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U R G E N T !

Communism is Advancing

You can see by the articles we bring to you in The Fatima Crusader the utter necessity, the urgency of imploring our Holy Father the Pope and our bishops to consecrate Russia on one specific day to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as God commanded.

Only this consecration will cause all our brothers and sisters who are being attacked by direct persecution to be freed and delivered from the satanic scourge of Communism.

The threat of Communism is HERE, NOW! It is here TODAY, ON OUR DOORSTEPS; NOT just in Russia, but HERE in our own back yards. It continues to advance, so that Central America has begun to fall. It now threatens our homes and possessions, our very lives; and even more serious, it threatens the salvation of many souls, including our own and those of our families. Yet many people seem to still be asleep. We must not wait for others to act; each one of us is accountable to God for our own actions or inaction.

In the past, many of us did not know the full message of Fatima. Many of us did not realize that it was the only real answer to the threat of Communism. Many did not know the absolute necessity of doing all we can to get Russia properly consecrated by the Pope and the Catholic bishops before it is too late. We felt helpless as we watched our Catholic brothers and sisters, priests, bishops and Cardinals in Eastern Europe and China and Cuba and Nicaragua, etc., being persecuted and murdered.

Today, this evil menace is still advancing. Communism has again this year been defined by Pope John Paul II as evil. It continues to attack the Church even in North America by spreading its errors, under the name "liberation theology," which is condemned by the Church. This attack on our Catholic faith is a very dangerous attack. It endangers the eternal salvation of our souls, since it attacks the very foundation of our eternal salvation, because without this, our Catholic faith, it is impossible to please God. If we fall prey to these errors, we shall lose our Faith. Today, we must make a choice: shall we choose to work with Our Lady of Fatima to bring about the consecration of Russia, or shall we sit back and watch while Christ's Church and our Catholic Faith are attacked and persecuted by satan through his agents, the Communists? If we continue to sit back, we shall witness with our own eyes open Communist aggression in our own cities and towns, in our own homes.

If we continue to remain inactive in the face of these facts, then we are guilty. We can no longer plead ignorance as an excuse. The anti-christ of Communism is there before our eyes to see. It is all around us. These facts are indisputable and public knowledge. We must respond today. If we don't, we have only ourselves to blame.

God has allowed us to know and to see what is happening. But with knowledge comes responsibility, a heavy responsibility. He took great care to ensure that His peace plan was made clear to us. To again give His Divine Mercy to our sinful world, He sent His very own Mother to warn us and to teach us what we must do to bring peace to the world and to save our own and very many other souls.

His Message was so outstandingly and publicly authenticated by the Great Miracle of the Sun of October 13, 1917, and by the Great Sign of January 25, 1938.

We have seen, we have heard, we must heed Heaven's command. We have no alternative - we must pray, sacrifice and act NOW to see that the consecration of Russia is done. Only God in His Mercy knows how much time is left, how much longer He will wait for His children to obey His command given to us through our Mother Mary at Fatima. SOON, our time will run out. If we do not act in time, may God have mercy on our souls and on the souls of those we might have saved if only we had listened.

The Communists have not given up. Year after year, more people fall under their domination. They continue to advance because too many of us have ignored the true Message of Fatima. Our laziness and our disobedience to our God are what are causing our downfall. Our unbelieving neighbors ask, "If you truly believe in God, why do you not obey Him?" Satan, under the cloak of Communism is still advancing over the world.

In Issue No. 18, we listed the nations fallen under Communistic control; we counted 1,537,829,000 souls who are living victims of Communism. In Issue No. 19, we reported to you the brutal murder of Father Jerzy Popieluszko, who dared to speak out against the Communist oppression from his pulpit in Warsaw, Poland.

Yesterday a priest was framed and mocked and dragged through the streets of Nicaragua. Today in Nicaragua, the Sandinistas silence Bishop Obando y Bravo, and there are many, many more Christians, priests and laypeople alike who are being persecuted and murdered by these sons of satan. Tomorrow we will not have to read about it or watch it on television, for it will be here. It will then be for us to live through it firsthand. The persecutions, the murders, the loss of possessions, the loss of freedom, THE LOSS OF SOULS, will be going on right here.

Will we continue to allow all this to happen to our brothers and sisters in Christ by not acting, by not doing our part? Will we still not rise up even to defend our own families and our very selves? The only means that will work in this battle is obedience to Our Lady of Fatima. She has clearly said, "Only I can help you."

Above all, THE ANSWER is the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope together with the Catholic bishops of the world, on one specific day.

What Can We Do? What Must We Do?

We must use the means that Jesus and Mary have indicated. We must pray, especially the Rosary. We must make sacrifices, especially, if we are able, to fast and give alms. We must also work with the opportunities God gives us to make known and obey the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

By our efforts we can do much. Join the International Fatima Rosary Crusade in speaking openly and fearlessly about Our Heavenly Mother's Peace Plan, which will help to defeat Communism, while at the same time saving the souls and the lives of the Communists. Write us to learn the various ways you can help.

If your other duties do not give you any time to actively promote the true Fatima Message, then at least you could sign a petition to the Pope asking him to consecrate Russia as Our Lady of Fatima commanded. In this way you will be giving him necessary moral support. (See Petition in"Communism Is Coming Closer to Home" in this issue.)

Several millions of people around the world have already petitioned the Pope, including Sister Lucy. When millions more join this groundswell of support, the Pope will find it much easier to obey Our Lady in this matter. At present he is strongly resisted through the many pressures brought to bear on him by Communist Russia and their friends. Counterbalance these persecutions with your prayers and petitions.

Give alms. Consider that it is only through obedience to the Message of Our Lady of Fatima that you will have peace, that the threat of being enslaved by Communism will be definitively overcome. Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan is your only insurance policy. Give alms generously toThe Fatima Crusader to ensure that the complete Message of Fatima, especially this essential command of God, is finally made known around the globe. Support "The Fatima Crusader"financially to ensure that this vital apostolate is not silenced by lack of funds.

The Pope needs your support. The Pope will do it, as Sister Lucy has said. He is waiting for you. Jesus, Mary, Sister Lucy, your persecuted brothers and sisters, and very many souls are all waiting for you.

Only God's Peace Plan given at Fatima can bring peace to the world. Prayer, sacrifice and seeing to it that God's command to the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia on the same day in a solemn and public manner is heeded. God's simple Peace Plan is a heavenly weapon more powerful than guns, armies and nuclear bombs. It is destined to overcome the evil monster Communism itself and its father, satan. He has put this power into YOUR hands. He has, moreover, by great Miracles authenticated this plan so that you can be certain this specific plan comes from God Himself.

YOU are the missing link in the chain to bring God's promise through Our Lady of Fatima to fulfillment.

To achieve these goals, Jesus and Mary ask and expect each of us to:

1) Pray 5 decades of the Rosary each day.

2) Consecrate ourselves, each one of us, to God through Our Heavenly Mother Mary and make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, especially on the First Saturdays.

3) Devoutly wear the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel every day.

4) Do our daily duty each day.

5) Remember to include in our duty to pray and to petition the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia.

6) Since the peace of the world and the salvation of many souls depends upon the full Fatima Message being known and obeyed, remember that you too have an obligation to Jesus and Mary to make it known to the extent you are able. To do this you can:

a) Obtain extra copies of this issue from The Fatima Crusader and distribute them to friends and neighbors.

b) Send in names and addresses for us to send The Fatima Crusader.

c) Also distribute other Fatima Crusader materials - e.g., Our Lady's Urgent Appeal, Fatima pictures, pamphlets, rosaries and scapulars to friends and neighbors.

d) Prayerfully support morally and financially the International Fatima Rosary Crusade, the "Heaven's Peace Plan" Radio Program, and our new movie, which shall better make known the REAL Fatima Message.

Petition the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia. These things are not difficult to do. God asks so little of you. Won't you respond to His loving invitation? He is allowing you the precious privilege of personally being responsible for saving millions of souls. Jesus and Mary could do it alone, but They have chosen YOU to assist Them. THE NEXT MOVE IS YOURS - BUT YOUR TIME IS SHORT. THEY ARE WAITING ... 

(See "We Are Waiting for You" and "Many More People Are Also Waiting" for more on this subject)