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You Must Help Break The Plot 
To Silence Our Lady

Father Nicholas Gruner speaking at the International Fatima Rosary Crusade Symposium in Vatican City.

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

I want to thank you for all your prayers, sacrifices and alms. Your letters of concern, of interest, of support and of encouragement are all deeply appreciated. I regret I am unable to give them all the attention they deserve. However, with Our Lady's help, we shall soon be better able to answer your letters. Please pray for me and all the workers of this Apostolate of Our Lady. We continue to need your prayers and your generous contributions to enable us to do even better in this work which is so urgent and vitally important, especially today.

Jesus and Mary love you and me very much. They are deeply concerned because the sins of mankind have placed us in the danger of being enslaved by Soviet Communism.

Communist forces are waging war in Africa, Asia and Central America, and the Church is being persecuted in these places. Our Blessed Lady warned us of this at Fatima, and She instructed us as to what must be done to combat and defeat these evils which threaten us, but unfortunately it appears that mankind has chosen not to heed Her Message.

Meanwhile, nation after nation, one country after another, is entrapped and subjugated, and the people are forcibly enslaved under the yoke of Communist rule so that presently 1,500,000,000 (one billion, five hundred million) people have fallen under and are presently subjected under this cruel Marxist tyranny.

Already 160,000,000 (one hundred and sixty million) people have been killed by the Communists and presently millions are being cruelly persecuted in concentration camps, psychiatric hospitals, prisons and internal exile. See, for example, the picture of two priests in the article "Communism Is Coming Closer to Home" in this issue, who have been unjustly sentenced to long prison terms for simply doing their duty as Catholic priests. Let us pray and work for their early release.

The Church has been deprived of its liberty and persecuted in every country where Communist rule has established itself. Both by force and by stealth the Communist regimes have sought to separate the faithful from the Catholic Church by establishing a "popular" or "patriotic" church. This was the pattern that the Communists followed in China as we outlined it in "The Secret Red Plan to Take Over the Catholic Church" in Issue No. 19 of The Fatima Crusader.

The same plan has been carried out by Russia in the Ukraine, where the Communists have imposed the Russian Orthodox Church (which is a tool of the Russian Secret Police) upon the Catholic faithful of the Ukraine. This Soviet-enforced schism is indeed serious, since for the sin of separating themselves from Holy Mother Church the faithful and clergy would go to hell if they die unrepentant of this sin. To resist this Soviet tyrannical threat to their souls, 10 bishops, 1400 priests, 800 nuns and tens of thousands of faithful died a cruel martyr's death rather than be unfaithful to God and the Catholic Church.

The Soviet puppet regime in Nicaragua is employing the same strategy in that country. We see in the report from Nicaragua by Cardinal Obando y Bravo, and from all the Nicaraguan Bishops, as well as from Pope John Paul II, that the Church is under direct and open persecution by that country's Communist government. (Just recently, on July 4, 1986, the Communists there have forcibly removed a Catholic Bishop from his own home and brutally kicked him out of his own country. See 'Sandinistas "Gagged and Bound" Us'"Two Catholic American Cardinals Defend Cardinal Obando y Bravo" and "Pope Condemns Brutal Expulsion of Nicaraguan Bishop by Communists" in this issue for more information.)

In 1984, Pope John Paul II denounced the persecution of Catholics in Lithuania, Albania and Russia, and in 1980 the Ukrainian Catholic Bishops denounced the phoney "Synod of Lviv" of 1946, in which the Russians declared the abolition of the Catholic Church in the Ukraine. Then the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, Pimen (who is also a K.G.B. agent), sent the Pope a letter dated December 22, 1980, containing veiled threats for allowing the Ukrainian Bishops to tell the world the true story about the persecution of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Five months after the Pope received this warning from the Moscow Patriarch, Memet Ali Agca - a K.G.B. agent and highly-paid killer - was sent to Rome to murder the Pope. He shot the Holy Father, John Paul II, in Saint Peter's Square on May 13, 1981. Indeed, Communism is "intrinsically perverse," as Pope Pius XI declared - it is the beast, the "Red Dragon" of the Apocalypse.

In spite of all this, Our Lady's Fatima Message goes unheeded. Mary, Our Mother, because She loves us so tenderly and so strongly, came in haste to warn us about the danger, the evils and errors of Communism. God has even shown greater Mercy to our generation than was shown to the people at the time of Christ. He gave us the Great Miracle of October 13, 1917, and the Great Sign in the Heavens on January 25, 1938, whereas He refused to work such signs at the time when Our Lord walked upon the earth. Yet, people do not obey the Message that Our Lady brought from Heaven.

Why is it that people do not obey, and at times do not even recognize atheistic Communism for the evil that it is? It continues to go forward. It continues to enslave more and more people. The world's professionals, businessmen, politicians, diplomats, statesmen and even churchmen hurry to and fro trying to mitigate it, contain it, or at least appease it. Others try to convince themselves that it is not really as bad as the overwhelming quantity of verified evidence has undoubtedly proven it to be. We too wish it were not true, but unfortunately for all of us, it is all too true.

The Communists' propaganda war has been most effective. People do not feel threatened because they do not experience firsthand the fiendishly perpetrated oppression by the Communists. Every sort of trick and deception is used to blind the people of the free world so that they do not recognize Communism for the perverse and hellish evil that it is. Our Lady of Fatima, indeed said that if we did not heed Her then "Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, VARIOUS NATIONS WILL BE ANNIHILATED."

While those who actually resist Communist enslavement in the Iron Curtain countries are butchered, beaten and buried, the rest of the world stands idly by, because most of us do not know what is really happening there, nor does the world know the simple solution that has been given from Heaven, which Our Lady has promised will be effective. In fact, She assures us that no other solution will work but the one She has revealed as coming from God Himself.

Why has the Message gone unheeded? Why is it that people do not obey? Why is it that the bishops do not obey? Obviously it cannot be that God, through Our Lady, has asked us to do the impossible. The commands given to us are not so difficult that we cannot, with the help of God's grace, carry them out with relative ease. The Divine Command given to the Pope and Bishops is certainly not impossible: if the bishops could get together for three months at a time each year from 1962 to 1965 for Vatican Council II, surely they can come together on one appointed day and fulfill God's command by Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Why is it then that not only do people not obey but they go on seemingly unaware and unconcerned about the dire consequences that will result if we continue to ignore the warning and the command given us by the Mother of God at Fatima? Can it be that the people and the bishops are so stupid or so stubborn as to rather imperil their souls, disobey God and enslave themselves to Communist Russia? The bishops have not obeyed now for 57 years and the commands of Our Lady of Fatima have gone unheeded by far too many people for 70 years. We find it hard to believe that this disobedience could be due to sheer stubbornness or willful stupidity.

The reason why Heaven's command has gone unheeded is, as we mentioned above, that the Communists have been very effective in their perverse campaign to suppress the truth. By means of the most bloody persecution of the Catholic Church, in which the Communist butchers have slaughtered an immense multitude of martyred victims, the Kremlin extorted an agreement from the Vatican to remain silent regarding the evils of Communism. This "silence" lasted from 1962 to 1984. This blood-extracted Agreement for Vatican "silence" was the single most important factor which allowed the Communists to systematically spread their lies throughout the world. That Agreement was reached in September-October 1962, and came to be known as the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. It was reported in the Communist and the Catholic press at the time. A number of books subsequently have also been published which refer to this Agreement.

The Vatican had hoped that through this Agreement there would be a lessening of the persecution of Catholics in the Communist Warsaw Pact nations. The Kremlin insisted that the Church and the Pope unilaterally desist from defending the rights of Catholic believers behind the Iron Curtain. Such an agreement must be rejected, since the Pope and the bishops have a sacred duty to defend the faith and the faithful - and above all, the rights of God everywhere.

Pope John Paul II has begun to break away from the "Vatican-Moscow Agreement." The Communists did not fulfill their empty promises but have continued to subvert the Church and persecute Catholics in the Communist lands. Pope John Paul II, in his encyclical of May 18, 1986, has condemned Communism as an evil - as being against the Holy Spirit. This is the first time in 24 years that a Pope has condemned Communism in an encyclical.

Although Pope John Paul had already begun to break away from the Vatican-Moscow Agreement as early as 1984, a portion of the Vatican bureaucracy under him operate as if the Church were bound to the terms of that perfidious Agreement. Because of the length of time this agreement was in effect, the Pope's hands are still tied to some degree, and he is unable to break the Church fully away from the Agreement all at once. Let us redouble our prayers for him at this time.

Indeed, there is a propaganda war being waged. The battle is raging and the battlefield is the mass media. It is already 70 years ago that Our Lady came to Fatima to tells us what must be done in order to bring peace to the world and save our souls. The Fatima Message has been "Gagged and Bound" by satan through the Communists, his human agents who are the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima (and of your soul!).

The K.G.B. (Soviet Russia's Secret Police) has been allotted 6 billion dollars a year to fight against everything Our Lady of Fatima stands for. Compared to such an enormous budget, The Fatima Crusader is like David fighting Goliath. It appears that we are the only wide-circulation Fatima magazine bringing you all the facts, clearly, unambiguously, and faithful to Our Lady of Fatima without compromise. Already, with your help and Our Lady of Fatima's, we have been able to expand the circulation of the magazine from 50,000 copies to 500,000 in just three years.

It is only by the Grace of God and your much-needed support that we have been able to survive through the 15-hour-a-day workday almost every day and to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars of printing expenses. In the face of much opposition and even attacks from the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima, we have been able to go forward with God's Grace, but we need much more support in order to counteract the deceptions and lies spread against Fatima.

We need much more help to make everyone, particularly Catholics, know the full URGENT Message of Fatima before it is too late. You must help us. Your support is desperately needed. Countless millions of souls will perish if the Message is not heard by the world very soon. Support us by your prayers, fasting, sacrifices and serious almsgiving. If your daily duty allows you some time, then please help us and Our Lady also by your volunteer work in spreading the Message. Please cooperate with Our Lady and God's Grace. You must do your part. Your contributions will make a difference to thousands of souls. Join us! Help us fight this battle together to make the Message of Our Lady of Fatima known.

This simple and profound Message, so full of the love and wisdom of Heaven, if obeyed, will bring peace to the world and salvation to our souls. But alas - it has not been obeyed because it has not been fully made known. Blind men (leading the blind), some even in positions of great responsibility, have succeeded up to now in keeping it hidden. It has not been made known fully, completely and in all its heavenly power. Our Lady of Fatima has been silenced.

We told you in the last issue of some of the ways that Our Lady of Fatima has been silenced. To recall some of these points:

  1. Sister Lucy has been silenced.
  2. The 14 volumes written by the official archivist of Fatima have been forbidden to be published.
  3. The Third Secret which was to be revealed to the world in 1960 has been "officially" suppressed and "buried."
  4. The magazine of an influential Fatima apostolate, which spuriously claims official status, continues to spread distortions and falsehoods regarding the known, published and documented truth of Fatima.
  5. Other "Catholic" papers either follow the perverse example of the aforementioned publication or disregard the Fatima Message entirely.

Our Lady's Message at Fatima has been deliberately and successfully hidden from the general public and the Church at large. Many of the clergy and faithful are unaware of the complete Message given by Our Lady of Fatima; i.e., the Pope, together with all the Bishops, must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and BY THIS MEANS, peace will be given to the world.

The conspiracy of silence regarding Fatima, to which Bishop Graber has referred, must be broken. The Church's stand against Communism has not been made clear in the minds of the faithful. You must discern for yourselves. You must not ignore the Message of Fatima, even if some priest, bishop or expert tells you to do so. "We must obey God rather than men," as Saint Peter said to the Sanhedrin. As we have more than once illustrated, we are strictly obliged to obey the Message of Our Lady of Fatima. (See, for example, The Fatima Crusader Issue No. 18, "The Message of Fatima Imposes an Obligation on the Church".)

Do not wait. Help us now to shout from the rooftops the Message of Fatima, which Pope John Paul II calls "more relevant and more urgent than it was 65 years ago." Sister Lucy has wisely said, in her interview with Father Fuentes, "Father, we should not wait for an appeal to the world to come from Rome on the part of the Holy Father, to do penance. Nor should we wait for the call to penance to come from our bishops in our diocese, nor from the religious congregations. No! Our Lord has already very often used these means, and the world has not paid attention. That is why now it is necessary for each one of us to begin to reform himself spiritually. Each person must not only save his own soul but also the souls that God has placed on our path."

You will help to save many souls by supporting "HEAVEN'S PEACE PLAN" - the Message of Our Lady of Fatima. The consequences of the world being ignorant of this Message are enormous. Our Lady at Fatima said if Her requests were not heeded that "Russia will spread her errors throughout the world" and "various nations will be annihilated." These are certain to happen if people continue to ignore Her and Her Message. Sister Lucy has explained that Russia, in spreading these errors throughout the world, would succeed in enslaving the whole world including the U.S.A. and Canada. She has also explained that "many nations will disappear from the face of the earth." We are convinced that if people knew the requests of Our Lady of Fatima, and if they knew that obedience to Her requests would avert the grave upheavals and misfortunes that She foretold would otherwise take place, then they would reform and repent.

Help us make Our Lady's Message known so that souls may be saved and that peace and well-being be restored to the world.

The full Message of Fatima has been silenced by satan, the K.G.B. and other enemies of Our Lady. They have succeeded in imposing this silence almost universally throughout the world, both inside and outside the Church. The people are indeed hungry for the truth and seek for this Message of Hope - the only hope the world has of averting war, annihilation and enslavement at the hands of the evil and cruel Communists.

You can help us overcome this silence by helping us to cry out ever louder with the Message of Fatima. With your help, which is so necessary, Our Lady and you will finally triumph as She promised She would. It is URGENT that you help Our Lady overcome the "wall of silence" imposed on the full Message of Fatima.

There are several projects that will help achieve this good. We have already started two of them:

Never before has a major motion picture been made on the complete and authentic Message of Fatima. There have been Hollywood-style productions made, reducing Our Lady's Message to a mere fairytale in the minds of the people. There is a recent production that has been viewed but is not yet out to the general public. It is more of an anti-nuke, pro-Soviet film than a Fatima movie.

WE NEED A TRUE FATIMA MOVIE!! One that is faithful to Our Lady of Fatima and Her MOST URGENT Message. We are working on this film right now! Unfortunately it may never be seen or heard without the support of our readers and the faithful followers of Our Lady of Fatima like you.

We shall, with your help and Our Lady's, be able to reach millions more people with our high-quality and low-budget (under $500,000) film. An internationally well-known, highly-respected Oscar-winning star has already indicated his support and participation. We could have it ready in about six months with your help.

Besides the major movie project, we can start very soon to reach millions of homes in North America every week with the Fatima Message on radio. Surprising as it may seem, there is no nationwide Fatima radio program. Compared to other mass media it is a very inexpensive way to reach a great number of people very quickly.

Because the time is so short and this Message is so crucial to our country, its peace and its freedom, you must help us go on the air nationwide very soon. We have already started to broadcast every week, but WE NEED YOUR HELP to reach everyone across the country. Please help Our Lady overcome the conspiracy to Silence Her full Fatima Message.

God bless you and may Our Heavenly Mother Mary draw you ever closer to Her Divine Son Jesus.

Yours sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

P.S. Hasten the triumph of Our Lady; help us to avert the annihilation of nations. Let us together break out of the wall of silence smothering the full Message of Fatima. Please give generously to this work of Our Lady. Your participation counts. It will be used by Our Lady to touch countless souls. "The Message of Our Lady of Fatima is addressed to every human being," said Pope John Paul II. Reach out and let everyone know it. It is the only hope for world peace. Only through it will the annihilation of nations be avoided. By our cooperation we shall help save countless souls from hell. In Our Lady's name, I urge you to please help all you can.

P.P.S. Please send us your Tax Deductible Contribution today in order to ensure that the Message of Our Lady of Fatima will not be silenced.