the clergy do or say something, no matter what, then the others are safe in following them. We know that such reasoning is not correct. If that were the case, then St. Athanasius would have been wrong to actively resist the Arian bishops. St. Athanasius, along with two other faithful bishops, singlehandedly resisted 90 per cent of the bishops who had become Arian heretics in the 4th Century. He was vindicated after his 45-year rule of Alexandria, in which the bishops' conferences of his time exiled him for at least 17 years by banishing him five different times outside his rightful diocese.

Unfortunately we must, as Sacred Scripture and Church history remind us, remember that not all bishops have always done what is right for the Church.3 It is necessary therefore for you to discern for yourselves in this matter. Each of us is responsible to find out the truth and live by it. Thus, even priests and bishops are obliged to listen to the voice of prophecy, as St. Paul says, "Extinguish not the spirit. Do not despise prophecy, but test all things and hold fast to that which is good." (l Thes. 5:19-21)

To ignore the prophetic Message of Fatima is in effect to despise it. This prophetic Message and Command to all the Catholic bishops cannot be safely ignored. The explicit choice of ignoring or even simply the choice of neglecting to pay sufficient attention to Fatima is a decision that can lead you and countless souls to hell. Our Lady of Fatima said, "If people do what I tell you, many souls will be saved and there will be peace." Furthermore, the Message of Fatima has been tested and found good by the Church; therefore, we are bound to hold fast to it, as St. Paul said in Verse 21 above.

Let us remember that the role of true prophets is very important in the Church. St Paul in Ephesians, 2:20, refers to the Church as "built upon the foundation of the Apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone." Thus the prophetic role of Sister Lucy, which has been authenticated by the great miracles and prophecies of Fatima, cannot be emphasized enough. This is especially true today when the eternal salvation of the souls of very many priests, bishops, religious and lay people, together with the possible "ANNIHILATION OF NATIONS," hangs in the balance.

We ask you not to be misled by anyone, of whatever stature or rank, who suggests that you do not have to obey Our Lady of Fatima. We know that certain people are trying to stop Our Lady from being obeyed. To achieve this end, some of them spread lies against us to you - so as to make you think we are against you. This is not true. We need you. We are working to support you in your difficult task of obeying Our Lady of Fatima. We realize how many enemies Our Lady of Fatima and you have. We too feel the sting of their attacks. We ask you to recognize in us your true helpers.

We know that you want to know the truth. You want to do all you can to save souls and bring peace to the world. Yet some of your advisors have misled you. We know this by your correspondence and your communications with us. To help you, let us recall a few passages of Sacred Scripture. God speaking to the prophet Ezekial, tells him his duty (see: Ez. 3:18-19; Ez. 33:7-9).

God tells Ezekial that he must tell the indicated sinner that he is on the wrong path. If the sinner does not listen and dies unrepentant, he will be damned but at least the prophet saves himself by having done his duty to speak clearly to the sinner.

But if the prophet (because he feels, for instance, repugnance at being possibly rejected by the sinner) does not tell the sinner, and the sinner dies in his sins, then that sinner will be damned, but the prophet, for neglecting his duty, will also be called to account to God for losing that soul - because of his silence. Ezekial was told by God to speak up, even when he found it inconvenient, because God wanted to save souls. God and the prophet knew that not all would listen, but still he was duty-bound to obey and therefore to speak out, even in the face of possible persecution.

Similarly we are duty-bound by God due to the grace we have of knowing the full Message of Fatima, to speak out even when it is inconvenient to us, because in our time this Message is necessary for the salvation of many souls. We know because God has said it clearly through the Message of Fatima, that some of you, His ministers, will not listen at first to this command of His. We are also aware that we can suffer persecution for having spoken out. But our duty remains. We MUST speak.

Because of what is at stake, we are obliged to tell the whole truth about Fatima (especially what concerns the Consecration of Russia) to you and to the world. Furthermore, John Paul II says the Message of Our Lady of Fatima is addressed to every human being.

If we lay people, religious and priests obey the Fatima Message addressed to us, we shall then certainly be blessed for doing so. However, it is up to you bishops alone, together with the Pope, to consecrate Russia. Only if you bishops listen and soon obey Our Lady's command to you will we all avoid Communist prisons, torture and cruel death. Only through your obedience will we have peace throughout the world and many more souls saved.

If Our Lady's command is still ignored, at least we shall not be held accountable because we have remained silent and we shall have saved our souls by having done our duty. If the watchman who notices the enemy approach does not cry out, then he will be held accountable for the fall of even one citizen in that country who falls victim of the enemy (see Ez. 31:1-6). So too, because of our responsible position due to our research, theological studies, and the grace of God, we are aware of the only solution to the many problems that beset the Church, "the City of God." And if we do not publish the results of our findings, God will hold us accountable for burying "our talent" (Matt. 25:26) rather than using it to save souls and bring peace to the world. "That which you hear in the ear, preach ye upon the housetops." (Matt. 10:27)

We know that if you clearly knew the full truth about the Message of Fatima you would have expected those who discovered it before you, to do all they can to bring it to your attention. When the day of general judgment comes, we do not want to be found guilty of the millions of temporal deaths and eternal deaths in hell of our brothers and sisters because we conveniently chose to not speak up. It is absolutely and gravely important and urgent to make this Fatima Command known to you, our bishops, our pastors and our brothers in the Faith.

We have done our duty. We shall, with the help of Our Lady, continue to make Her Message known. From studying the Message and Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima and the Command of God given to you through the intermediaries of Our Lady and Sister Lucy, it is obvious that God literally means what He says in this Message. He has promised that Russia will be converted "BY THIS MEANS," that is by the obedience of the Pope and Your Excellencies, the bishops, to His command to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the manner He specified.

We need your help, Your Excellencies, and we too are all in grave danger if in time the consecration of Russia does not take place. If you delay much longer, then atheistic Communist Russia will invade all our countries. Then both you and we are in the same boat, marked for certain persecution and death. The rich, the poor, the powerful, the simple, the priest, the bishop, the Cardinal, and the Pope will all be in danger. Hundreds of thousands of us will be tortured, murdered and enslaved. Some of us will deny Christ and go to hell for all eternity for this sin. Others will become glorious martyrs. None of us know how we shall fare under such conditions. We, the staff and readers of The Fatima Crusader, are working hard to ensure that both you and we are not put to such a test.

Obviously, we have good reason to fear that if the consecration of Russia does not take place in time, many Catholics - clergy and laypeople alike - will be eternally lost for denying their Faith in a fruitless endeavor to save their homes, churches, and lives, as well as those of their children. These people and clergy, your brothers and sisters, are the same ones you will have to give an account to God for on judgment day. So that you will not lose even one soul due to the neglecting of this duty of consecrating Russia, we strive to make this command of God known and understood. If you, through your negligence should lose one soul, what will befall you? If we, through our lack of effort, should not help you to consecrate Russia properly, what will be our sentence?

God wants a solemn and public Act of Reparation carried out by the Pope and Your Excellencies, who have been commissioned by Him as His High Priests. The Divine Majesty of God demands that reparation be made for the public insults offered Him by the devil and his high priests, the leading militant atheists. These men use a large part of God's creation, namely Russia, as the headquarters to openly fight against Him. They use the public authority and the many resources of that nation to publicly, blatantly and maliciously defy God. These public insults necessarily require that a solemn and public Act of Reparation be made. The public desecration of a once holy place and people (Russia) also demands that it be publicly and solemnly rededicated, re-consecrated to Him. Hence, we can easily see the reasonableness of God asking for this solemn and public Act of Reparation and Consecration.

With St. Bernard and St. Alphonsus and Catholic tradition, we realize that in order for our offering to be acceptable to Him, it should be made to Him through the hands of Our Immaculate Mother Mary. We, therefore, can see why God wants Russia to be publicly and solemnly consecrated to Him through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Thus we can see by our own reason, enlightened by the Faith and the teaching of Catholic Doctors and Theology, how reasonable it is for you and the Pope to solemnly and publicly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary within the context of a solemn Act of Reparation for the public crime of State Atheism which has been imposed on Russia.

However, we know beyond any doubt through the Message of Fatima that such an act is not only reasonable and proper, but is much more. It is absolutely necessary. Without this, in fact, absolutely necessary act being performed by you (or by your successors) there will never be the conversion of Russia - there will never be peace. Because, through the Message of Fatima, it is absolutely clear that it is only "BY THIS MEANS" that Russia will be converted. It is only "BY THIS MEANS" that peace will be given to the world.

Thus we can see that it is foolish and wrong to suggest, as apparently one bishop has, that if God wants this Act of Consecration, He will do it Himself. Jesus has replied to such thinking which betrays a refusal to obey the command of God by saying to Sister Lucy, "Make it known to My ministers, that it has been given to them that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command and that they will follow him into misfortune. They have not wished to listen to My command! Like the King of France, they will repent of this, and they will do it, but it will be late.4 Russia will have already spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer." It is really very little that God is asking; we thank Him for being so merciful towards us.

We regret that it is now 57 years since this solemn command of the Most Holy Trinity was given and still it is not yet obeyed. We repent for having delayed this by our sins and our lack of effort. We know that Our Lady warned us in 1917 that the world, if it did not amend, would be punished by the persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father. Sin has increased since 1917. As Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1982, said at Fatima, "How many Christians have gone in the opposite direction to the one indicated in the Message of Fatima. Sin has thus made itself firmly at home in the world, and denial of God has become widespread in the ideologies, ideas and plans of human beings." Therefore, the world is being punished so that the Pope and you, our bishops, are persecuted and find it now even more difficult to obey God in this matter. We are sorry that our sins have made it more difficult for you, and we promise to amend our lives by avoiding occasions of sin as well as through prayer, especially the Rosary, and frequently receiving the Sacraments. We also promise to pray for the Pope and you, our bishops, to help you fulfill this solemn duty given to you by God.

Why has it not been done yet? There are those, God knows, who insult Him, even though it might be unintentional, by suggesting that He does not mean what He says when He insists that it is "BY THIS MEANS" that Russia will be converted. We know that He did not perform the Miracles of Fatima to say something He did not mean. We, for our part, have not done all we can to make the Church aware of this central part of His Message.

We know that the Pope and you, our bishops, are the ones who are to fulfill this Command. To you God has entrusted the peace of the world and the salvation of countless souls, "BY THIS MEANS."

We know that the Pope and you, our bishops, are His chosen instruments to carry out His plan for world peace and the conversion of Russia. The whole world has been entrusted into your hands. It is not understood, even by some of God's priests and bishops, that this is literally the case. Some bishops feel that we Fatima Crusaders are uncharitable when we clearly tell the world about God's plan for world peace. To tell this plan it is necessary to tell the world about the very real and important obligation you have assumed by accepting to be made bishops in the 20th Century.

Some Catholic bishops have taken unjust measures because they do not understand the Fatima Message. They have gravely hindered the Message of Fatima from being widely known in its evangelical purity. May God forgive them, and please forgive us for not being more clear and more virtuous in presenting His Message. If, indeed, it is a heavy task given to the Pope and you, our bishops, it may be even heavier - the task of explaining the Message and enlightening those very men He has entrusted with this most precious mission. May God have mercy on us all.

Pope John Paul II, in his recent encyclical of May 1986, has pointed out that Marxism is a terrible rebellion against God. It is a result of the sins of mankind who follow the desires of the flesh rather than following the desires of the spirit. Pope John Paul II has also called for a renewed emphasis on spiritual matters to overcome this problem. At Fatima the Spiritual solution to the problems of Marxism is in fact the Consecration of Russia by Your Excellencies together with the Pope on one specific day. It is "BY THIS MEANS" that God promises that the very real threat and scourge of Communism will be overcome. We, too, join the Holy Father in emphasizing the spiritual - in overcoming the crime of our age - Militant Atheistic Communism.

The world, because it is sick with sin, needs a special operation to cure it. Everyone can understand that when a surgeon performs a heart operation, the doctor can be said to truly have the life of the patient in his hands. The doctor and his operation are the MEANS by which the life of the patient is saved.

God has entrusted the life of the patient in the example above to the skill of the doctor. If the doctor is not attentive while performing his operation, he could inadvertently kill the patient by the slip of his hand. It is not uncharitable to say this, since it is simply the truth.

Today the world is sick. The Fatima events which are the extraordinary intervention of God have clearly shown the only way out of this "sickness unto death." He has shown you, the Catholic bishops who are the spiritual doctors appointed by Him, what operation is necessary and exactly how to perform it. Your prompt, attentive, careful and exact performance of this collegial operation is most necessary. If you fail, the patient may die, entire nations "will be annihilated."

Today, God has entrusted the peace of the world to you, our bishops. We know this without question because God Himself has authenticated this by the great miracles and prophecies of Fatima. If you do not obey or properly follow the directives given to you by God through His Mother and His chosen messenger Sister Lucy, then entire nations "will be annihilated." It is by means of your exact obedience that God will cure our sick world. It is a heavy responsibility. Dear bishops, you need all our support and our prayers in this endeavor. We promise to pray for you. God, through the Message of Fatima, has especially asked, "Pray, pray a great deal for the Holy Father." Through Sister Lucy we know that "He (the Pope) will do it, but it will be late." We want to do our part.

Just as the doctor can be aided by the prayers of the faithful so that his heart is strengthened, his hand is guided and his intelligence is enlightened to know what the problem is and what to do about it, so, too, we can and must aid the Pope and you, our bishops, by our prayers and sacrifices.

Just as the doctor can be encouraged and prevailed upon to do his duty of trying to save his patient by the pleading and petitioning of the patient and his friends, so, too, we can help in this endeavor by pleading and petitioning the Pope and you, our bishops, to do your duty of properly consecrating Russia as outlined above.

We know that doctors sometimes need moral support to carry out a difficult operation. For example, we have heard that eight of the nine specialists who attended upon Pope John Paul II in 1981 were for not proceeding with a difficult operation, considering the state of health of the Pope after he was hospitalized for the second time. Pope John Paul II himself, it seems, spoke up in favor of the operation, and so it was successfully undertaken in the summer of 1981.

Dr. Wilder Penfield, world famous brain surgeon, was encouraged to perform a necessary operation on his sister by his colleagues and family, despite his own misgivings. So, too, we can understand that the Pope and the bishops also need our encouragement and moral support to perform this most necessary operation of consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, thereby removing a most dangerous cancer from human society. (It is more exactly, exorcising the devil of Militant Atheistic Communism out of Russia and the world. Exorcists, too, need to be encouraged.)

It is an especially heavy task. We know that it was only months after the letter from an official in Moscow seemingly threatening the Pope that he was shot on May 13, 1981, by a Turkish K.G.B. agent. We know that the Pope still wants to obey Our Lady of Fatima, but at the same time we know that he waits for more support from the people before he can carry out this order. While he was Bishop of Krakow, he did not at first publicly support a pilgrimage to Our Lady's National Shrine at Jasna Gora until there was a large groundswell of support from the people. Then he could and did lead the pilgrimage himself, despite the powerful forces of atheistic Communism. Thus, the moral support of the people helped John Paul II, as Bishop of Crakow, and so our petitions will help the Pope in this grave matter.

Dear Bishops, we ask some of you to please excuse us if in this letter we have reviewed some matters pertaining to the Consecration of Russia that you already know. We are sure you know that our review of these facts is necessary, since so many of your brother bishops do not know enough about this very URGENT MATTER.

We know the Pope and you, our bishops, need our support, our prayers, our obedience to Jesus and Mary's authenticated, and Holy Mother Church approved, Message of Fatima.

We pledge our support. We will do all we can to bring about the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and all the bishops as soon as possible, before it is too late.

We commit ourselves to aiding you, our bishops, God's Shepherds of His flock, in any way we can to ensure that His command is carried out, to enable you, together with the Pope on the same day to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Yours respectfully in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

The staff and readers of The Fatima Crusader5


1. See Issue No. 16: "The Vatican-Moscow Agreement," "The Fatima Crusader Comments on the Vatican-Moscow Agreement," and "The Present Day Persecution of the Church by Communist Russia Seriously Threatens Your Eternal Salvation"; and No. 17: "The Vatican Silenced by Moscow," "The Catholic Church Betrayed" and "Why the Vatican-Moscow Agreement Must Be Repudiated," re: The Vatican-Moscow Agreement.

2. Familiarus Consortio, paragraph 5.

3. Acts 20:29-30.

4. The King of France and his successors chose to not obey the command of Our Lord to consecrate France to His Sacred Heart. This command was given to him through St. Margaret Mary. After being jailed, the king tried to obey the command of God, but could not make the required public and solemn act. The king fell victim to his enemies and had his head chopped off in 1793.

5. Editor's Note: a number of readers have expressed the sentiments and ideas contained in this open letter.