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The Great Jubilee of the Immaculate Conception

by Father John Robakowski

Note by the translator, Father Michael Jarecki:

Since my visit to Rome in 1973, I have been trying to promote this Great Jubilee of Our Lady, even trying to reach the Pope through Cardinal Krol, the Pauline Fathers of Czestochowa and Msgr. Dziwisz with little success. It is consoling to find Father Robakowski of my mind. I had hoped that the Holy Father would use this Jubilee to solemnly define or at least proclaim Mary's title of Mediatrix of all Graces. Mary's fullness of grace which began with the Immaculate Conception, extends to the whole Mystical Body of Christ through Her Universal Mediation, and will be completed only when Her Queenship is universally recognized as God's way to make His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

"May thy Queenship come
O Immaculate One 
So that on earth as in Heaven 
God's Will will be done."

Two thousand years have passed since the fulfillment of the prophecy of the good news, the first Gospel, which was given in the Garden of Eden, which prophesied the Woman, Whose Seed would crush satan. (Genesis 3:15).

This promise of God, given at the very beginning of man's history was handed down from generation to generation as their great treasure through all the centuries. And behold at the fullness of time, there came forth the Woman of Revelation for whom the ages had been waiting.

Actually, we do not know the exact date in history when the Most Blessed Virgin Mary was born; but there can be no doubt that the great time to celebrate the bimillennium of Her birth is at hand.

Already, the very fact that two thousand years have passed since Mary the Mother of God entered our world is enough to make us celebrate this great and happy jubilee. In this jubilee we must consider one very important aspect, namely, Mary's Motherly role in warning us over these two thousand years. Mary is not just a "Chosen Vessel" but is adorned by God with the most unique privileges and graces from the Immaculate Conception to the Assumption. Although there is no doubt that Mary received all these special graces in view of Her Divine Maternity, still it is true that no one ever cooperated so heartily as She with every grace given Her by God.

Mary the Mother of the God-man Jesus Christ

Her inflexible faith (Luke 1:45) and Her love of God above all things (Luke 1:38) predisposed Her above all others to be the Mother of Jesus. So it was fitting that the Archangel Gabriel came to the humble Virgin of Nazareth, Mary, Full of Grace, with this unusual Divine Message: "Behold You shall conceive and bring forth a Child, and He will be the Son of the Most High." (Luke 1:31-32).

Conceived Immaculate, the Most Holy Virgin received from God the highest dignity that could ever befall any human being. But She also had the most difficult task to carry out. She did accomplish it and is still accomplishing this duty most perfectly. We find Her as the most tender Mother at Bethlehem and as the Mother of Sorrows beneath the Cross. Her Heart was always united with Jesus' Heart, not just from the time of the Annunciation through the Cross to the Ascension, but even today as the best of Mothers She watches over His Mystical Body, the Church, of which we are the members.

The International Fatima Rosary Crusade's Pilgrim Virgin Statue which was blessed by the Pope is pictured here visiting the Cathedral at Madras, India. It is placed on the altar over the burial place of St. Thomas the Apostle as the Vicar General celebrated Mass for the overflowing crowd of pilgrims who came to visit Our Lady.

Mary, Mother of the Church and Co-Redemptrix

Mary, through Her Immaculate Conception took the place of Eve, to become the Mother of all mankind. She became the Mother of men at the moment She spoke Her "fiat", for then She became the Mother of Christ and His Mystical Body - the Church, that is of all of us. Christ confirmed this when He spoke to John from the Cross: "Behold thy Mother" (John 19:27).

Mary cooperated with Her Son for our salvation. She did this especially when the prophecy was fulfilled that the old man Simeon had made in Jerusalem. This prophecy was fulfilled at Calvary when Her Heart was pierced by the sword of frightful suffering, so that "out of many hearts thoughts may be revealed" (Luke 2:34-35).

Today, Mary unceasingly cooperates with Her Son for our salvation. Since the Ascension of Jesus, Mary has continued to watch over the Church of Her Son with great care. We see Her in the upper room together with the Apostles, persevering in prayer as they awaited the Descent of the Holy Ghost on them. Likewise after Her Assumption, "She, Who by Her prayers assisted the beginning of the Church, also now in Heaven, exalted above all the Saints, intercedes with Her Son, until all families of people become one people of God". (See Constitution of the Church, paragraph 69).

Mary comes, as a wonderful person indeed, as the best of Mothers warning Her children and bringing us back to God. Let us cite a few examples, beginning with Lourdes, where She called for reparation for sins, repeating three times "penance, penance, penance." She said at the time of Her apparitions at Banneux, "I am the Mother of the Redeemer, the Mother of God, pray very much," and at Beauring She added, "Pray constantly". Every message of Mary can be summed up in the words She spoke at Fatima "People must change their way of life and beg for the remission of their sins ... Let the people sin no more... They must cease to offend the Majesty of God, Who is already offended beyond measure." "Pray very much and offer sacrifices for sinners, because many souls go to hell because no one prays for them." The messages of Mary, though very forceful and heartfelt, have not, up to now had the proper response. During his last visit to Fatima, Pope John Paul II lamented: "How pained we are that the call to repentance, to conversion, to prayer has not met with the acceptance it should have received."

That spirit of darkness, satan, is busy planting his own "I will not serve" in the souls of men; and alas, many people, especially in these last days, have allowed themselves to be seduced by the "spirit of lying". Hence the reality of sin and evil as never before, surrounds men. According to the prophecy of the book of Genesis (3:15) and Apocalypse (12:4) stands the Woman - Mary, who is given to us to enable us to be successful in our battle against satan. Without Her we cannot succeed. To the rebellious words of satan: "I will not serve", Mary answers God: "Behold the Handmaid of the Lord" and beckons each of us to follow after the example of Her Son, Jesus Christ, to answer God, "I come to do Your will". (Heb. 10:7) (John Paul, 15 August 1984).

Then let the Great Jubilee of the Immaculate Conception and Birth of Mary be for us the decisive moment. Let each of us make a personal consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that through this we may give ourselves completely to the service of God under Her Motherly guidance. May we now give a positive answer to Her entire Message.

Postscript by Father Gruner:

It is God's Will that Mary's uniquely exalted position of Mediatrix of all Graces and Queen of the Universe be firmly established. This will only happen when God's command to our Pope and Bishops to Solemnly and Publicly Consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart is obeyed.

Let us hasten to do our part. If we really mean what we say when we give ourselves entirely to the service of Mary, we must pray, work, contribute and sacrifice ourselves to hasten the day of the Consecration of Russia which is so urgent and essential, especially now.