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Letters From Our Readers

Dear Editor:

The Fatima Crusader is a great help in a sea of liberalism and modernism.

God bless you, Father 
B. Johnston

* * *

I do not know how my name was submitted for your magazine, but whoever it was, God bless them! I always felt that there was a theological lacuna in the promotional area of the Fatima apostolate. But The Fatima Crusader has come to the rescue!

We need some depth in our study of the prophetic Message and this magazine does a masterful job, if all the issues are like the one I received (No. 11/12 1983) are dedicated principally to the Collegial Consecration. Having been personally involved in this part of the Fatima Message, I am very happy to see this subject treated so well through your Committee and its publication.

Rev. S.S. - Connecticut

* * *

Upon reading The Fatima Crusader I've learned that "Our Lady's Message" is urgent, so I spread the message to my friends in school. They too would like to receive The Fatima Crusader. Here's a list of my friends' addresses.

Elizabeth R. - Philippines

* * *

I hurry to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me The Fatima Crusader. At last we Catholics have a Tribune who doesn't mince the words, who points the finger at the guilty ones, who calls for the only action which can save the world and us all.

Alfred F. - Montreal

* * *

I am writing to ask that you print in your magazine asking for people to have Masses said for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is the most powerful prayer for Her triumph.

Bob M. - Pennsylvania

* * *

The Fatima Crusader, contains material every time that should be made known to all the people.

Fred L. - Bellows Falls, Vermont

Dear Father:

Just a couple words to tell you how much I enjoy reading The Fatima Crusader. May God give you all the strength you need to carry on that wonderful publication.

It's been quite a time since I finished my studies at C.U., Washington, D.C.; but still I keep in touch with American publications.

Things in Portugal are rather confused, politically and religiously, and one just has to pray harder than ever before. Your work is most certainly carrying on Our Blessed Mother's message.

Father H. - Fatima, Portugal

* * *

I have recently been given a copy of The Fatima Crusader and have read it thoroughly with great interest.

I am impressed with your publication.

May God bless you and your staff and may our Blessed Mother strengthen you in your endeavor of promoting the Messages of Our Lady of Fatima.

Father G.L., - Calgary, Alberta

* * *

I truly believe in what you are saying and I particularly appreciate the fearlessness you display in calling a spade a spade and naming names. If only our orthodox priests and bishops would adopt the same stance.

Bill D. - Mississauga, Ontario

* * *

I received The Fatima Crusader and really enjoyed it. Fatima has the answer to so many of our problems. I am enclosing a small donation to help you carry on your work. I wish it were more. Your publication is so valuable to the Church - we need more people speaking about the real issues of the present day. Our Lord's Church is being torn asunder - yet our Mother told us long ago that it would happen if we did not fulfill Her requests.

Please keep me on your mailing list for future issues of The Fatima Crusader.

Dominic W.

* * *

In a letter to a Catholic newspaper, I asked why the Vatican refuses to publish the Third Message of Our Lady of Fatima. Would it not be a good idea to do so, to stop the rumors of what the Message contains and in any case, did not Our Lady request that the Message be made known after 1960?

In reply I was told not to pay any attention to this "Secret" which was obviously not intended to be revealed.

A.M., - Scarborough, Ontario

* * *

I pray to Our Lady that She may bless and protect you and that you may continue to enlighten the Catholic laity about the truth in our faith.

I appreciate your efforts very much.

L.L. - Manila

* * *

Thank you for a very fine publication and for not compromising the truth. Your publication has continued its quality issue after issue.

Lawrence K. - Edmonton, Alberta

* * *

Thanks so much for being a vehicle of God's love for me. He's answering my prayers through Our Lady and your magazine.

Terry C.

* * *

The Fatima Crusader is right on target. My daily intention and prayers are that many others will be receptive to Our Lady of Fatima's Message, desperately needed in these critical times.

Shirley G. - Jamestown, Pa.

* * *

We recently received your last copy of The Fatima Crusader. I was particularly interested in your article about the schismatic group called the Fatima Crusaders. I had read the article in Soulmagazine which left me wondering if they were referring to you and your Crusader.

I am so glad there are still people consecrated to God who are not afraid to call a "spade" a "spade". There are so many clergy and lay Catholics who are satisfied with the way things are - they see no problems, in the church or the world.

I feel that through publications such as yours, our family gets the courage to keep fighting for what we believe in. Sometimes the things my children come home with from their Catholic School make me wonder, which faith they are teaching. One gets so frustrated when you try to believe in what you were taught in your own religious education, and you see it torn apart in the new Catechism. So many Catholics no longer know what it really means to be Catholic.

I have not read the entire issue, but I had to stop and write you.

May God bless all your endeavors and keep you safe.

Edward N. - Carroll, La.

Dear Servants of Jesus and Mary:

Please accept this poem I have written as my gift to you, Our Lord, and Our Lady and all humanity!


LISTEN, Mother ... lend me your ear! 
Do you realize what you have just done? 
Allowing my LIFE to have begun? 
If you don't want me from the START... 
Why did you consent to take PART, 
in God's CREATION? 
He is Master and Governor of all that is to be... 
Do you recognize His great love for you? 
All that is yours, belongs to Him too. 
Your heart, your soul and your mind. 
Therefore, your actions should be 
Considerate, loving and kind. 
You cannot deny that I'm really alive. 
Your responsibility is grave... 
that I Do SURVIVE. 
If, by needle, or suction or knife, 
You decide to TAKE MY LIFE... 
After the many miles you have trod... 
You will also have an accounting 
appointment WITH GOD.

In Mary's Name, 
Sister Janet